Woes of a Tea Lover

how i invented herbal tea :)

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What I like about
here’s a brownie I also like

This is a story about how my love of tea doesn’t frequently line up with my love of coffee shops. in 1990, I went to France.

I was introduced to tea, which is a common drink sold and consumed by a lot of people in Europe…….I actually spent 3 weeks there at a camp to help encourage world peace. Also, I really like tea, with a little honey/sweetener, I do not like coffee, which is bitter and something I don’t like.

Fast forward to 2019.

I still really like tea, and now I’m trying to get it without caffeine. So, I like herbal tea, with some fruit, and a small amount of sweetener which could be natural (fruit) or also natural (pure sugar). Or not natural, because I do like sweet. Sweet things taste good to me, and sometimes I eat too much of them.

My sister and I toward the end of our camp (1990) (TJD/tdp)

Anyway, liking tea is frustrating. Because I live in a country where we are better at coffee, and I happen, since I do not like things that are bitter, to not like coffee.

Let’s talk about something that frustates us. Here are a couple of mine…….

sunny days where I do not have sunglasses.

Days where I am too cold for the weather. If I wear a sunny day outfit on a cloudy day, would have worn something different. I like color, and I like sunshine, and I like to wear comfortable clothes.

here are a few things that I like less:

when I am in a hurry and someone else is not in a hurry.

When I am not in a hurry and someone else is in one. Pace is pretty important to me, and I tend to run at really fast (staccato) or quite slow (largo).

When we think about what our pace is, compared to what others is, and the mismatch that that causes, it really is pretty stressful.

Here are some things that are the same…….for many of us.

Being fed regularly, according to our metabolism

hanging out at Starbucks listening to other people. or at restaurants. or in our houses listening to know one.

people smiling. 🙂

shoes. I also like things that are upside down, some don’t though

What I like, what my friends like, what people I have never met yet, and what you readers like?

They are all pretty important to us. So if we want to have our needs met, we need to get them met.

Gotta go. the need I am going to get met now is fixing typos. It is in conflict with my staccoto needs, but not with my largo one.

They are all better for us in moderation, or too much, or not at all.

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