Wu Yingyin’s Nightly Passion For Whispers Of A Nightingale!

How Chinese Songbird and Legend-WU YINGYIN-Illuminates The Healing Power and Majesty Of Creating and Performing, In Night's Comfort, Through , "Nightingale Song!"

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The nighttime is the perfect time for music’s creation! Why, should you ask? Well, its because it is the perfect time for listening. The world has gone quiet. Temporarily, the world has become “still,” supposedly. One is able to hear music, clearly, when in the comforts of the night. Therefore, it comes to move and restore what we hope to reclaim. Sometimes, things become lost in the daytime. Nevertheless, one of the powers of the night is that a healing process takes place. Somehow, we are even more restored when we create and produce in night’s comfort. Mentally and spiritually, we become cleansed. Additionally, we can’t help, but to experience this wave of energy. In fact, it is Universal energy. It is energy of Heaven’s domain! For the most part, such energy ensures that humanity never loses sight of our connection to Heaven, and our purpose for producing. During the nighttime, a person feels the restoration of Heaven’s artistry. A person experiences the tastes of Universal aesthetics, and what it means to produce on a level, which is spoken about in ancient folklore, and mythology.

Within the comforts of the night’s sky, there is a wave of richness and abundance. There are words, knowledge, and sources of wisdom that one could only imagine. Its why a person has to move into that space of imagination in order to experience the genius of music. There is no other way of getting closer to that body of energy. A person simply has to live in it, and experience its abundance. Again, it translates into releasing of the ego. That’s often one of the hardest things for an individual to do; and especially a musician, at that. Surrendering ourselves to the Heavens in knowing that we do not know everything. Understanding that there is so much more that we could ever know. For singers and musicians to even reach a portion of such greatness, it is required for them to move outside of our comfort zone, and to experience the Divinity and life-sustaining virtues of the nighttime. After all, it is where our hearts and minds are to remain connected to, when moving into the very Being, of wellness.

When a singer crafts a song in the Spirit of singing in the night, such a singer has created a blessed thing. Not only have they moved themselves into a blanket, where the very source of the arts derives from, but they have also created a working process for self-reflection and discovery, within their own musicianship. Let’s not forget what was previously stated. The nighttime is a source of reflection, and personal improvement. Should we go deeper, the context of nighttime represents a level of awakening. Somehow, we sense that our artistry is for a greater purpose than for entertainment’s sake. In fact, we are seeing a unique level of love and serenity, as it pertains to the beauty of wellness and restoration. Creating in the night will allow persons to move through different avenues in the creative process. Furthermore, it moves to establish different personas into the collective of music. Even within one particular composition, there is an intrinsic power and momentum for different variations. Lots of ways to explore, and experiment, with these myriad compositions. It is a real treasure and treat for one to compose in such a manner. And so, we turn to a nightingale, in order to understand this level of magic and nourishment.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The waters of Shanghai return to our doorstep. It means that we are directed back to Chinese, musical allure, and the women who performed them. Again, we have returned back to those legendary dames, who have made it possible for us to understand this element of musical magic, within Chinese landscapes. Therefore, that level of humanity, compassion, and nurture becomes restored, and represented, within Chinese domains. Through those Chinese singers and musicians, the Chinese language is depicted with a humane touch. It is re-connected to the Universal pillar of creativity and nurture. Like the other “Seven great singing stars,” she too, gained prominence in the 1940’s. Of course, her star was a glittering renewal for the presence of love and nourishment. One of the very beings of stars is how they illuminate the elements of life’s abundance and blessings. They are avid reminders that the Universal realm is filled with care and the fulfillment for all of Earth’s treasures and desire to gain healing. For one Chinese nightingale, the very presence of her name is enough. Yet, for the purposes of this article, we will say it, clear. In finding nourishment within music’s haven, of the night, we are introduced to. . .

Wu Yingyin; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Her song, “Nightingale Song,” provides a testament for one interpretation of painting into the night. In fact, one is permitted to be alive when sharing the very elixir of dreams. Its auspicious and provides that soothing nature (and nurture) for a delicate touch. One of the special beliefs affirms the power for a person to navigate into the given context of love and restoration. Nighttime is a blanket of compassion, gentility, caress, and the passion for a warm embrace. Musically, the night ensures that we are safe and within the protection, which is needed, in order to reach the mastery of creativity. The night is a place, and haven of richness. We are forever guarded and led into the nectar and position of stillness when we move into nighttime. Furthermore, we can’t help, but to understand just how inviting the very quilt of nighttime can be. Its astounding!

If we were to analyze the very term of “nightingale,” (without having any understanding of the word), we could sense the maiden’s essence within its very term. Except for this time, the maiden operates in the secrets and intimacies of night’s comfort. There are treasures to be nourished and fulfilled. Treasures of creativity, and the passion of unearthing music, in order to encourage the power of imagination, is one of the most intrinsic parts of the landscapes for night’s safekeeping. The night takes us to a level of creativity and splendor that humanity has yet to comprehend. That’s why its so significant for artists, musicians, and those creative types to experience numerous moments of creating, at night. For in just one song, “Nightingale,” we are presented with the an idea of what dreaming, during the nighttime, looks like. What is that sacred image? How does it navigate through particular guises of wonder and performance? What are the styles, designs, patterns, colors, shapes, and others, which have yet to be discovered, within night’s comfort?; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

When hearing, “Nightingale Song ,” one listens to a particular style, and interpretation of daydreaming in the night, from Chinese artistry. Its a beautiful time, as it highlights the connection of China to Universal aesthetics. In the very opening of the song, we experience the violin. Again, the passion of the instrument-its structure and design-gives it this exclusive portrayal of music’s floating, creation, and design, throughout the time, when the world is sleeping. Throughout the song, there is clearly the presence of a string ensemble. The gliding of the strings, the plucking of their Being-all of this creates a profound statement, as to how sacred and glittery, night’s artistry truly is. In fact, it could become addictive, if one is not careful to maintain balance between the night and its connection to the Earthly realm. My goodness! What is it about the strings, which highlights the elegance of the night? What is is about the family of strings, which illuminates the audacity of nighttime to wrap itself around, like silk?

This time around, vocalist and instrumentalist are complements of each other. There is no need for one to lead, and another to follow. Clearly, it is metaphorical in the already release of the ego. Such is a common understanding for both parties; no need to be vulnerable, as that process has already been conducted. On another platform, one can’t help but to again, comprehend the tone and timber of Wu YingYin’s voice! Listening closely, one hears a slight vibrato. Her voice is a mixture between what is familiar, and what is unusual. There is clearly a presence of Chinese twang, which has blanketed her registry. For some reason, it keeps a balance (and harmony) within the overall composition of the piece. There is a certain lens and texture, which is covering her voice. Not only does Wu Yuying progress, vocally, in maintaining a nurture of balance, within the piece, but one’s imagination gains the power of envisioning a marriage between water and the nighttime. After all, the night sky establishes an eloquent harmony with the blackest of seas. In fact, who ever stated that nighttime does not have its own haven of Universal waters? Perhaps, that is why the two come to move in such great harmony. Perhaps, that is why there is the essence of silk and velvet-like eloquence of imagination, within this song. The nighttime is fluid because its haven is an abundance of water.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Ending with the traces of nighttime waters, we can’t help, but to highlight how WU YINGYIN embodies the persona of the “Nightingale.” What is a Nightingale, but a young maiden, who performs vocal love to the very breaths of night! Carrying on that persona of a Nightingale in the context of a Chinese maiden, who has clearly taken many walks into China’s nighttime wonders, she sprays vocal perfumes into the night. The art is so Heavenly, that even after the performance, the music continues to linger. That’s one of the blessings of the night. It permits the listener to hear those invisible rhythms, beats, and musical designs, in silence. To those who are so removed from the audacity of Universal creativity, they may label this art, as “insanity.” Yet, such is nothing but the thoughts of mediocrity. Greatness as often been deemed as “insane,” by those who are too lazy to appreciate its value; or ignore the treasures of Universal riches.

In “Nightingale Song,” Chinese culture, has the power and ability to represent its particular artistry, and particular navigation of creativity on Earth. It is another interpretation of Divine humor. Furthermore, it is an story tale, concerning how humanity is slowly opening up to this greater world; a great wind of abundance, from what we have already experienced. It is an auspicious time for modern, Chinese youth to return to those 1940’s songbirds, and experience the gems of their vocal birthing. Now, is an intriguing atmosphere for Chinese people to re-experience themselves in a way, that is holistic and beautiful. Such brings a perfect balance into the comforts of finding peace in one’s humanity. After all, nighttime permits emotional and spiritual softness. It removes those hardened traces of life’s viciousness. Night reminds us, consistently, that we are deserving of nurture from Heaven’s delight, and Universal artistry, birthing from it. So, let usu continue to navigate such wellness; appreciate it during Earth’s slumber. We can celebrate those nightingales, who whisper love and pleasures’ delight within our core, and very mental psyche. Such is worthy of our love, and of our attention. After all, its during the nighttime when dreams become reality. We are permitted to experience them, at the same time. Nighttime is the holy time, when the secret mysteries, are found. And, in the course of the night is when we are truly, AWAKE!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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