Why You Need to Switch to Natural Cleaners

For the safety & health of your family

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Green Cleaners are Easy, Effective & Safe

Do you know what ingredients are in your household cleaners?

How safe are they to use around your children and pets? And around you?

The spray bottle mists cleaner into the air and surface you are cleaning. Releasing chemicals throughout the air. The air that your children breathe all day long.

With unprecedented childhood cancer rates and skyrocketing disease in children. You need to take a second look into what cleaning products you are using in your home.

Many ingredients are toxic and linked to a host of medical problems.

Why You Should Use Green Cleaners

As a first-time parent, I didn’t think too much about the cleaning products I used in my home.

In fact, I was a chemical cleaning nazi. I thought if cleaners smell was strong enough to make you cough – it must be doing its job to get my house clean.


And the more fragranced the product, the better. I wanted my house to smell clean after all!

I wanted proof to others that I actually cleaned my home, despite how quickly my children mess it up.

I bet you can relate.

When you clean your house, you want to make sure people know you put the work in to clean it. You want it to smell clean.

Cleaners offer up big promises – simplifying your life and cleaning your home at the same time.

I’m here as a convert to tell you – natural cleaners work! You just need the right one.

Cleaning Dangers to Children

Did you ever wonder what would happen if your child got ahold of one of those bottles? What if they sprayed it or drank some of it.

You can just see the call to poison control now.

It makes me tense up just thinking about it.

It’s paralyzing as a parent to think about harm to our children.

Harm that we could prevent.

Maybe you keep your cleaners closely locked up under the cabinet. It gives you peace of mind that your children are safe from those cleaning products.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can live without a lock on your cleaning products.

You can live without fear that if your children get into your cleaners – you’ll be rushing to the emergency room. Praying for your child’s recovery. Hoping for no permanent damage to your child’s health.

A Clean House WITHOUT Chemicals

You can have a clean house without chemicals.

You may have tried a few “natural” cleaners from the grocery store. They worked okay but nothing to set your world on fire. They’re not good enough to make you switch for good.

And here’s a little secret. Just because it says natural, lists natural ingredients or says non-toxic – that doesn’t mean that it’s true.

You could be overpaying for a “natural” cleaner that is just as bad for you as good old scrubbing bubbles.

The regulations on cleaning products advertising and disclosure are very loose. Very loose.

If you’re interested in seeing how safe your cleaning products really are. Check out this free website from the Environmental Working Group. They’ll give you the scoop. Just type in the cleaning product name.

You can have a clean house WITHOUT any chemicals. Without extra work

We don’t have locks on the cabinets where our cleaners are housed. My children help me clean my home on a weekly basis.

I know the products I use are safe. I have peace of mind.

You can have that same peace of mind.

Store bought Green Cleaners Don’t Stack Up

I’ve tried a bunch of green cleaners. What I didn’t like about store-bought cleaners was:

· They didn’t clean as well
· I had to research each product to make sure it really was safe
· The price tag was more than I was willing to pay

I wanted full control over what went into my cleaners and used in my home. I felt skeptical about store-bought cleaners.

DIY Green Cleaners

I was tired of testing cleaners that didn’t meet my expectations.

Forking over big bucks for half used cleaners that just sit under the sink.

Tired of wasting time researching cleaners that were truly safe.

So, I started testing DIY Cleaning Recipes.

Some work and some don’t.

I tested over and over to find the best cleaning recipes out there. Crafting my own recipes from trial and error.

And I’ve finally found recipes that work.

With these recipes, you no longer have to worry about what cleaners you have in your home.

The Key is to Get Your Kids Involved

You can make cleaning a family affair.

Have your children help you clean – teach them a vital life lesson.

Spend quality time together while still checking off cleaning on your to-do list.

The best part is they are:

· Super Simple to Make
· You can make cleaners for your whole home in 5 minutes or less
· Ingredients can be found in your grocery store
· They work!
· They are safe for my family

I’d love to give you 4 of my favorite cleaning recipes to clean almost everything in your home.

I know you’re busy – and already short on time.

You don’t have time to DIY your own cleaners. Or the desire to do so.

Instead, you can make the cleaners WITH your children.

Teach them how to make their own cleaners. Have them help you and learn.

Kids always love whipping up something in the kitchen.

Instead of becoming another thing on your to-do list. It becomes quality time with your kids.

Cleaning Labels to Make it Easy

Have you ever wanted to cook something for dinner, but for the life of you couldn’t find the recipe?

You spend more time looking for the stupid recipe than you do making dinner!

Talk about frustrating!!

The same thing happened to me with my cleaning recipes.

I got tired of looking up my recipe each time I needed a refill.

I created cleaning labels with the recipe right on the label.

Put the label on the cleaning bottle and you have it right where you need it.

No searching.

No fuss.

I love them!

I think you will too.

Get Your Free Cleaning Labels and Recipes

Click below to get my 4 green cleaning labels sent right to your inbox. You’ll have the recipe and a label to attach all in one shot.

My mission is to help you switch to safe cleaners for you and your children.

You’ll also be subscribed to Natural Soap Mom’s newsletter. So you can learn even more simple ways to detox your home.

I so excited for you to try them out and make the switch!

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