Your Mind is Full Of Distractions & Diversions

The brain is a powerful tool , so utilize it properly by reducing the amount of external forces that are wreaking havoc on your productivity.

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Your mind possibly  looks like this…It’s full of “distractions”, there is most likely many obstructions around you and in your brain. It can be addicting, if you’re focusing on the wrongs things, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and the news.

I connect with entrepreneurs online or offline, and there is pattern that I recognize with mostly all of them, is that they’ve focused on distractions for a long time. The disturbances have taken over control of their mind.

1. Most entrepreneurs mind looks like this (external environments and distractions).

2. Businesses should focus on: A niche, a problem, a solution, value and revenue..

3. Grow yourself, but that comes with extra problems and interferences. It’s up to you to get rid of them and steer the boat.

4. Say “NO” to everything. Be a “NO” person. “YES” people end up poor with nothing. Have an agenda everyday. Do not go to pointless meetings and having meaningless conversations over the phone.

5. You need to audit everything in your life and business every day to catch the distractions and remove them. Write them down on paper, whether it’s objects in your environment, people, job, diet, and thoughts. Audit it all.

AI has changed our lives. It’s already evolving right in front of us. Whether it’s cars, fast food restaurants, phones, TV’s, jobs and simple tasks.

Performing deep focused work has become hard to come by now. You can switch tasks in the matter of seconds, and be jaded by that distraction. Focus on the ‘’one thing’’. Time-block it and go all in.

Focus on what is important for you, and what will move you forward everyday (1% gains). It’s crazy because distractions is like an addiction, people can’t stop. They actually love it. They can’t help themselves. It’s up to you to become aware of it, and divert your attention to your purpose.

Your willpower is essential to success, if you stay away from obstructions, then you have a higher chance of leveling up.

But you must strengthen your willpower through continual habits and training. It takes time, but it’s worth it for you and your business.

3 Main Tips to Focus And Concentrate

1. Remove Apps & Notifications On Your Phone.

If you’re building a business, you do not need social media. Focus on revenue & client support. Once, you have those two objectives solidified, then focus on social media presence. I’ve removed Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat and other distracting apps that do not serve me and my purpose.

You will notice a positive change when you do this. It’s known when you spend too much time on your phone, it can cause anxiety and depression. You need to be present in the moment, and not venture into a virtual world.

There is so many apps out there, people will start downloading endlessly. Use the basic apps, that will help you and your business grow. Be the master of technology, you need to create and not consume content.

Marketing is making it harder for us to focus, and that issue is correlated with shiny object syndrome. You can actually download ‘’Facebook Eradicator and YouTube Eradicator’’ off the Chrome store. It will cut out the news-feed completely, which is a game-changer for productivity.

  • Disable all notifications on both your desktop and phone.
  • Turn off your phone or set it to Airplane mode when working.
  • Use the Momentum extension.
  • Remove apps from your phone that you do not use anymore.

2. Exercise, Diet & Meditation

Exercise helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. Followed up with a healthy diet, it helps you live a healthier life. Integrate more vegetables and fruits. Take the proper supplements to enhance memory, brain function, energy and overall body health.

Cut out carbs, sugars, fatty foods, and artificial crap. It will just slow you down and will fog your mind.

It also drains your energy, which leads to getting no work done.

But the results of exercise are much more. They support you into all aspects of your life, including accelerating your productivity. It releases endorphins, the happiness chemical, in the brain, which enhances your state of mind and well-being.

Exercise trains you to be consistent and sharp. Often, your mind gets exhausted before your body does. When you push your body a little more, you subconsciously strengthen your mind too. Your ability to focus will be enhanced.

Fasting is another regime you can include in your life. It helps with weight loss, focus, and energy.

Meditation is the best activity you can do for yourself. The benefits of meditation are insane and the more you practice it, the more positive the outcomes.

Improved learning ability and memory.

Focus and concentration.

Confidence in abilities

Enhanced productivity.

Enhanced mood and stability.

Decreased anxiety and stress.

Ability to process information quicker.

Increased happiness and joy.

3. ‘’The One Thing’’ – Goals & KPI’s

I highly recommend you read the book ‘’The One Thing’’ by Gary Keller.

The majority of your results comes from the minority of your work (80/20)

Your objective is to focus most of your time, every day on the one single activity that gets you the most results. Do this until it becomes a habit, and then it will become a default setting.

Small actions lead to bigger actions, which leads to bigger results. Everyday is important. A lot of people brush off the small details. But, those matter the most. Small holes can sink a ship if not fixed.

The journey to outstanding results is through a divine purpose, vision, and mission. When you have those three aligned and correlating together, you can focus on that path, and scale with it.

Think. Commit. Act. Reflect. Improve. Scale.

Time-block that one activity that will lead you to your goals. Having KPI’s is very crucial. It will keep you on track for certain results or numbers. It will tell you where to put your focus, and where to cut your attention.

Do this, and you will find yourself seeing the success you want.

Evolve yourself everyday. It never ends.

If you can do this, you’re the 1% and that will ultimately lead to prosperity and fulfillment.

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