Work Ethics Everybody Can Learn From Carl Ocab

Formerly known as the “Kidblogger,” Carl Ocab is now the founder and CEO of his very own company, which is Carl Ocab Digital Marketing. Today's article will discuss some work ethics we can learn from him.

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Formerly known as the “Kidblogger,” Carl Ocab is now the founder and CEO of his very own company, which is Carl Ocab Digital Marketing. Like any other teenage boy, Carl started tinkering with computers and the Internet at the age of 12. And by the age of 13, he started

Flashback to his younger years, Carl got his first computer when he was just four years old. Can you imagine that? A 4-year-old boy with a computer! From this and as he grew older, he started learning how to play online computer games, chatting with his friends, networking, and a lot more. He got so into computers that he even started spending his own allowance just to buy a prepaid Internet card.

As time passed by, Carl’s dad started knocking some sense into him and introduced him to blogging – blogging to make money. Being the teenager that he was, he didn’t really get the whole point of earning out of producing content. But, that all changed as he started learning and exploring more in the world of blogging, marketing, and the Internet. Carl wouldn’t be who he is today if it wasn’t for his perseverance. Curious about how he did it? Below is a list of work ethics everybody can learn from Carl Ocab:

Don’t Rush Things

As Carl started blogging, he took small, baby steps. Everybody starts small. In fact, some people even start with nothing! As for Carl, all he had that time was his trusty old computer, a father’s advice, and a few bucks saved from his allowance.

Carl took his time in listening not just to his dad but to other people who are known experts and professionals in the field of blogging and marketing as well. Like Carl, you can either start from zero or a small amount of resources. But don’t let that hinder you from pursuing a career you wish to obtain in the long run. Learn the process of taking one step at a time. Don’t rush things, because it’ll all fall into place soon enough.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failing

As for Carl, he did what he understood. For a week, he spent his time making content out of copy-pasted blog articles online and filled it with a lot of substantial AdSense ads in order to make money out of it. He kept doing this until he started earning, but, eventually, Google deleted all of his content as it was marked as spam.

If you were Carl, what would be your initial reaction?

That’s right. Devasted. Carl was devastated. He spent an entire week working on all those blog posts, only for it to be deleted by Google in just a split second. Although what happened was very frustrating on his part, he didn’t stop there. Instead, he used his “failure” as a way to get back up and improve more on his craft. A few months after that incident, Carl thought of starting fresh with blogging. At this point, he already knew what he was going to blog about, which is everything he knew about online computer games. At the back of his mind, he knew about the possibilities of failing again, but he took his chances.

Do Ask For Other People’s Help and Advice When Needed

There’s nothing wrong in seeking advice from more knowledgable people and asking for help when needed. In fact, it humbles you because you know you can’t do everything on your own! You will eventually need the help of either your parents, your peers, or professional people in a specific industry.

As for Carl, he initially asked for help, guidance, and advice from his dad before anything else. From there, he started working on what he wanted to build. Once Carl knew that he was in it for the long run, he also ran back to his dad to ask for help in regards to establishing his very first domain name and web hosting.

Today, his company, Carl Ocab Digital Marketing, continues to grow and develop in the industry of Internet marketing. If it wasn’t for all the help, guidance, and advice he got from other people, where would Carl Ocab be now?

Wrapping Up

Everyone starts small. Carl started with only a computer. What once was just a hobby, Carl decided to turn it into something that will benefit both ends – him and his clients. In case you’re looking for a sign to pursue your passion just like how Carl did, this is it. Trust us, and trust Carl’s story! Perseverance and determination will get you to places.

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