You Are Up To You!

Remember, you are up to you. You get to decide.

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You are up to you

Remember, you are up to you.
You get to decide.
You may have forgotten that, but you decide.
You can be in your power, or give it away.
You can control your response, or be reactive to everything & everyone.
You can take responsibility, or choose blame.
You can be the owner of your life, or be the victim.
You can live in illusions in your head, or get honest.
You can believe your thoughts, or debunk them.
You can avoid your emotions, or you can feel them.
You can speak your truth, or suffer in silence.
You can work for your dreams, or someone else’s.
You can be disciplined, or renege on yourself.
You can remain a victim, or rise.
You can live separate from yourself, or you can unite.
You can choose suffering, or use your pain as a teacher.
You can live in learned helplessness, or you can grow.
You can stay in your comfort zone, or push yourself.
You can build walls, or create healthy boundaries.
You can live with mediocrity, or you can take a risk.
You can pretend, or you can be real.
You can lie, or choose honesty.
You can pretend to be made of steel, or embrace your vulnerability.
You can make a million excuses, or give it a go.
You can live in limitation, or see endless possibilities.
You can stay small, or live your glory.
You can judge, or stay open-minded.
You can feel stifled, or always willing to learn.
You can live at war with yourself, or be your own best friend.
You can be mean, or kind.
You can constantly complain and criticise, or look for the good.
You can feed inner turmoil, or peace.
You can forgive, or stay in toxicity.
You can live in avoidance, or do the inner work.
You can feel your emotions, or believe you are them.
You can be a leader, or be led.
You can stay closed, or crack open.
You can choose to wake up, or stay asleep.
You can see hate, or peace.
You can get stuck in the 3D, or see beyond it.
You can resist, or accept what is and choose again.
You can stay down, or rise like a phoenix.
You can remain blind, or be willing to call out your BS.
You can believe in magic, or be closed off to miracles.
You can decide, or not decide, both are a decision.
You can procrastinate, or move beyond the deeper fear.
You can believe who others say you are, or you can explore for yourself.
You can move through the challenge, or keep thinking about it.
You can wait for change to come from outside you, or you can change yourself.
You can try change another, you can only change yourself.
You can preach, or be an example.
You can numb out, or choose connection.
You can be happy now, or keep making it conditional.
You can keeping waiting, or choose now as the perfect time.
You can live in curiosity, or ignorance.
You can do the work to know who you truly are, or not.
You can allow yourself to evolve, or be stunted.
You can control your thoughts, or be at the mercy of them.
You can determine your worth, or allow others to choose it for you.
You can think you have to do it all yourself, or expect miracles.
You can control it all according to your plan, or be led by the divine.
You can develop self-mastery, or feel lost in who you are.
You can live in competition and lack, or know there is enough to go around.
You can feel all alone, or build a relationship with the divine.
You can know you are enough, or always feel worthless.
You can hate another, or know they are your brother/sister.
You can love yourself, or forever feel conflicted.
You can always be a student, or think you know it all.
You can create your own meaning and experiences, or believe someone else’s.
You can live your life, or waste it.
You can see life as a gift, or a punishment.
You can think about ‘I’, or ‘We’.
You can live creating from the unknown, or be paralysed by the unknown.
You can wake up now, or right before you die.
You can choose fear, or love.
It’s all you.
You are up to you.
Don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.
No matter what happens, you still get to decide.

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