You are Not Alone

Nate Setto on Anxiety, Depression, and Substance Abuse

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you-are-not-alone Nate Setto Living Fearlessly

It was incredibly refreshing to have engaged in such a heartfelt conversation with radio/podcast guest, Nate Setto, on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald! Nate’s intent for wishing to be interviewed on my show was primarily centred on his want and need to discuss poignantly themed matters…matters which are gravely impacting the overall collective. These areas of focus and discussion (anxiety, depression, and substance abuse) were profoundly more important to Nate to highlight, which superseded his secondary objective for using this media exposure opportunity provided by me, in which to discuss his own career successes. Truly appreciative and profoundly impressed by Nate Setto, who vulnerably and humbly, put his soul on public display while also exemplifying his indomitable spirit to all of humanity! 

Nate’s altruistism, coupled with his depth of humility, completely shone through on the airwaves. This was made possible as a result of Nate courageously revealing the core and the essence of who he is…with myself and with the global listening audience. Nate’s ability to show up as raw, transparent and unwaveringly candid was not only immensely appreciated, but was also deeply respected by me as a radio host and as an interviewer. Anyone who chooses to vulnerably expose their own fragility through the generously brave offerings of full disclosure with over 8M listeners; is a WARRIOR in my humble opinion! Nate opened up his heart and revealed his soul by providing the intimately private details surrounding his spiritual journey of overcoming anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Nate ranks as a stellar human being in my books! In recognizing the fact that anxiety, depression and addictions have unfortunately skyrocketed as a result of the global pandemic, Nate made a concerted effort to truly appeal to the sensitivities of the loyal global listeners and to the podcast subscribers. Nate did a fantastic job in reiterating on numerous occasions throughout the duration of the interviews entirety, that the listeners are not alone. His rawness, pureness, and level of transparency for describing what he has endured…what he has fought extremely hard in which to overcome, was deeply touching and immensely inspirational to say the least. 

The greatest level of show response and the highest level of show resonance (as reflected in my daily show metics/rankings) with respect to my devoted and loyal global listeners, coupled with the podcast subscribers to Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, has consistently had a direct correlation to the ‘realness’ of the guest for whom I have interviewed. The more authentic the guest; the more altruistic the guest…the more organic the external buy-in, and the more deeply penetrable the resonance is felt, as expressed by my demographic of international listeners. Ratings and metrics are important yes, particularly in an oversaturated industry for what it is I professionally do for a living, however, the more substantive, meaningful, and profound objective for what bears fundamental relevance, is not the overall stats themselves given that they remain primarily inconsequential by comparison to the impactful life-altering difference, which my guests continue to infuse into the lives of my listeners. Nothing compares to vulnerable storytelling. The metrics being what they are, is however, a measurable tool and a truth barometer for knowing how many people around the globe are positively benefiting as a result of the empowered, enlightened, and beacons of  light for whom it is I showcase on a weekly basis. Thank you, Nate for showing up exactly as you are to yourself, myself, and to the rest of the world! Please know that your message matters! Please know that your example is inspiring! Please know that you are appreciated! Forever wishing you my very best in your continued journey, Nate! Love and Light! Love and Gratitude!

On behalf of both Nate Setto and myself, we wish to express our wholehearted gratitude to each of you for kindly taking the time to read this Featured Article! We also wish to extend our mutual appreciation to each of you for graciously also clicking on the enclosed podcast link of our introspectively deep conversation with one another! For anyone who wishes to connect with either or with both Nate and myself outside of this brilliant forum, please know that it would be our mutual honour and our mutual pleasure to more personably engage with you!

“I Want For You What You Want For You!” ~ Byron Katie

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Nate Setto is a rising R&B artist in Detroit. As a Michigan native, he grew up with a passion for music. He began writing songs when he was 7 years old and pursued a music career at the age of twenty.

In 2014, Nate developed a relationship with God that forever changed his life. God approached him and soon became a part of his every day living. Nate now looks to faith and God to guide him through all the obstacles life throws at him.

He just launched his latest single, Novocaine, where he is working on shedding some light to listeners who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse because he wants to remind people that they are not alone and that there are better ways in dealing with depression.

Nate has a rapidly growing fan base with over 50K followers on Instagram, over 1.3M views on YouTube and over 36K followers on FB.
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