Your Path to a Meaningful Life

Rhonda Grant on Synchronicity

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Your Path to a Meaningful Life Rhonda Grant #LivingFearlessly #ThriveGlobal

In the almost six years of me being the host of my own weekly international radio/podcast show, Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, I have learnt a succession of profoundly invaluable lessons and pearls of wisdom from every single one of my weekly guests. It truly has become the gift that keeps on giving between all key players within the dynamic of myself as show host, the guest themselves in addition to the global listening audience coupled with the podcast subscribers! 

Knowledge is indeed power and equally intrinsically powerful! It only ever requires one profound comment, one imparted example, one expressed analogy, one compelling metaphor or one cited testimonial shared over the radio airwaves in order for something monumentally cathartic or life transforming to transpire. This has consistently been true of those who have graciously tuned in to my show, and all indicative of the incoming feedback I have received for how each individual has experienced an epiphany or a universal download or an aha-moment! 

Outside of each guest offering the listening audience their individualized level of expertise, their personal backstory, and their definition of what living fearlessly means to them… we deeply delve into a myriad of my favourite subject matters inclusive of leadership, vibrational energies, mindset, intention-setting, mentorship and a whole host of others…it isn’t often due to time constraints, in which to facilitate the interview itself, unfortunately, my guest and myself of each week are not always successful in covering the wide range of all encompassed subject matters within the allocated window of a fifty-five minute timeframe To my recollection, Rhonda Grant and I were able to effectively cover the majority of these bases for such stated relevant topics. What a divine treat for me as the show host!

As someone who has personally encountered a near-death experience myself, it was most definitely a uniquely welcomed conversation to partake in with Rhonda, whom as a result of her own near-death experience, was able to resonate with me at a far deeper and a richer substantive way at the soul level. Life Purpose, being able to recognize one’s own life purpose, and being able to reach an unwavering level of clarity often  for what that in fact means and is indicative of… derives out of teetering between life and death. I can personally attest to this as can Rhonda Grant. 

When on the precipice of existing within both realms, it becomes abundantly clear and all within a finite moment coupled with retrospective moments of the experience itself after the fact, the understanding and the acknowledgement of what the meaning of life entails or encompasses. A honed perspective and an inner truth is unleashed, and becomes magnified for who and what truly matters in one’s own reality. Some might refer to this as the beginning stages of a rebirthing process, a spiritual awakening or a death of the ego. In any case or for however else one chooses to characterize, deem or reference this to be… it is an ascendence into reaching a higher level of soul ascension, and elevated higher consciousness nonetheless. 

When one endures this form of experience it amasses a plethora of accompanying emotions, which are distinctively different for each person. A surge of dual type emotions such as exhilaration, anxiety, inner calm, intrinsic peacefulness, fear, confusion (to note a few) are often denoted as quite common. Previously held beliefs are often relinquished and replaced with higher-serving beliefs…transcending those which are more spiritually aligned. One’s priorities, values, and overall approach to embarking upon their newfound lease on life… takes on a more meaningful trajectory. One’s relationship with self becomes more actualized and the transformation is evidenced by the small things as well by the big things and everything in-between. One often becomes unrecognizable to others based upon the magnitude of unfolding changes. Encountering a near-death experience changes the landscape of one’s life in all of its entirety — from vocation, to circle of friendships, partnerships, routines, patterns, hobbies, passions, habits, geography, lifestyle and so forth. Ultimately, an entire overhaul/facelift from the inside out as everything in life is an inside job first and foremost!

Rhonda will continue to hold a special place in my heart outside of our time shared together on the radio airwaves! As I always say, and as I always mean… this is just… THE BEGINNING! The beginning of a kindred-spirit, old-soul, forward-facing, soul-filled… sister relationship! Thank-you, Rhonda, for growing me! Thank you for vulnerably sharing with myself, the radio listeners and the podcast subscribers on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald! Your message is an important one and one which I believe provides invaluable impact for the collective! Keep Shining! Keep Glowing! Keep Inspiring! Keep being YOU! 

On behalf of both Rhonda and myself, we wish to thank you the #ThriveGlobal community for kindly taking the time to read this Feature Article! Much appreciated! We also wish to express our wholehearted gratitude to each of you for generously clicking on the enclosed podcast link of our spectacular conversation with one another. For anyone who wishes to connect with either or with both Rhonda and myself outside of this brilliant forum, please know that it would be our mutual honour and our joint pleasure to be of additional service and value to you. Rhonda and I are the type of souls who take nothing lightly lightly nor do we take anything for granted!

“I Want For You What You Want For You!” ~ Byron Katie

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #ThriveThursday #ThriveGlobal #LivingFearlessly


A jolting near-death experience awoke author, Rhonda Grant to the higher levels that life offers. From that moment on, Rhonda Grant embarked on a quest to discover a more meaningful life. As Rhonda began to uncover the pathway, she realized she could help others do the same.

Rhonda’s strong business acumen coupled with people skills, has helped develop her into becoming a natural coach and speaker for those who are interested in starting any type of business. Based on her book, Magical Forces Within, which is anchored in energies that affect people’s personal outcomes, she is able to help those to recognize self-defeating practices that keep them from becoming their best self. 

With the shift in human consciousness, mindful practices can be transferred into better business practices with ease following simple techniques.

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