Your Birth Was Not An Accident:You Were Created For A Purpose

You matter.

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The day and time you were born was no accident. The celestial skies decided what day and time that you would arrive to this earth. It was even decided who would be the carrier and the one to implant the seed in the formation of you. It was all strategic and very calculated. Your creation was not by happenstance. It is a reason why you are on this earth. Every breath of oxygen you breathe is needed to help you get closer to destiny.

Many have so many wounds and lashes in their heart because they feel their birth was a mistake. They ponder why they were created because of the hardships they may have faced in early development. For example, you may have been birthed by a drug addicted parent or you may have been given up for adoption or lived in various foster homes. These things can cause varying levels of emotional pain and many have questioned their heredity. I hear echoing in broken hearts, “Why did I have to come from this family? Why didn’t God love me enough to give me good parents?”

Feelings of rejection, isolation, abandonment and the like can permeate through hearts and attempt to asphyxiate all the life out of you. Many of these raw and unaddressed emotions have caused developmental issues, attachment issues, and identity issues. You ponder why am I here. But despite all of that your birth still was not an accident. Let me help you explore why your life has purpose and value.

The most precious gems that many around the world purchase are diamonds. Diamonds come in an array of colors and they sparkle and glimmer even in the darkest room. No matter the size of the diamond if you have it on someone will notice it. A diamond just has that glimmer. That is how it was created. However, diamonds and even precious metals are birthed through the most extreme pressure and heat. Studies say that diamonds are formed in the earths core from volcanic activity. In more modern times diamonds are created where severe flames meet plates and atoms connect to form a hard rock molten substance under unbearable pressures of heat. Out of those extreme circumstances comes a precious jewel that is highly sought after around the world. So, if a diamond can come out of such an undesirable condition and become a precious commodity so can you.

We can not pick the state or the path how we enter this world but we can come to the understanding that it was not a mistake or by accident. Many babies do not make it to this world. That I can relate to by having still born son. So, the mere fact you made it to this world is a phenomena in itself. So destiny lies in the belly of every human being and something majestic happens when people come to that revelation.

We must be careful as humans when we say things like “they came from the wrong side of the tracks, or they grew up in foster care so they are rejects.” We must dispel these negative connotations and tell people who came from these situations that your life matters. That although you may have faced some challenges your creation was not a mistake.

Let’s explore some facts. If you had to live in various homes in your early development for example in foster care then I am sure resiliency was somewhere in the midst. The strength to survive oscillating circumstances is a great feat. So, learning to be resilient early on in life is a good attribute. We must choose to always look at the good in any situation. Look at your glass half full rather than half empty. Always take the high road in your thoughts.

My mission is to help people see that they matter. I want people to realize that they are not their circumstances. No matter how rough the the terrain you are par for the course. Every situation was designed and calculated even during your formation. No, we don’t have the privilege of choosing our course but we must know that every course we take matters. You are not less of a person because you started off with a rough course. It is something that is unique about persons who have survived and endured hardships. Often these people are happy they survived. They don’t take things for granted. But something extra special happens when they reach that “aha moment” that Oprah discusses. When people reach that epiphany and pinnacle in life knowing that they matter and have purpose? That’s when destiny aligns. That is when a shift happens and where your life begins to impact another. Where you feel in the depths of your soul that everything happened for a reason and each crooked or straight path made you who you are? Your birth matters. Your creation was not a mistake but a divine strategic plan.

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