“Why you should have a morning routine.” With Ben Ari & Noel Elie

Have a morning routine. Don’t shy away from it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “there’s just not enough time.” An old client of mine used to say “If you don’t have time to meditate, do you have time to feel like shit?” And that’s always stuck with me. We all have the […]

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Have a morning routine. Don’t shy away from it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “there’s just not enough time.” An old client of mine used to say “If you don’t have time to meditate, do you have time to feel like shit?” And that’s always stuck with me. We all have the same amount of hours in the day. But what you make a priority is entirely up to you.

At times it feels like wellness or elevating one’s well being, is diametrically opposed to high achievement and high performance in one’s career. The stress, mental energy, long hours, lack of restful sleep and preoccupation that result from a high-achievement life seem to directly inhibit wellness. And yet, in order to sustain the creativity, flexibility, mental acuity and resilience that are necessary for high performance, wellness and wellbeing of the mind, body and soul are also mandatory. So how do we achieve both? This is the question I’m hoping to answer through conversations with high-achieving leaders and influencers who are practicing their own philosophies about how to maintain their wellbeing.

As a part of our series about “Social Media Influencers Share Their Top Self Care, Wellness, and Beauty Tips, I had the pleasure of interviewing Noel Elie.

Noel Elie is an Actress, Filmmaker, Producer, and Host who can be seen on CBS’s Blue Bloods, CW’s DYNASTY, NBC’s Shades of Blue, & HSN. She is also a Lifestyle & Wellness influencer and the founder of the wildly successful International Production & PR company, Noel Elie Productions where she helps thought leaders and change-makers amplify their message while taking their business to the next level. Noel has worked with powerhouse entrepreneurs, brands, and corporations like Deepak Chopra, IMG, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Kimberly Snyder, Gabby Bernstein, and many NY Times Best Selling Authors.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you share with us the backstory of how you came upon this career path and to where you are today?

This is NOT the path/life that I expected to take in my lifetime but it is my path nevertheless.

So, the shortened story of my career timeline is that I moved to NYC for modeling 2 days after graduating high school. I didn’t have enough money for a plane ticket so I hitched a ride with my favorite teacher, Chuck Winney and his then, girlfriend (now wife), Jenn. Upon arrival I did whatever I needed to do to pay the bills: hostessing, waiting tables, bartending, promotional modeling, nannying, assisting, etc. After booking several commercials, I realized my passion was actually acting. So I started training at various acting schools while working all my odd jobs. From there, I started my own Event and PR company, Noel Elie Productions. I did this because I realized I had a special skill set, where I didn’t have to be yet another struggling artist. I knew intuitively that this would provide beautiful abundance with wonderful opportunities- producing & traveling all over the world, while still auditioning and continuing to be a working actor. Along the way I worked with many thought leaders, celebrities, and influencers. I watched them closely and helped them in growing their own brands and social media accounts. Then I applied those same principles to myself. One thing led to another and here we are…

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story about that?

I have an incredible support system and for that I’m very lucky. My husband, my family, and my inner circle keep me feeling emotionally supported and grounded. I’m especially grateful to my mama (who passed away nearly 4 years ago). She was my biggest cheerleader and always used to say, “Today is a new day and it’s gonna be a great one! Don’t just look for a miracle, be someone’s miracle. Declare (out loud) what you want for your life and if you keep your grace and faith, it’ll come to fruition.” Living my life by that mantra has really helped me manifest incredible opportunities.

Can you share a story with us about the most humorous mistake you made when you were first starting? What lesson or take-away did you learn from that?

Oh boy! Mistakes are something I’m good at but no risk, no reward right? 😉 There have been many along the way…

I recently had my human design chart read to me by my pal, Christopher Maehler (it’s super fascinating and if you haven’t heard of it, be sure to google it!). I was told that I’m a One-Three. He said that I’m born to risk big in life and that risking comes with mistakes but to embrace it. My mistakes have usually come from lack of communication or trying to swallow my feelings, to “be pleasing” but it ultimately ends up manifesting in some other way. So if I could leave you with one take away, it’s this: Use your voice. Speak your truth. Out yourself! Get it out of your mind and your nervous system and let the universe do as she pleases. Also, trust your intuition. Those red flags come up for a reason.

As an influencer, you have been blessed with great success in a career path that many have attempted, but eventually gave up on. In fact perhaps most people who tried to follow a career path like yours did not succeed. Do you have any words of advice for others who may want to embark on this career path but know that their dreams might be dashed?

I love this question because becoming an actress, business owner, and influencer was not an overnight success. This took many years of working hard and paying my dues. Being relentless AF in the pursuit of my dreams. Truth be told, knowing that I’ve proved the naysayers wrong is pretty rewarding. Shocking the ones who’ve overlooked me can be satisfying but it’s not just that- It’s about looking inward and constantly working on my inner growth. I’m a student of life. And sometimes social media causes “compare and despair” feelings. So if I’m feeling triggered I know it’s time to ask myself these hard questions.

  • What’s coming up for me?

Ex. John Doe has grown his account by 10,000 followers in one month. My limiting belief says, “What’s wrong with me that I can’t grow that quickly?”

  • What in me needs more healing?

It’s often a wound from childhood!

Ex. I was 6 years old and only one person showed up at my birthday party. So the wound repeats itself, “people don’t like me, I’m not enough.”

  • What can I do to turn my situation around?

Ex. Meditate or create a mantra that is empowering. Instead of dwelling in the negative self talk, after feeling all the feels, I try to give it a lil’ switcheroo. So whenever I feel like I’m too much or not enough, I say to myself, “I choose to see this differently.” I put my hands on my heart, and say “Sweet Noel. You are not 6 years old anymore. How adorable that your childhood self is feeling triggered. But this isn’t really the case. Remember that you are always supported. You are loved. You are enough.”

Overall, I always live by this rule: God knows the secret petitions of your heart. Your deepest desires wouldn’t be there if they were not meant to be. So keep your head down and do the work. Sow the crop. And watch the fruit grow to fruition.

Can you share with our readers some of your strategies you’ve used to build an engaged, loyal, and large online community?

Authenticity. Everyone wants big numbers because it looks flashy but the old saying is true, it really is quality over quantity. Whenever I’m asked about SM, I always give this advice: Give love to receive love. What type of message are you putting out there? You can definitely jump before you are ready but you can’t expect to build an audience if you aren’t giving back to that community. Engage with them. Spread your light. Share with them. I used to say, you have to have professional photos to make your grid look pleasing to the eye. But that’s not totally true if you are sharing your heart with the world.

Speak your truth is becoming a bit of an overall theme here but its message is loud and clear. Be honest and show your vulnerability. The more authentic you are, the more accessible you are. And accessibility equals relatability. I’m gonna be really transparent here, it can be scary to feel like you’ve overshared. I’ve definitely lost followers after posting “grief” stories. They were posts with snotty nosed tears and anger and frustration that were very raw. And sometimes sharing that, I wondered if it was too much aka an overshare. But that truth is, for that one person who decides to troll online, there are hundreds or thousands of others who relate to your raw truth and appreciate authenticity. Don’t be afraid to bare your soul because when we genuinely speak our truth, it inevitably gives others the permission to do the same.

Ok thank you for all that. Now let’s shift to the main focus of our interview. In my work, I focus on how one can thrive and care for oneself in three areas: body, mind, and heart. You are a busy person with a demanding schedule, can you share with our readers two self care routines, practices or treatments that help your body thrive? (Kindly share a story or an example for each.)

Have a morning routine. Don’t shy away from it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “there’s just not enough time.” An old client of mine used to say “If you don’t have time to meditate, do you have time to feel like shit?” And that’s always stuck with me. We all have the same amount of hours in the day. But what you make a priority is entirely up to you.

Here are 3 tips I’d recommend:

  • Meditation, errr’day. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. Use that time to create stillness. InSight timer is a great free app to use for daily meditation.
  • Yoga! I love Modo Hot Yoga. Being an empath, I emotionally hold onto A LOT. So ultimately, anything that helps me move the emotion through my body is a win!
  • Eat good to feel good. Every morning I have 25oz of lukewarm water with lemon, a shot of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, and a smoothie that I call my Green Goddess Smoothie: 2 cups of water, ½ a lemon, 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 banana, 1 romaine heart, 4 stalks of celery then blend with my Vitamix & voila’! You have yourself a delicious & nutritious morning meal. Drinking all of that ensures that my body will eliminate properly, while helping everything flow throughout the day.

Can you share with us two routines that you use to help your mind or heart to thrive? (Kindly share a story or example for each.)

I love having an hour to myself in the morning. Sometimes after my morning meditation, I will freely write in my journal while listening to some chill morning tunes on Spotify. It’s really great to have a mantra or intention before going into my meditations. I often find myself asking a question like, How can I serve today? And after the meditation, I just write whatever comes up and out with no filter. It’s really enlightening and I highly recommend it. When I spend my morning concentrating on myself (self love), it sets up my days for success. Also drinking matcha tea or cacao in the morning is a big highlight for me. I’m really digging these two organic companies right now, Matcha Love and Cacao Junajpu.

My nightly routine has also been a game changer. I don’t always stick with it but when I do, I sleep so much better.

Turn off the tv, computer, and my phone 1–2 hours before I fall asleep. I light some palo santo to cleanse my energy along with the energy in my home. Then my hubs and I take turns using our handheld Flow Sports Tech Mini massager. After that, I will light a candle and sprinkle some lavender essential oil on our sheets. Then fall asleep after reading a chapter of a good book.

It sounds cheesy but both AM & PM routines create such a calm, serene atmosphere that I really look forward to them on the daily.

Can you share 3 ideas that anyone can use “to feel beautiful”? (Please share a story or example for each.)

  • This may feel lame but the whole “I Love Me” Movement… It’s actually “a thang” for a reason. I used to have a severe eating disorder for over a decade. And as I slowly but surely healed from it, part of my daily routine was looking in the mirror, fully nakey and saying “I Love You, Nonie” -that’s my nickname. At first I found it super corny but I would repeat saying it until I actually believed myself. After doing this for two weeks, not only did I start to believe it but I also lost 6 lbs. Which I wasn’t expecting. I think because I had such hatred towards my body for so long, that once I gave it love- she responded beautifully.
  • Eye gazing and breath work are also really good!
  • Lastly, anything where I can move my body is a win! Soulbody with Alexis Artin, Chelsi Kosarin, and Janelle Mara is fantastic. Soulbody is a form of body movement where you find pleasure in moving. In Soulbody, there’s often journaling, a meditation, and a sensual dance where you learn to feel really present and sexy with(in) your body.

Do you have a story about the strangest, most bizarre or funniest wellness treatment that you’ve ever experienced?

I’ve done so many types of wellness treatments and as an actress, I do lots of bizzaro things. Be it in rehearsal, on set, or in an acting class. So doing something bizarre in the wellness capacity doesn’t sound too far-fetched. Right now I’m really into cryotherapy and intravenous vitamin therapy. I suppose if I had to pick one that would seem a little strange to a fly on the wall, it would be Network Care. It is a form of chiropractic care except there’s no physical manipulation or adjustment. You lay on a massage table and the doctor touches different meridians on your spine and you breathe into that area. It can be a bit alarming because the more you breathe, the more your body starts to move and the more the emotion comes up and out of you. People laugh, cry, scream, etc. It’s fascinating and I found it incredibly therapeutic. However, if someone happened to be walking by the office where these treatments were taking place without context, they would be alarmed (or amused). Ha!

As an influencer, you are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger.

Working with a lot of big names in the industry, it’s easy to feel overshadowed or like an underdog. That’s why finding my footing, holding my ground, and understanding my blueprint has been so important. Ultimately, I want to change the world through my art. To show my audience that no matter where you’ve come from, if you diligently work hard (and understand that things won’t necessarily be handed to you), you can achieve your deepest desires. If. You. Don’t. Give. Up. Because if you never give up, you can never fail. Right?

And my greatest hope is that by sharing my light, it will give others permission to do the same.

We are very blessed that some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world with whom you’d like to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this. 🙂

Definitely, Oprah. The most inspiring people to me are the ones that had to work for their fame and fortune. The ones that came from nothing but paved the way without letting trauma or adversities stop them. Besides, who doesn’t love a rags to riches story?! Also, another reason I would choose to dine with The HARPO Empire Queen is because I grew up watching Oprah with my Mama after school. We would laugh, we’d cry, we’d feel all the feels. So it was a really special pastime for us…

What is the best way our readers can follow you on social media?

Feel free to keep in touch with me on the gram @noel_elie

www.instagram.com/noel_elie or hit me up on IMDB www.imdb.me/noelelie

Thank you for these fantastic insights. We wish you only continued success in your great work!

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