Your Soul Has a Signature

Imagine for a moment two spheres, like two clear crystal balls sitting on a table. Each about two feet apart. And it is pitch black. These spheres represent two beings that cannot see or hear or sense the other. It’s as if they were neighbors and knew only that there was someone next door, but […]

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Imagine for a moment two spheres, like two clear crystal balls sitting on a table.

Each about two feet apart.

And it is pitch black.

These spheres represent two beings that cannot see or hear or sense the other. It’s as if they were neighbors and knew only that there was someone next door, but they’d never seen or heard one another.

And these spheres never move.

But the space around them moves.

And then by the coincidence of space, they “touch” each other just ever-so-slightly.

At the moment they “touch” each other it is like a slow moving white billiard ball that comes rolling up alongside another billiard ball and just barely touches the other and softly “bounces” off.

Do you see this?

And at that moment there is this contact, this “touch” if you will, that lasts for really no time at all.

Like a soft kiss on ones cheek as a greeting hello.

And each of these beings are left with an impression.

Again, this contact or touch is almost imperceptible except for the fact that each knows out of “nowhere” that they have been touched.

And as they “bounce” away from the reach and withdraw of having been touched, they are uniquely aware that there was this moment where nothing was occurring, and then something occurred.

There was the “touch” of the other.

And now they have this impression.

A memory if you will.

But there is something unique about this memory or impression.

As they each look over the impression it is like a fingerprint.

It has a “pattern.” It has a uniqueness belonging to whoever this other being was. 

Each being begins to feel every perceptic they have regarding this impression.

Upon inspecting this impression each were moved emotionally.

And each feels that this event, this moment, was not accidental.

That this was not in fact random.

It was not like a stranger bumping into you while standing in line ordering a coffee and saying, “Sorry.” 

That impression even if blindfolded, would be felt as a random event.


This impression had an intention behind it.

The intention was actually in the impression.

And this is what makes the other beings touch a signature.

Have you ever received a gift from a friend or someone close to you that was truly unique? You know, they picked out something for you that you had never received before.

Special Gifts Have Special Signatures:

I am not talking about an expensive sweater or scarf from their shopping trip in Italy.

Or the lastest new high-tech telephoto lens for your camera.


It was something they chose uniquely for you.

Often it is something rare. Something extraordinary.

And when you received this gift you marveled at it because you were immediately taken aback.

Because by the nature of the gift itself, this person had to know something inside your soul.

And as you marvel at their gift, at that precise moment you’re aware you are being enriched by something greater than what came with the gift itself.

It is their signature.

You know immediately you have been touched.

The gift is how their message arrives in the physical universe.

You see and feel the gift with your eyes and hands and your emotions.

But there is a much greater feeling you get that is not in the wrapping or inside the box.

It is that this other being took their time to find something and to tell you something they could not put into words.

Along with their gift came their unspoken love and admiration.

They found something that yes, in the gift itself was a communication that they knew you. 

Like, “How could you know?”

And yet they knew.

And along with the gift came this ever-so-slight touch or connection that was from their soul. Like the gift came wrapped in their spirit—a breath of life from deep within their own clear crystal ball.

And there were no words, but their love and intention spoke volumes.

There was nothing said because the other could not say any words to convey how they really felt.

And yet what did you feel?

You felt them.

You felt their signature.

And you know, you have received hundreds of gifts in your lifetime.

And some have come and gone.

And some of those gifts you still have in a box or on a bookshelf because in this gift there is this everlasting impression.

This impression will never disappear because it is made of the very life that came from the soul of that other sphere.

When you received such a gift possibly in 6th grade, you were also taken aback because you felt this signature then.

Being that young you weren’t quite sure what it was you felt.

But you had total certainty that you felt it.

You knew it again in college when you unwrapped a gift.

Amongst many that you opened that day, when you opened this gift, you read the card and who it was from.

But as you opened the gift in truth you received two gifts.

One that was wrapped.

And the other had a spiritual fingerprint within and without.

You smiled and looked up at them because you felt their signature.

And like your own signature when you sign a letter, this signature from this being was unmistakable.

Because you have been touched by a fingerprint that is totally unique.

And that is the signature of love and admiration from the soul of another.

Dave Worthen
Author. Consultant. International Speaker

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