Zhou Xuan’s Blooming Of Chinese Gardens Through Maidenal Songs!

The Role Of the Maiden, In Chinese Gardens, As Performed By Legendary, Chinese Singer and Actress, ZHOU HUAN, In Her Song, "One's Young Life Like A Flower!"

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The behaviors of maidens are the epitome of gardens. Blowing in the winds and decorating the spaces of one’s Being, maidens of any culture are the personification of gardens. They exude the blessings of grace, love, nurture, nourishment, and blooming of life’s sweetest taste. After all, it feels good and holistic in experiencing the sweetness of nature’s delight! It is in nature, where the feminine essence lays. Of course, gardens are the havens for such. Just imagine laying in their midst, after expanded time in having been removed from them. When you experience pain for so long, the hardening of one’s very Spirit and essence, the delectable tastes of gardens become extremely comforting. It feels good when laying in the softness of one’s femininity, and seeing one’s cultural manifestations of it, through Earth’s blossom. In turn, a woman is able to gain affirmation of her own reflection, and how her physical presence (and performance) is in alignment with the natural surroundings; reflecting her land, people, nation, and culture.

Venturing to different lands creates an intrinsic observation, as it pertains to women and the aesthetics of womanhood. One of the treasures of travel is venturing to the different gardens. From the view of feminine eyes, such experiences become enticing, only if one chooses to be open to them. And so, we venture into the realm of Chinese landscapes. A world where Chinese gardens take on the beauties of nourishment and fulfillment for feminine softness and touch. She is a legend in China’s domains. In particularly, she took on the windows in Shanghai. Nevertheless, there was something meant to bring out another level of love. After all, song is the melodic healer of many gardens. This dame is none other than the famed Chinese singer and actress. . .

Zhou Huan; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The voice of Zhou Xuan carries on a maidenal tone. Listen closely and hear the gentility and softness in her voice. In fact, from the very moment that you hear her voice, you can envision being walked into these Chinese gardens. in one particular song, one comes to witness and observe this level of enchantment. In the English translation of the song, the title is called, “One’s Young Life Like A Flower.” There is an opening introduction into the song, which creates the vibe that a woman is floating into this sacred domain, as waters continue to grace the surrounding area. It is beautiful, serene, and produces an imaginary effect. Of course, water has that essence about its Being. Hearing the droplets of water sprinkle throughout the spacing, decorates the intimacies of these gardens. Just listen. Do you hear?

An instrument perceived to be a clarinet, brings in its own ornamentation into the space. It is the epitome of wellness and musical healing. That’s what makes it so delicious and nourishing. And then, she comes in! Looking at the video footage of the song, Zhou Huan’s image reflects her sound. Furthermore, one takes a keen interest in observing how she adorns herself with the gardenal images, surrounding her Being. Its beautiful and breathtaking, to say the least. Furthermore, there is one particular image, where she is surrounded by Chinese, cherry blossoms. Its a precious attribute, to say the least. And yet, she is one reflection in the performance of a Chinese woman’s alignment with her natural domain, and Earthly spacing. In finding satisfaction in its pleasures, she serenades her Chinese gardens, and the flowers, within them. Her vocals provide blessings and kisses to where they are. “One’s Young Life Like A Flower.” Hmm. Now, isn’t that dynamic? Its the very nurture of celebrating one’s youthful allure and essence. Furthermore, it brings a certain level of artistry, in reminding young maidens that the beauty of youth is to, nourish the gardens. Nourish them. Create in them. Perform in them. Reflect them in one’s physical delight and meaning. Embracing one’s femininity, and its enchantment with these Chinese gardens, is what brings a certain delight into the beauty of love and laughter. Such things are fulfilling and soothing for one’s youthful Soul. You see, a maiden’s role is not to simply present beauty in the youthful stages. Her role is to provide that magic, and elixir of healing, in order to spread it throughout her community. Gardens are to remind people of their magic for living. It is through gardens, where people find their beauty and wonder for being alive!

Zhou Huan’s elegance and performance of this song gives listeners another interpretation of Heaven, and Heaven’s domain. Of course, its with a Chinese persuasion. Its beautiful and filled with an awakening into the what is means to be a Chinese woman; what it truly means to be a Chinese woman, in the artsy domain of her femininity. Not society’s expectations, systems of patriarchy, or constrictions placed upon her Being. Not at all. Through this song, Chinese women are given a natural and holistic presentation of their Being-one that nature, designs. And, when nature designs, it is fashionably, well.

One of the intrinsic texture of Zhou Huan’s voice are those glittery traces of flickering lights in her texture and timber. Open your ears, and listen. You hear those particular points in this song, because your very Being imagines those illuminating sparkles, when she hits particular high notes. That’s another beautiful factor and component of the song. A person is forced to acknowledge just how beautiful and mesmerizing the song is. In fact, there is a deeper message, which is being projected onto the psyche and wellness of the atmosphere. The higher Zhou Xuan goes, vocally, the more she is adding more glitter to her particular space. Its a wonderful fairy tale, when adding that level of magic to the lens of fiction. In fact, its hints to that particular spacing, known as fiction’s reality. Now, it makes sense why she was referred to as ‘the Golden Voice.’; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

As a visiting maiden, you cannot help, but to feel enchanted in the context of Chinese gardens. Its surreal and natural, should we decide to be honest, in what it means to navigate into foreign territory. What does it mean to navigate into gardens, which are not our own? As a visiting Maiden, the voice (and this song, by Zhou Xuan) creates a particular lens of comfort, for those of us who are new to the territory. Through such a level of gentility, we are not fearful of the unknown. In fact, its feels as if it is an invitation into the unknown. When this invitation is being given from a maidenal songbird, the invite is even more austere and welcoming. A woman of distant lands feels as if she is moving into another culture of Sisterhood of virtue and care. And while she is visiting this garden, they are comforting and protecting her. Now, that’s a tale worth, telling!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Finally, there is the presence of Cherry blossoms! What is is about their mystery, which makes them so appealing and reflective of this song, and the overall culture of Chinese women? Is it their color? Is it their scent? Is it how they decorate the spacing, rhythms, and holistic patterning of the Earth? What are their healing elixirs and ointments? Then again, perhaps its the color. Perhaps, its that silent passion of pink, and how it invites others to enter into her quiet delicacy. That’s definitely certain.

Our Darling, Zhou Xuan has guided listeners into the world of maidens and gardens. Of course, she does not say this verbatim. Yet, the very mention of the words “young” and “flower” has articulated for such to be. There is no denying it. Once you mention these two words, the maiden naturally appears. It is ordained by the Heavens and the Universe. Just remember that femininity is preserved, and treasured in gardens. In fact, it is in paradise, and the imagery of gardens, where womanhood is nourished and comfort. Gardens and Earth’s paradise of floral spaces are the first teachers of women. Providing her with the knowledge in safeguarding and keeping what needs to be kept, so that life’s fruition remains abundant, and alive! Housing wisdom in how she is to operate within her particular domain. For this particular narrative, it rests in those Chinese dames, and maidens, who make it their business in caring for their gardens. What a pleasure and treat it is!

In addition to her Chinese tongue, what’s loving about this particular song, is that it has those American vibes. The song has that genre of U.S. Pop music. Such a genre comes from the gardens of Black American soils. Listening to such intimacies, it is evident that Zhou Xuan briefly traveled into another garden, in order to foretell (and bring illumination) to her own. Wow! Such is a reflection in the power of gardens, and how they are able to interlock. Fascinating, isn’t it? Its that pleasure, majesty, artistry, and Universal love, which helps to highlight just how precious, abundant, and lavish, such gardens are.

Listening to Zhou Xuan’s performance of “One’s Young Life Like A Flower,” we are giving a Chinese persona and decorum, in what it means to become, “like a flower.” Its greater than simply being “pretty.” That’s for sure. There is a greater awakening than the outer appearance. The physical appearance is meant to attract the observer into a deeper body of richness, which is awaiting to be explored. Through another lens, it comes to demonstrate that beauty, without depth, is an object, awaiting to acquire boredom. That’s, of course, for another time! Nevertheless, what remains true is, this! One of the legacies of Zhou Xuan is her performance of the Chinese maiden. You observe it in her career, and the very nature of her musicianship. So, sing, beloved maiden. Teach of the gentle atmosphere, and love, within Chinese domains! Whisper the auras of her gardens, and allow it to fulfill our hearts and Spirits, in fruition of garden’s bloom!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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