Yulia Nachalova’s Sparkling Fairy Performance, Of A Short Love, Lived!

The Majesty and Sacredness Of A Short Love, Lived, and Its Depiction In The Late Russian Singer's-YULIA NACHALOVA-Song, "I Am Not Yours!"

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It’s ironic how love takes its many U-turns. Sometimes, the classic love story doesn’t always come with a happy ending. In fact, perhaps, we were meant to experience a person for a specific timing. Their presence in our lives was meant to grant us the ability to explore a different perspective of love. Perhaps, we were designed to relish ourselves in a new passion for love. This particular person could create a new meaning in our lives, and how we were meant to navigate the spiritual, and cultural, journey of love. There is also the purpose of entering into one’s love life for the intentions of providing healing and comfort. There are unique factors, as it relates to one’s ability to be receptive to that healing nurture. Furthermore, what is even more intrinsic is the manner in which a person can feel re-nourished, and restored, within this particular journey. Sometimes, previous heartbreaks, and heartaches, have that weight on our very Spirits. We may be unable to shake ourselves from its residue. It lingers on us, and we find ourselves unable to break free. And so, we have that one lover, whose responsibility it is to assist us in our journey of releasing the chains of, heartaches’s past. Then, there is also the role of simply providing comfort for a lonely heart. It brings a unique aspect to the wellness of one’s love story. Lastly, there is simply that particular lover, whose purpose it is to just engage in the artistry of love-no strings, attached. It is through such an interaction, where a person will always say that they experienced love, before meeting the love of their life. Tasty, is it not? Heavenly, indeed!

Of course, there are certain singers who have that mystique, and magical charm, of conveying such a love. Such a love story, in fact. They perform it with the level of eloquence and grace, that is required. In fact, they are able to do it, in such a way, that a person yearns to experience that kind of love-even if it means that it will not last. And yet, it is alright. For, at least, one was able, to love! It’s one of those hidden love stories, or unspoken love stories, in which very few people really celebrate. Of course, such love decor contributes to the romantic experience. It contributes to our myriad definitions of, love! There are different endings, in fact. Some are happy. Others are tragic. Nevertheless, it is love! It will always be, love!

So, we are back in the context of Russian waters-her beauties, paradise, and perfumes! And, there is one particular Russian maiden, who articulates this love testimony, so elegantly! In fact, she performs it so naturally, and with a level of comfort, where one’s heart is not entirely broken, once that happy ending has, come to an end! She is that beloved blond, whose Earthly timing came to an end, way too soon! Nevertheless, what she left behind, will always cater to that intricate testimony of, love! She is none other than. . .

Yulia Nachalova; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is a recording, which illuminates that kind of love. That love that comes into our lives, for the very purpose of reminding us that, we deserve to be loved-even if we are not meant to stay with such a lover, for a lifetime. The long walks. Intimacies within the comforts of our home. The kisses. The touches. Their job is meant to restore, or ignite, that inner flame of love, within our personal lives! Of course, for such a song, the love is honest from the very beginning. “I Am Not Yours.” Yes! It can be painful to hear. However, it is how one is able to convey one’s love! Furthermore, how does it feel to convey that level of serenity into one’s loving journey?

The song clearly is a reflection of young love. That school age love of moving through one’s dynamic attributes, as it pertains to the very nature in, the earlier stages, of love. “I Am Not Yours,” performed by Yulia Nachalova is a song regarding the treasures of tenderness, when it comes to exploring a love, that will not last. That is not meant to last. Yet, one loves anyhow, as it is part of the process in understanding one’s loving journey.

From the beginning of the song, Yulia Nachalova’s voice takes on the subtleties of that angelic texture. Love is performed with the very sensitivities, which it requires. The song is reflective of a sacred mixture between Pop music and R&B-two of the enchanting whispers from Black America’s paradise. Singing in the Russian language, entices the listener to understand what it means to immerse in this interpretation of another culture. Seeing oneself within it, while serving as a visitor, within that peculiar garden! Nachalova performs it with a level of eloquence and grace. Simply going into the world of imagination, a person can envision crystal glasses floating into the atmosphere. It feels so right. It feels enchanting. All the while, this blond Russian fairy continues to narrate the story. Her presence is a blessing and healer to a love, which will not last. Nevertheless, it is a blessing. And blessings deserve to be told.

We can start with the very depiction of Yulia Nachalova. She is dressed in midnight’s coloring. Furthermore, she is poised, and embraced, in Universal aesthetics and mystique. Clothed in blackness, darkness is no longer a negative. The cape of her attire is symbolic of her wings. Love will always taken flight. In addition, those long, silver earrings highlights that angelic touch. Observers can experience that angelic glow, as it moves towards certain angelic factors and wellness tendencies. Heaven’s fashion and beauty is on full display. In fact, there is recognition that, in the dark, is where the treasures lay. From this magical haven, she performs. Her words are medicinal elixirs for this young love. Her words blanket, and garnish, their sacred union; no matter how short lived it may be. Yet, what is most important is that, they loved. Love is love, no matter its timing and duration. Then again, that’s if it is authentic.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Nevertheless, Yulia Nachalova’s performance of the blond fairy (within the video) continues to serenade us on. And serenading us, well.

This young couple are together, and walking along the singular path, the water continues to serenade their steps. It is that hidden treatment, which sprinkles those Universal glittering onto, love’s blossoming. Hands are locked and eyes meet their gaze! Moving from scenes of the urban sector, they move into nature’s scenario. Again, nature houses the Spirit of abundance and nourishment. Nature houses love. Nevertheless, we can’t simply apply true love to every coupling, which ventures into nature. For there are love counterfeits; those, who use and exploit love’s wellness for selfishness, vanity, and materialism. One understands the wellness factor of loving domains, when the naturalness of its ecstasy is experienced. A person cannot remove themselves from love’s enchanting nectar; especially, once it surrounds you. Love simply permits itself, to be.

There are certain natural elements, which embody the wellness, and holistic aura, of love! Already, the sacred entity of water has been explored. Then, there are those tender intimacies of the fireplace. We have it again, everyone. It is the element of fire. What is is about fireplaces, which ignites the passion of love? Making it all the while intimate. When you are together with that kind of love, for some reason, you observe the spiritual path of your Souls. It is as if you are observing Heaven, from afar. You see the journey and you see those key players. You observe how your Spirits are alive, and how they are meant to intertwined with each other for that moment. The artistry of love takes on a level of wellness and Divinity. For it doesn’t simply become love, for the sake of child’s play, or innocent love. In fact, through fire’s revelation, there is the observing of one’s Soul, and its matriculation on Earth. Such things are nourishing and well served. On a greater level, a person moves through that aura and intensity, as it pertains to navigating through one’s spiritual wellness and trajectory. What makes love so serene is how it navigates through different forms of tenderness. The warmth of a fire permits one to see the journey a lot more clearly. One may not like the end result; as all good things come to an end-eventually! Nevertheless, even a reflection is telling. It can be nourishing to the very Soul because partings don’t always have to be, so drastic. They don’t have to be so heartbreaking. Melancholy? Yes. Parting can be filled with sorrow.

What serves to be rather sentimental during the prior night is, the knowing. For some reason, one knows that parting is inevitable. It’s why they are holding each other closer. Savoring every part of the memory, in order for every parcel of love to be explored. Every particle is felt and experienced to the greatest of its ability. Now, that’s a period of fulfillment. That is truly the experience of wellness and wonder. And, it’s the perfect instrument of navigating through the trajectory of oneness, with love. Appreciating every parcel of love, to the very end. Again, it’s the anticipation. You know that you will have to part. A physical separation will occur; thereby, marking the end to physical intimacies of this enchanting love story. Spiritually, you may be connected. Yet, physically, the end will come. “I Am Not Yours.” Not for the final journey, at least.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

And so, that time has come. Both lovers, of teenage bloom, are forced to accept what has come. Staring into each others eyes at the train station, both girl and boy yearn to hold onto each other for a final time. Connecting for as long as they can. Cherishing each parcel of love’s memory so that traces of its Being are everlasting, during those moments when pain comes to knock on the heart’s longing. Their hands are interlocked, and the stare into each others eyes, is eternal.

Next to the young girl is a bird, inside of a cage. One can only presume that it is her mother, who takes it away. Could it be a metaphor for the trapping of one’s Soul? Of course, she did not choose to leave. Yet, fate decided that she must go. The decision was not of her own choosing. That embrace certifies such a longing. Holding each other, in what seems to be the last time, it is her mother, who pulls her away. The saxophone plays on, alluding to its taste of Jazz-another perfume of Black America’s gardenal perfumes. And, the ending has been sealed. Even when separated by the glass, of a train’s design, the love is still here. Placing each other’s hands together-breaking through the boundaries of sensory’s touch, just one last time-every moment of love’s timing, must be felt. For it is the final goodbye, without have to say the words. He pulls away, and she releases. Alas, the separation has come. And, they are forced to deal with the next journey; void of the other’s embrace!

The love was not meant to last for a lifetime. It’s a harsh reality for certain courtships and couplings. Nevertheless, its time does not make the love any less. In fact, its love is special. It is meant to be treasured. Even when time has passed on for years to come, it will be that moment, that love, which had shaped one’s preparation, for a lifetime love, which has yet to come!

And so, the song has come to an end! Our singing, Russian fairy illuminates those invisible glitters, with the champagne-colored runs, within her vocal timbers. Throughout the visual, her blue eyes cannot escape the viewers. For, they are the embodiment of jewels, whose sparkles are akin to the waters, which decorates the Russian paradise. They glimmer, and shimmer, like the sacred jewels of the precious waters. Sparkling in the way, in which only maidens can do. Now, that is sacred magic. Her vocal runs create a level of majesty for the illumination of this love story. It is royal-even if it did not last, in the way, in which we had hoped. Nevertheless, it was there. It was there. It was real. It was, love!

To hear more music from the late, Russian songbird-YULIA NACHALOVA-you may click on the link, below:; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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