Yao Lee’s Musical Roses For The Loving Of You!

The Healing and Enlightenment Of Roses and Love In The Song, "Rose, Rose, I Love You," By Famed Chinese, Singing Legend, YAO LEE!

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There are certain tastes, which comes to define the nurture of authenticity. Particular voices highlight a serenity of animation and vivacity. Unique timbers within unique voices, makes one feel the light-hearted atmosphere. Its the kind of energy and vivacity, which incites joy among people, from the very moment, they hear that sound. You simply can’t help, but to become enamored, from the very moment, you hear their artistry. Its attractive and provides you with that feel-good vibe from the moment it comes to your remind; reminding you of certain dynamics for the wellness of others. A singer’s voice has the power to make happiness addictive. It becomes so abundant that a person begins to forget about any traces of sorrow or misfortune. The lingering, or hanging on of pain, becomes a distant memory. It is the care and gentility of moving into another, and encouraging humanity to transform into another direction, when it comes to enjoying the simple pleasures of music. In fact, there is a novel awakening, when having the power and courage to move through life so daintily, and with all of the innocence of a young schoolgirl, who wants to experience the very blessings of love. Its fantastical, should we delve deeper into the storytelling of it all!

Moving into the golden gates of China, we experience just how beautiful and playful such landscapes can be. When delving further into the cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong, one cannot help but to imagine the delicacies of navigating through such his/herstorical cities, as playful, as she could. Then, of course, what is the guide, which is keeping one lightly afloat when maneuvering through these ancient cities? Can you simply imagine the daintiness of one Chinese dame, who sings, and prances, through the urban landscapes of China, with love on her mind? Now, isn’t that a beautiful sight? Isn’t that a beautiful sound? Imagine the very radiance of love being sprayed throughout Chinese landscapes-so boldly and playfully, at that! Of course, there are certain Chinese singers, who had the power and ability to navigate through their terrain, in the Spirit of love. What a nutritious act, one should find! If you come across such dames, remember to reward them and bring abundance to their very presence. After all, there is a great level of zest and decor, in their ability to frolic through life with that maidenal Spirit; all the while spreading it to others, who are greatly in need of that energy.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Her name is Yao Lee! She gained the reputation in being considered as one of the “Great Singing Stars Of Shanghai.” There was clearly something amazing, surrounding her energy to have received such a title. Nevertheless, when you listen to her voice, her songs, it should not shock you as a surprise! Not at all. There is great animation in her voice. it is inviting, playful, and warm. From the age of 13, Yao Lee was performing on Chinese radio stations. Clearly, she had enough practice. Recording records, in addition to recording her first single. It was from the 1930’s-1970’s, where she remained active throughout her career; consistently traveling, and recording songs, which gained popularity through China, and other parts of the Asian world.

So, every singer (or artist) has their particular, musical memory. There are certain classics, which are linked to their name. Furthermore, such classics continue to provide insight into the very nature and character of a singer. What is their persona? How do their vocals lead us to understanding just how surreal and nourishing the atmosphere is? Furthermore, how do these singers indicate, or provide hints, into their own particular journey with the music, at hand? It is an interesting perspective, isn’t? Of course, not every vocalist, or musician, may not be thinking about this for such a time. Then again, how does this create a unique perspective when it comes to a special journey into the lens of a vocalist, performing her talent, in presence of Chinese gardens. Of course, its a wonderful point of reference to explore the realm, in which the voices moves.

Listening to one particular song of Yao Lee, the audience gains a level of imagination, regarding how one is able to move through Chinese paradises. One thing we must remember is that navigating gardens daintily is an, art. It truly is! In fact, it has the power to be a graceful adventure! The adventure is light and floating. That’s the word. Floating! When the floating is made through comfort and ease, a person can slowly imagine oneself walking off the stress and weights of toxicity, that the world seems to throw your way. In the song, “Rose, Rose, I Love You,we come to feel those vibes of a young Maiden, skipping her way through the colorful vibes of the Garden! It is an colorful atmosphere, and healing for the Spirit. No matter how old one might be, within the beauties of “Rose, Rose, I Love You, there is the opportunity to feel youthful, all over, again.

In hearing the song, “Rose, Rose, I Love You,” there is also the pattern in sensing that one has moved through the fluid, smooth, and silk-like essence of water. Close your eyes, and release yourself into imagination’s domain. This time its more of an Asian touch-with a Chinese twist. How does it feel to know that within water’s tranquility, there is a playful (and angelic) touch? A touch, where colors appear to come alive and create dances of their very own, accord. If we want to go even deeper, we can also move to understand just how the voice of Yao Lee, tickles the imagination of painting a dreamy atmosphere, within Chinese paradises. Hmm. . .Why do you refer to it as a paradise? Well, perhaps, it alludes to the fact that there is a rose, within the very title, itself. Roses are intimate flowers, are they not? After all, specific dances use them, as a reminder as to how love and courtship are connected to gardens on Earth, and that of a Heavenly realm. Then again, it brings forth a great question. What is it about roses, which brings about a certain ritual (and element) into wanting to venture into love? Is it it color? Is it its scent? What makes it so alluring, and inspiring, for the realm of love?

Going further into the song, it is apparent that certain textures are brought into nourishment, and fulfillment, with the song. What’s even more interesting is how the song is sung in the Chinese language. How significant it was for her to have demonstrated the creativity, playful, and artsy nature of the Chinese language, and persona, within that particular time! It goes to demonstrate the power of art, and the creative sector, when it comes to navigating any specific climate. Its beautiful. Its precious. Its DIVINE! Furthermore, its the epitome of liberation, when one’s country has gone through those terrible times.

Going back to a previous mention, it is apparent that roses appear to be the very embodiment of, LOVE! Yes, the coloring is part of it. Yes, the scent is also inclusive in the very aura of love! There has to be a level of power and persona, when describing the essence of love, in a particular song. Simultaneously, what is not often described and depicted is the underlying healing process, which happens when a person experiences the very essence of love. Its miraculous, indeed! A person’s very psyche and well-being transitions into healing mode. The very speaking of love, in its truest form creates a level of beauty and nourishment, within one’s very psyche. In fact, there are particular nurturing environments and wellness factors, as it pertains to being able to authentically SPEAK, the very essence of, LOVE! When you sing love’s embodiment, and experience, there is another factor, at hand. It is as if the Universal Heavens are speaking; speaking in a way, where traces of love’s heartache are erased.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

For the song, “Rose, Rose, I Love You,” love becomes a playful dance; allowing one to leap and turn so freely and easily. It feels surreal and real, simultaneously. Its extremely beautiful and profound! What must be mentioned is how the song presents love as being natural and easy. It tickles our imagination, as we are forced to address the complexities of love and how humans contribute in making love difficult, or “complicated.” Nevertheless, through this song, Love is delicate. It is smooth sailing, and provides a unique point of view for the very wellness, beauty of love, and its performance. Such is a unique aspect, as it relates to moving through the different energies of love. Let’s go deeper when it comes to the role of flowers (such as roses), and why love and flowers go hand-in-hand!

Roses are delicate. There is something about their shaping, smell, design, and their correlation with certain holidays or romantic gestures, which makes them a unique aura, in their own right. What is it about this flower? Even more fascinating is how such roses have different colors, and can be found in nations, throughout the world. Red. Pink. Blue. Orange. Rainbow. Purple. It has been notated that there are over 300 species of roses. Just think how creative, and the level (and wealth) of love’s symbolism, which exist within such a variety. Let’s not forget that it has also been documented of their being “tens of thousands of cultivars.” [Translation: Variations of roses] Meditate upon that for a moment. Just think about the different textures and styles of love, as it comes through these various patterns of, love!

That high-pitched voice of Yao Lee continues to illustrate the delicacy, and playful, element of water. Should you allow your imagination to wonder, you can envision ripples of water being splashed with different colors, upon the singing of each vocal note. Then, there is also the power of the instrumental part of the song. It is just that. There is a level of healing and aesthetic wonder, within the imaginary psyche. Just meditate upon the ripples and the sprinkles of water, and the magic of musicians becoming painters, when hearing that brief absence of Yao Lee’s voice. Its magical! Coloring a song, through the timber (and gentility) of water is a further highlight of love’s nourishment. One couldn’t help, but to find fulfillment in understanding, that love should be Earthly. When speaking upon those who truly perform, and really immerse themselves, into Earth’s energy, one comes to sense the realness of love, from its false depiction. A person also comes to understand the realness of Earth’s intertwining, versus those who exploit it for other means. The sensory of love is interlinked with Earth’s natural domain. Immediately, a person can sense love’s beauty!

That American sound of the 1940’s, and so forth, is presented as beautiful and nourishing. That peculiar sound stemming from Black America’s gardens, is depicted through the Chinese tongue. That song is sang through the Chinese language. Another watery tale to be illuminated, for a further day. On another note, one can also observe the methods, in which they observe these lens.

She is considered one of the great legends of China’s musical and entertainment world. What she contributed during a daunting time in Chinese her/history is worthy of being highlighted! Therefore, such talents continue to be presented and archived, in order that future generations remember what love really sounds like. Yao Lee was regarded as one of the “Seven Great Singing Stars Of Shanghai.” How Heavenly to have one’s musical gift be equated to the Universal stars! Couple that with a song, and its loving roses, and one has the power to assess how close an individual is to frolicking in the very essence of, love!

Water is a soother of love! In fact, it continues to move through different heights of fluidity, all the while reminding us that we shouldn’t take love so seriously. After all, love is meant to be explored! It is meant to be enjoyed! And, it is meant to be explored. So, as we continue to move through different timbers of love, we can press forward in showcasing just how wonderful the experience of playing through love’s nectar, should be. There is an austere level of restoration and tenderness, when love is connected to Earth’s vegetation, through the blossoming of flowers. Roses bring their own vibrant nectar. With that being stated, let it be known that roses contribute a unique entry into the sensory of love. Therefore, bringing love into the guise of nature’s authentic care, and fulfillment, ensures that it is always fulfilling.

So, water love in the surrounding of roses. Decorate its presence with the frolicking of childlike animation. Move it through different colors, and permit it to bring heaps of rose bouquets to the ones, we love, and the seeking of love’s Divine! Embrace it all, through one dame’s legacy, in the Golden blooms of. . .SHANGHAI!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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