Why You Should Wear Clothes You Love to Care About Your Mental Health

In this article, I will talk about why you should wear the clothes you love. But first… Here is what happened to me some years back when I was still looking for a white-collar job. One day, I received an invitation for an interview for a job of dissertation writing service or best essay writing […]

In this article, I will talk about why you should wear the clothes you love.

But first…

Here is what happened to me some years back when I was still looking for a white-collar job.

One day, I received an invitation for an interview for a job of dissertation writing service or best essay writing service at My Assignment Help, I had applied for. You know how it feels at such a time.

I prepared myself very early in the morning and headed to the place of interview. When I reached there I found two more guys who had also been invited. When we were sitting waiting for the interview panel, there came a guy dressed like the boss of the company. From his appearance, you could say he was the interviewer. When he passed close to where we were sited, we all stood up and greeted him, Good morning sir. Little did we know that he was also a candidate who had also been invited for the same interview for custom essay writing service.

After we all settled, we were shocked to find that he was also being interviewed for the job.

From that day, I began to understand that people react and treat you differently based on the clothes you wear.

Some clothes you wear could make you get treated like a leper at the grocery and some certain clothes may make you get special treatments.

That means that looks matter the most to people and changing your look can completely change your life.

Why Appearance Matters.

Everyone will agree with me that it’s so unfair to judge someone solely on the clothes they wear. In any case, the same person who you saw yesterday with particular attire is the same you will see today. That means, no matter what one wears, they are still one and the same thing.

Nevertheless, we cannot ignore that looks matter and we should take advantage of it.

According to studies, people wear clothes to boost their mood and also to improve emotions, to care about the mental health.

Different people love to wear certain clothes because they make them feel good. People who wear clothes they love and are confident perform better in their personal and professional life.

Another study also showed that women wear certain clothes to mask emotions or to feel good.


Why should you wear clothes you love to care about your mental health?

1. You Will Feel More Powerful

I have shown you how we ended up thinking a candidate was the head of the company just be his clothes and looks. We even greeted him “good morning sir” yet he was also an interviewee.

That shows how clothes can instill a sense of professionalism and power. When you wear clothes you love, you will appear more confident and powerful.

2. You Will Focus Better

Knowing that the clothes you’ve won are those that you love helps you to focus better. You will not have to worry about how people are thinking about you. Once your mind is convinced that what you are wearing is fine with you, you will pay less attention to what people might be saying about you and focus on what is at hand.

3. Things Go Your Way

Again, it’s a matter of being confident. Wearing something you love has an influence on things happening as you wish. It’s easier to win an argument when you are dressed suitably. According to a study printed in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, your clothes can make it easy for you to convince others in an argument.

The study also shows that the people who wear clothes they love usually outwitted those who wear clothes for the purpose of hiding their skin.

4. You Will Find Hard Exercises to be Easier

During the 2004 Olympic Games, it was concluded that athletes who won more events wearing red clothing while those who were on blue clothing won few events. Some clothes can make you feel more strengthened than others.

Moreover, wearing clothes you love during competition also gives you more confidence and hence being able to beat your rivals.

5. You Will Look Smarter

This also has to do with confidence. You must have seen how smart students who are confident are at school, and this proved by the research of Wearing attire you love will give you more confidence over others. That way, you will pay more attention to what you are doing and hence accomplish it properly.

For instance, doctors love to wear lab coats which are white and that’s how they do their work smartly. If you happen to give a doctor a red coat, it would take time before they get used to it.

6. Clothes Speak Volumes About What You Do

Some clothes are a symbol of the job the wearer does. For instance, if you happen to see someone wearing a white coat, you will definitely know that he is a doctor. The same applies when you love to wear a sport shirt. People can tell that you are a sports person before you tell them.

7. You Can Be More Useful at Work

Regardless of the type of the job you do or your employer or whether you are self-employed, if you wear clothes you love that you can feel comfortable having conversations with clients or meeting your supervisor without being notified, you become more useful. Having the confidence to step into any situation and look comfortable is a huge plus in the work world.

8.You Will Look More Responsible

When you wear clothes you love, it shows how you care about your appearance and that’s what makes you a more responsible person. That means you have taken your time to think about which shoes to wear and which shirts complement the shoes.

9. You Will Think Better

Another study found that people who wear clothes they love tend to be better thinkers and are more creative. That shows that how you change can change the way you perceive things and events around you hence glowing new ideas and opinions.

10. Your Clothes Can Cheer You Up

Most women wear clothes that show their mood. Nevertheless, some people wear clothes to change their mood.

Often, people wear clothes that show how they feel or make others perceive what they are feeling. Sometimes you may want to wear clothes that make people think that you are happy yet you are not.

Wearing clothes you love can get you compliments and hence making you feel happy. In fact, some clothes you love to wear may make you remember wonderful memories.

11. It Boosts Your Own Self-Esteem

When you wear clothes you love, you will feel like you look good. That way, you will feel better about yourself.

No one can deny that we tend to be confident when we feel we are the most beautiful version of ourselves. This implies that we are not struggling to look like someone else.

The best way to boost your own self-esteem is to make yourself feel that you are taking care of yourself in a way that can be seen by others.

12. You Show Self-Respect

The way you dress tells a lot about who you are and how you feel about yourself. Wearing clothes you love, staying physically fit shows how you feel good and how you respect yourself. It also shows how you want to present yourself in a respectful manner.

Well, that’s not the only way to show self-respect. But there are people who fail to recognize that how they look shows who they are.

13. It Can Convince a Woman

It is true that clothes can affect your success with women. A study conducted in one university shows that women were more attracted to men who wear clothes they love more than those who dress to impress.

In that study, men were asked to wear the clothes they love. Women were asked to rate them according to their clothes. Those who showed up on designer suits and expensive watches were rated poorly while those who showed up with simple but attractive clothes got the highest ratings.

The study notes that girls love men who love what they wear which shows a sense of love towards what you have.

That means women don’t care what you wear but whether you love what you wear.

So, wearing clothes you love can boost your standing with the opposite sex. But what kind of clothes should you be wearing? You do not need to be a billionaire to win a woman’s heart, you just need to wear what you love and be confident. It’s that simple

And yes, I didn’t get that job in best essay writing service that day, so the next time I will pay more attention to what I wear and where I wear. Hope this advice will helpful for you too, I didn’t think about that and this was really important. Our mental health is very sensible in this case and needs to be treated right – with our thoughts, words and, as I already knew, with our clothes.

Final Words

The way you look speaks volumes about yourself. Your clothes can tell people more about you as a person. People can know whether you have self-confidence or not, whether you take care of yourself or not, whether you have self-respect or not.

The most important thing is not the fashion you wear but it’s more about people’s perceptions of you through the fashion you wear. Although appearance cannot tell more about a person, it can tell certain things. Nevertheless, looks are a good clue.

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