Your Intuition Called…

Here’s What It Wants You To Know

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Your intuition is the most helpful, practical and non-nonsense ally you’ll ever know. Although it may feel like a mystical and magical energetic creature – elusive, untethered and off the grid – it really is the most insightful guru of all.

Your wild and wise instinct is always inside of you and wants to guide you every moment of the day. When you trust it, the results can be magical, but far from being elusive, when you get to know your intuition you’ll find it’s easy to access, tangible and real.

Your intuition is made up of the information your five physical senses are consistently receiving; energetic feedback from the energy all around you and around other people, places, ideas and situations; memories from this life (and possibly many past lives) that may live in your subconscious; gut instinct and heart knowing; and the signs and symbols all around us. (For more on these, check out my previous article on the main sources of your intuition.)

Here’s what your intuition wants you to know, now and always…

You are so very loved. You are love. You were made from love. Your essence is all love. And all around you, you are loved so powerfully and from so many forces that you cannot see (God, Goddess, Angels, Guides, and loved ones in spirit) and ones that you can (people, animals, and nature). Let love in every single day, it’s as simple as imagining it flowing into your heart space, walking in nature, or hugging a loved one.

Follow your bliss. You were meant to feel everything along the rocky road of life, but mostly you were created to feel good. Blissfully good. Buy yourself lush flowers. Have sex. Dance wildly. Laugh more. Listen to music that lights you up. Eat well. Sing with the moon. Lean towards situations and people who bring out the best in you.

Worry is the nastiest toxin. Your life might not currently be perfect, nor what you had planned; it may not be a happy fairytale, but worrying won’t make it better or easier. Imagining the worst and living in fear won’t prepare you for anything. Life can be so fulfilling when you allow good things to flow your way but fearing the worst – and worrying about other people – blocks goodness because you’re focusing on negativity.

Nature needs you. And you need nature. Spend time outside and look after your immediate environment – and beyond – and you’ll feel healed and whole, connected and complete. Bare feet in the grass, bare hands in the dirt, bare skin facing the morning sun, skinny-dipping or otherwise getting raw in nature. The more you listen to your intuition, the more you will hear the call to go outside. And the more you go outside, the deeper your connection to Source and Spirit, which inevitably brings joy into your life and turns up the volume on your intuition.

Be patient. Tuning inwards will keep you safe and happy, but finding and trusting your intuition takes time and practice. Pause regularly to see what your intuition wants you to know. Don’t rush into anything. Whether you’re choosing an outfit, cooking dinner, making plans, driving, working, having a conversation, changing your career, looking for a partner, or any other big or small decision, always make space to check in and see how it makes you feel. Follow the good feelings always.

Energy doesn’t lie. When you feel light or positive, your intuition is telling you that you’re on the right path. When you feel heavy or sluggish, your instinct is nudging you to find another way. Ask your body to show you a YES and a NO.

You are all the guru you need. Read loads of books and websites, let others inspire you, find teachers who want to help from their heart, spend time with healers who can show you how to be whole again, but at the end of the day, you are your most brilliant and insightful guru.

Go within and trust the whispers and wisdom.

Kris Franken is a highly intuitive writer and editor at 

She’s the published author of Daily Affirmations and Soul to Soul insight cards, as well as a Soulful Journal.

Kris adores tree hugging, salted caramel, green tea, meditation and yoga, and laughs like it’s a competitive sport. She lives in Sydney, Australia, with her talented husband and two gorgeous kids.

Connect with Kris’ soulful community and you’ll receive a free copy of The Intuitive Playbook ebook. You also might like to browse through her brand new and deliciously insightful ebook on intuition called Wild & Wise.

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