You Are Enough


Seeing how many coaches and self-development gurus push people to upgrade, to better themselves and to incessantly improve, I am prompted to provide a counter message — You are enough. As you are now. You are enough. What’s more, you are great!

My coaching practice and the way I live my life is all about building self- acceptance and self-love. And I believe this is done first by loving ourselves as we are, and not by pushing ourselves to be something or someone we are not, and by constantly needing to do something in order to feel valuable and valued. That kind of approach actually cuts you off from your foundation, separating you from your true accepting loving soul and nature, universe, God or any other spiritual way of being in the world, which all love you as you are. They love you as you are born without you doing anything, without you finding your purpose, without you changing the world or making a difference, they love you simply because you are, because you exist, for your being.

Any time you start an activity or thought that says: “I have to…” or “I must..” you are ordering yourself and you are asking for an obligation from yourself, without finding out if that which you must or have to is actually leading you to feeling good and is an enjoyable activity. If its not, the act is futile and even more its self-sabotaging. You might even get financial success or fame from it but after its all said and done you will not be happy. And that is the initial reason you actually wanted to be successful or famous. So why not start from the beginning instead of going in circles, and say to yourself now — I am enough, I don’t have to do anything, be anything, accomplish anything to have value. I as a human being am enough.

And when you centre in that good feeling, then ask yourself, what do you feel like doing, in your business, in life, in your relationships and the answer you will get is your truth, coming from your life-affirming nature instead of our imposed self-sabotaging social and cultural norms. Click here to check out my video for more.

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