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Whilst going through a painfully humiliating divorce during which I had become the subject of derision and contempt of all my relatives, I learnt the fundamental truth of success-WRITE YOUR OWN STORY. At every point in that journey all I heard from my relatives was, “You will never amount to anything”, “You were a fool to let your husband go” and the worst of all, “You will die alone”. In the beginning the cruelty of it shocked me. Then the shock wore off and gave way to a steel like determination that I would be the author of my own life story.

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In this life story I started imagining only the things that would make me happy. The imagination of elimination of unhappiness is an extremely empowering feeling that we all ought to experience. Once you experience this you will go about setting markers in your life which will lead you on the path of success. This is the first step towards writing your own story.

Many naysayers may argue that this may be flawed, simplistic thinking and that they get happiness doing drugs or alcohol or by abusing someone. If these are the things that give you happiness then you need to read this column even more urgently than the others. And well, naysayers will be naysayers. They will always look for reasons to criticise, find faults and focus on what is not there. It’s best to laugh them off.

And you will get countless opportunities to do that because your achievements will be doing the talking and they will be talking loudly.

In your own handcrafted life story you won’t have time for naysayers because they are the killjoys who block you from living your dreams. To turn the dreams into reality one has to have a strong belief in oneself. This self-belief helps one to overcome the obstacles in our chosen path and turn the adversities into opportunities to grow. When we look at the lives of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln we see how they overcame hurdles to become leaders of the world. Neither did Nelson Mandela start out by wanting to be in solitary confinement for over 20 years, neither did the Mahatma start off being a freedom fighter, rather he started his life as a lawyer in South Africa. But their self-belief helped shaped their new destinies and along with them the destinies of millions of people and the world.

Self-belief is to be topped up with hard work and discipline. After all dreams are like babies and need a lot of nurturing to grow. I don’t know anyone who has become a success merely on laziness. I’m sure, neither do you. In fact, I don’t want to know them too, because they are the critics, the naysayers who we decided right at the beginning must be sent off into a boiling cauldron in the centre of the earth. On second thoughts, let’s not banish them because we need them to realize what we shouldn’t be doing.

One thing that we shouldn’t be doing is, ignoring the X factor. The X factor is so difficult to define but I’d like to believe it is luck, destiny, God’s blessings and everything wonderful which helps us to write a glorious success story of our life.

Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Malala are doing it and so am I and I bet after reading this so are you….fashioning your own blockbuster hit.

Till next time live life empressize

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