Without the excuses, without the obstacles, without limitations, who would you be?

There's no greater lie that disempowers growth than all the reasons we ascribe to 'why' we can't!

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“Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path.” ~ Zen Proverb

There’s no greater lie that disempowers growth than all the reasons we ascribe to ‘why’ we can’t!

 …  why ‘that’ shyness keeps you from meeting new people – why ‘that’ dread keeps you from pitching your idea – why ‘those’ few pounds keep you out of the limelight, or why ‘they’ had opportunities that you did not. 

Let’s face it: when we look out at the world from this view – at ‘that’, ‘those’ and ‘they’ – then it really does feel like there’s something opposing us – like there’s something to defend. And, this belief – that we are separate – instinctually ’causes’ us to constrict – to push, to hold, to be right … anything to stand our ground.

However, when we view life from ‘center’, we open effortlessly to what’s called by many names – happiness/presence/loving-awareness … God.

From this lens, who we really are is unaffected by the shadows of any thought, any emotion or any object. for who we really are is who we ‘choose’ to become – the vision of purpose inspired when inner stillness – freedom from thought – meets our needs and values.

STILL, the belief in the power of those shadows met with an outdated system or inaccurate process, will block the light of awareness from reaching you – from living your purpose and from living purposefully. 

What’s standing in your way?

The Journey of Others

Whose life are you living? In order to accept what’s here (and all the joy that it brings), you must stop looking at the personal path of others as a measurement of your own success. Look, instead, to the impersonal habits or skills that they possess which can support your vision. Let go of the destination of others and ask:

  • What skill set or experience is keeping me from being present — from my purpose, from happiness, from growing?

Stories That No Longer Fit

Are you living a myth? If we continue to choose certain stories without awareness – to prefer them over the truth of present awareness – to default to them out of ignorance or to deny them, either to support our belief or to further a goal that impedes the happiness of another human being – then we limit ourselves and the relationships that promote happiness. Let go of stories that no longer fit and ask:

  • What can’t i accept?
  • What belief no longer serves me? where did it come from?
  • What new, powerful story is emerging?

Outdated Information or Negative Habits

When was the last time you updated the system? This simple truth about the reality of being alive takes a willingness and commitment to look at experience a different way – to challenge what we believe – to take an honest look at the habits that contribute to our state of mind. Outdated information obstructs positive habits and negative habits support outdated information. Inspire to see clearly and ask:

  • What habits are standing in the way of moving forward? 
  • What one positive habit can i commit to bringing effort to and attention ‘up’on? what am i paying attention ‘to’ and does it support what i value?

Get Out of Your Own way!

We are the creators of what and how we experience life and when awareness and attention come together, obstacles transform into a reliable path. As we fall and get up, we rise trustingly from weakness into strength – from suffering into joy – bravely stepping into the future.

No need to struggle or depart or change – ‘that’ will happen on its own; when you choose to begin ‘this’, change is inevitable. Just begin where ever you are – with the story or the habit or the misunderstanding – and then just imagine:

“… without any obstacles – without any limitations – who would I be?”

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