Why the “Real Men Provide” Billboard Went Viral

As explained by a female North Carolina resident

Credit: WGHP TV

In case you’re not a regular listener of NPR and you have never much felt the need to search for keywords like “feminism”, “women’s rights”, or “gender equality” on Google Scholar, allow me to gently usher you into a soon-to-come water cooler conversation at your office: a billboard in downtown Winston Salem, NC angered a lot of women when an advertisement was posted on it that read, “Real men provide Real women appreciate it.”

Now, if your first instinct is to think, “What’s wrong with that?” then I’ve got a one-minute poem that I’d like you to read called The Delta. Just click here. Actually, if you’re a philogynist, you’re guaranteed to love that poem so go ahead and click it anyway!

Yep, I said philogynist. Look it up and love it up!

Are you back? Do you feel wiser? Have you perhaps had a moment of cognitive dissonance that will lead you down a better path in life? Or did you already believe what my poem said and you’re just pumped that someone wrote what you’ve always thought? If anything I’m saying rings true to you, I want you to hurry up and click the ❤ below this article and on my poem so that you all send a billboard-sized message to Medium publications that you want more female writers who get asked to write about topics like this. And, if you’re totally feeling into being a superhuman today, take it one step further and be a donor to a local NC woman who started a GoFundMe page in response to said billboard. Click below.

She’s hoping to replace the sign you’re seeing with a kinder message that reads, “Gender equality benefits everyone.” I say God bless her! And as for that man who posted the billboard above? I’m not for sure it was a man but I’d be terrifyingly surprised if it wasn’t a man. Well, as a resident of North Carolina myself, I’ll just say what any true southern woman should say to that:


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