Zeki Muren’s Delights For Vibratos Of A Turkish Sound!

The Power Of Legendary and Famed Singer/Actor-ZEKI MUREN-and His Use Of the Vibrato, In Tapping Into Music's Sensory Wellness For Turkish People!

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When it comes to singing, there are different strategies and techniques, which are utilized in conveying the best possible sound to the audience. Certain singers and musicians are known for signature traits and styles, which assist in being memorable. Some use high pitched notes, which are unable to be reached by other sings. Others have a style which is lighter and more soothing. Then there are those particular singers, who have a more Earthly, rich tone, which has the power and ability to convey the deepest of stories to the world. Singers are versatile. Furthermore, they have that method to move through some of the deepest of treasures. Let’s not forget the presence of other techniques, which are crafted and designed to color vocal notes and timber. They are significant and euphoric, as they create the pleasures within music. When music brings holistic pleasure and wellness, the listeners are taken in that world, and into that particular spacing. Never every forget, Ladies and Gentlemen, that music is Divine. It is Heavenly. And, that is when it is done, right!

Yes, we have moved into the domains of Turkish waters! We are back on the soil of Turkish lands. And, after all, the music becomes our guide. Let’s go there! Let’s journey to the domain of musical technicality. That’s only if you dare. In the world of music and singing, there is one vocal technique, which is intrinsic to the musical experience. It has the power to reaffirm what has already been expressed. Certain notes, tones, lyrics, and other musical elements within a song are too precious and sacred to be heard once. They are too meaningful to simply brush through swiftly, only to move to the next note and sequence; with the expectations of bringing a composition or song to a close. No! Certain phrasing, cadences, and other musical structures must be articulated to such a degree, that they forever stay within the mins and Spirit of those persons, who have come to listen. Finding enjoyment in the art of listening, and the very artistry of allowing sound to glide across your mind. That’s one of the most profound treasures and therapeutic practices in one’s musical haven. On a greater note, the audience can feel as if they are part of the music themselves. Having been wrapped within its confines in order to empower oneself through music’s cleansing. Emotions become invoked, and a person masters the very decision of moving forward into that sacred domain. That sacred musical technique is known as, the vibrato!

A singer who masters the vibrato, and uses it skillfully, is truly a sacred singer. For not only have they mastered the skill in having articulated, or emphasized a particular spacing within the musical piece, but they are ensuring that their audience never forgets it. What is it about the vibrato, which makes it so beautiful? Could it possible be that it has the power to get listeners to feel and experience things they thought never existed, within the very audacity of music? Perhaps, the linguistic style of the vibrato has the power to emotionally move an audience; giving them that lasting opportunity to taste a certain note. Perhaps, that’s just it. When a sound feels so good, you crave more of its sound. When notes take you into that element of peace, you have been craving for, you desire its repetition. That’s it! That’s the journey! Now, that we have established that, let’s journey further into the Turkish world, and its ability to move through a Turkish essence.

In Turkey, we have a unique sound and texture. Its geographical location allows for such to be. Furthermore, a person is introduced to experiencing the wellness and wonders of this spacing; the hidden wonders, auras, scents, and natural, holistic experiences remaining hidden with Turkish terrains. For such a journey, the world of music is a necessity. A person cannot journey through such domains, without the sacred teachings and blessings of music. Period. So, allow that journey to begin, and let’s bring the vibrato, along! In the land of Turkey, there is one son, who was known for implementing this technique. He was recognized for utilizing his own artistic expression of the vibrato. In his own Turkish tongue, he wanted to illuminate, and elongate, points of hidden treasures within a song. That’s another magical part of the vibrato! It is that magical elixir, which highlights the intensities and power of music! In the land of Turkey, one of such men is none other than. . .

Zeki Muren

https://pleasekillme.com/zeki-muren/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

What makes Zeki Muren such a fascinating artist and singer to listen to, is his ability to move through a song; while coloring certain notes with unexpected vibratos. There are places within a song, where listeners would never expect a vibrato to occur. Within is the element of surprise. Furthermore, certain elements are meant to move throughout a given spacing. A person is left to experience what it means to move through unexplored, musical terrain. What is so fascinating in Zeki Muren’s use of the vibrato is that it highlights opportunity for musical coloring, within any musical piecing. It means that within every phrasing and musical note, there is an auspicious opportunity to navigate these areas. For the most part, a vocalist can be crafty and selective in revealing the hidden beauty of notes, which have been neglected in favor of others with a song. Its a musical and artistic adventure. Vocal movement, throughout a lyrical piece, brings a sense of adventure. As a vocalist, a person is often exploring and discovering opportunity in notation, and its illumination. Translation: Every note has a purpose. There is always a chance in navigating the delights of one’s musicality and vocal abilities.

In the case of Zeki Muren, it is evident that he intertwined the vibrato with other techniques. Sometimes, his vibratos are used in order to glide into other vocal techniques. One of those includes the rolling of his tongue, when it comes to “r” consonant sounds. Another intriguing vocal technique of Zeki Muran, is the sh sound, and his diction with this combo of consonant clusters. We hear one example, within the link to the song, below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g942qom8HqM; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Now, let’s delve further. The vocal vibrato, used by Zeki Muren, has an intriguing taste. It is like a delicate earthquake, whose job is to shake up hidden treasures from the surrounding areas. That also includes amplifying the note, for which the vibrato is being used for. Yes, there is beautiful being showcased, within the spacing of that given note. The notes surrounding the one being illuminated, gain their chance of being explored. That’s only if certain ears are willing to explore what surrounds the main jewel. Its very intriguing, isn’t? This style of vocal melodies moves through a profound sense of love and the desire to release oneself into the music.

Another phenomenal characteristic pertaining to the musical artistry of Zeki Muren is that you have countless opportunities for things to linger passed their timing. Through his avid use of the vibrato, the musical pleasures continue to linger on. In fact, they make invisible footprints 👣👣 on the basis of our very hearts, minds, and Souls. Whoever said that a song must finish quickly, and with haste? Ditto for the rapid beats coming into play! What must be addressed is the wellness of moving through different vibes and levels of serenity when it comes to appreciating each and every component of the musical experience. There is a unique vibe and effort for elongating the beauty of a single note is everlasting! Not only is the sound beautiful, but it maintains its own heartbeat. Just imagine how an audience member can feel as if they are being reborn. Experience this awakening in understanding how music is supposed to awaken the very core of one’s Being. People say that music is healing. Singers and musicians have the power to send vibrations down to the soles of our feet.

One of the most imperative attributes we can examine about the artistry of Zeki Muren was his persona. Its one thing to sing a song. Its another to have the persona to match. A vocalist or musician has to move forward in ensuring, they are truly feeling what they are singing. A vibrant energy arises; one which takes us on a path of euphoria. Its very nutritious and phenomenal. At the end of Muren’s performances, an audience cannot help, but to feel good. When an audience comes to see a particular musician, singer, or entertainer perform, there has to be a sense of trust. The audience must trust that the singer or musicians will provide one with the level of healing and cleansing, that is necessary for this phase called, life.

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sporx.com/amp/zeki-muren-sarkilari-zeki-murenin-en-guzel-sarkilari-ve-hayati-neden-sanat-SXHBQ749514SXQ; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Now, that we have articulated the very technical artistry of Zeki Muren, let’s examine the connection of his vibrato to this very land, known as Turkey! If you were to imagine his singing, would you think of the water surrounding Turkish domain? If we were to ponder upon this for just a moment, can we imagine vibrant ripples taking place in the Aegean Sea. We can imagine the circle dynamics as it relates to being able to move through different dreams; circular dreams, in fact. For the most part, there is a blessing in being able to imitate the very cleansing rituals of water. When it comes to water, water and the circle goes hand-in-hand. Its a remedy for life’s bounties. On a greater note, a person comes to address just how musical large bodies of water have come to be. Water truly has its very own artistry. There are musical elements surrounding the beauties of water. Water also reflects how music has the power to paint, sculpt, craft and design. Different waves, ripples, and other smaller shapes have a way of expressing this. On another note, it is one of the most intrinsic atmospheres, relating to the beautiful treasures of the Divine. If an artist is in tune with the rhythms, mechanisms, details, and serenity pertaining to water, then it becomes natural when incorporating it into music. There are certain atmospheres for the treasures of water. The gentility of water’s treasures are filled with a euphoria, which comes to move through the indications of love and joy. For the most part, a person moves through the elements of surprise and enjoys the wonders of moving through such delights. How majestic must it be to engage in vocal movements with water’s delights? There is a great wellness in a person’s ability to highlight certain avenues, when it concerns water. A Divine prophecy arises in the rhythm of water. Being baptized and experiencing re-birth all over again. Love and faith in one’s ability to move through a watered nourishment of the Spirit. When water imitates music, a delightful atmosphere navigates the complexities of love. It is one of the highest forms of praise.

On a personal journey, let’s not forget Zeki Muren’s connection to the feminine. Channeling his voice into the spacing of feminine waters. Channeling his voice into Turkish lands. Yes! When men sing, they too are honoring the Earth; all the while showcasing himself in alignment with her very presence and Being.

And so, as we continue to give honor to one vocalist, who mastered the eloquence of the vibrato, let’s remember that notes are supposed to be long lasting. They are meant to be everlasting. Allow the vibrato to push us into a greater depth, than we could have ever imagined! Holding onto musical pleasures for as long as we can embrace them. For as long as they linger within our minds, hearts, and Souls. The vibrato is the gentility of an earthquake’s docility. Shaking becomes more about creative, as opposed to destruction. For the case of Zeki Muren, there is Heavenly wonder in seeing just how a person can navigate that particular terrain. Those sacred landscapes and treasures of Turkish delights. He matched his use of the vibrato, in a way, which highlighted the very timbers of Turkish murmurs, whispers, and vibrations within the Earth’s spacing. Illuminating Turkish mystique and color. Its the beauty of moving into another realm. Its an authentic taste! Turkish waters for a Turkish delight! Taste the vibrations, and your musical heart will never wander!

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hurriyet.com.tr/amp/gundem/zeki-murenin-babasinin-mezarindaki-kubbe-calindi-26255190; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

https://paratic.com/zeki-muren-kimdir/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hurriyet.com.tr/amp/kelebek/keyif/annesinin-hayat-gunesi-zeki-muren-27635037; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

*For more information on Zeki Muren, you can go to the following site: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0613831/bio

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