‘You, Me, Or Nobody Is Gonna Hit As Hard As Life’

‘…How Much Can You Take and Keep Moving Forward…Go Out And Get What You’re Worth…’ ~ Rocky

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‘…How Much Can You Take and Keep Moving Forward…Go Out And Get What You’re Worth…’ ~ Rocky

Every one us is a combination of parameters — size, age, weight, shoe size, temperament and many more qualities that undoubtedly play an important role in our existence. We are facing many difficulties and often the outcome is dependent on our qualities and skills. What can we do if we lack the necessary? Is it at all possible? What should we do then?

Consciously, I will overexpose the term “life” because, as we will see, it is basic and our success depends on its understanding.

We are all alike by the fact that we all have an equal right to live. Our life is completely under our control, and nobody can make us take it away from our own selves. Our life is unique and priceless. We can use our life in every way possible. We can choose and plan our actions. We have the ability to develop our actions and contribute to our own success. We are most dependent on our actions and because of that we cannot ignore all the other things independent of us.

Our life is the first and last essence we have. We have the right to do whatever we want with it, so we are all responsible for its actions. According to ethics, man is free to choose his or her permanence and whether its existence is good depends only on him or her. That’s why I think everyone has a real chance to be happy.

In fact, for many people the idea of ​​life is to be happy. The question that arises here is whether all people can be happy if they have a different life? Why do some people have more things that make them happy? I think there is no need to look for the answer to this question. Indeed, there are sad elements, yet finding the answer will not make us feel better. What if we stopped looking at what others have and what might be so “foreign” to us, but instead we focused on what we have? Joy and happiness are a state of mind. Many people think this way and they have certainly conquered their minds. We have the power to choose whether to be happy or not. We have to harness ourselves in the right direction.

On the other hand, is there equality amongst us, if we are all different? This provides a different interpretation of success in different living conditions. For some it is more difficult and for others it’s easier. In this I have no doubt, but what if we were to focus our efforts, thoughts, and direction towards what we truly want to achieve? Without a doubt, that is truly possible.

When we talk about differences, we need to factor in character, too. There are a variety of people — some are shy, others are energetic and embrace life with arms wide open. Psychologists claim that there is no good and bad temperament. But how true is this? Some people are more confident and that definitely helps them succeed. Confidence is an example of a good quality of temperament, but will you agree that many people lack confidence?

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Many lack optimism, creativity, and satisfaction. We know that the standard of one’s living often determines his or her temperament. It is also an indisputable fact that people do not choose their family, or the country they were born. Yes — it seems that we are powerless, but actually we have the solutions for our own happiness.

We can change the environment of our life. And as we do this we have the ability to actively influence others. In my opinion, this is one of the meanings of life — to make our small contribution to the actual “presence” of the world around us. Not just for our own sake, but also for the sake of others’ life, to make our life and theirs better. I believe that we are capable of achieving it and it is our responsibility to try.

It’s difficult to place our lives in order. It requires much effort. For some people, life is easier and for others harder. First of all, no one every told us that it would be easy. Every action requires some effort and we should therefore not be surprised if we have difficulties. I would agree that for some people those difficulties are more than for other, but let us ask our own selves whether this is the most important thing?

There are many who say that they will wait for life to happen for them and they will choose the easier path in life, whatever that might look like for one. Yet, they don’t seem to understand that in our human society everyone strives on some level to be competitive and the one who tries and pushes forward always wins. How are you pushing forward, so you can win?

Today’s world seeks to allow people to have equal chances of success. This means that in order to finalize any endeavor, we need approximately the same amount of effort, regardless of our social status. Here, for instance, is an example of when there are several candidates for a job. An employer would choose the one that is most capable of doing the job and not the individual who is wealthy. Some will argue that there are people who generally do not have to work and for them this doesn’t matter. We could argue positively for these “wealthy” people and say that because of what they have, they could perhaps influence the world in their own way, and focus their direction towards that. Otherwise, their existence would be meaningless.

Some of us do not understand this truth hidden in despair and refuse to fight. They are immersed in grief because they have problems because it is difficult. People forget that everyone has obstacles that one must overcome, and this is not easy. It is difficult to grasp that primarily our success depends on our attitude and our knowledge. Success depends on our mind. Not accidentally, this is something of which all of us are equal, at least initially. According to logic all human beings are born with equal intelligence. So I dare to say that every person has the potential to develop and achieve what others didn’t or couldn’t.

Raising the questions about real best achievements, I must say that everyone has an equal competitor. There are billions of people on this planet and there are always those in our position within our opportunities.

People who are experiencing equal difficulty and are trying as much as we are. So despite the fact that there are others, more favored than us, we can become more competitive, and compete with the better world out there and in time to reach the level of the most successful. Many have achieved it. Why can’t it be you?

We are all different, but that shouldn’t stop us. Our greatest weapon in any endeavor is that we have our lives. We have the ability to improve ours and other’s lives. This is one of the meanings of our existence and I believe that if we work on this idea and try to do things as we think would be best, then we can achieve the desired satisfaction, then it will not matter whether we received any remuneration or not.

The important thing is that we have shown how every person is important and is able to contribute to the common good, and this is something we should all strive to do on daily basis, so we can have a better existence. We, ourselves choose whether to go to the heights of success, or let our lives developed “safely” until we lose. Our life is a journey, a journey filled with a guide of ideals. If we have lofty ideals to follow, then life will seem like a journey — we will feel the inconveniences of difficulties, but we will experience the unknown, we will have experiences that will leave an impactful mark in our lives and in the lives of others.

Enjoyed reading? Please share. We are in this world to help one another. All of us grow faster when we support each other. I encourage others to add value to the world, so we can make compounding ripples of improvement for everyone. 

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Dr. Mila is an internationally known Change Catalyst. She teaches individuals and organizations about awareness, connection, and the need for change – personally, socially, and professionally. 

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