Why the Founder of Boom, Matt West Mindfully Journals Everyday

After a series of major life stressors, Matt West found mindful journaling a powerful tool to re-discover who he was

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We have seen the traditional plot in movies and TV shows where the main character becomes tired of his corporate 9-5 job and dramatically quits to pursue their true passion. Unfortunately, this is the same thing that happens to most people, but they are usually not motivated to pursue their true love. Matt West was no exception and found himself in the same situation, a hopeless 9-5 corporate job at age 35. It resulted from a failed business attempt at age 31 and an overall loss of motivation in his life because before this; he had an intense drive to succeed.

After he had to quit playing soccer in the 11th grade due to Osgood-Schlatter disease, Matt West’s Psychology teacher inspired him to pursue how people think and the drive behind why they do what they do. He used these psychological tools to alter his way of thinking, which led to increased performance in every aspect of his life. This drive led him to earn two masters in psychology from Pepperdine University and Cal State Northridge by 24. By the age of 30, he made a six-figure income while living in Marina Del Rey, CA, with his wife and daughter. A year later, the failed business led to his sudden loss of motivation and, ultimately, him coasting through life. In 2018 he tried to create a morning and night routine for himself to increase the amount of sleep and exercise that he got in hopes of regaining that motivation that he desperately needed. This routine only went on for two months before he realized that it was making his burnout worse. He gave up on that routine and went back to his usual living habits. He knew that he could so much more, but social media’s constant distraction kept him from taking that step towards enlightenment.

After experiencing an unhappy and unfulfilled life, he decided to begin mindfulness journaling. He started noticing a shift in his mindset and how he handled the different issues in his life. At this time, he realized the only way he could truly change his life was by changing his emotional habits. He knew that many others in this same predicament wanted to share his journey with them.

Our minds are messy because we are constantly engaged in a one-way conversation. Mindful journaling will allow you to open the lines of communication and start the much-needed conversation with yourself to bring your issues front and center instead of brushing them under the rug says Matt. Journaling helps keep your brain in tip-top shape. Not only does it boost memory and comprehension, it also increases working memory capacity.

Matt West created the startup, Boom, as well as the podcast, The Brain Boom Podcast. Boom is a new platform where people could now capture and share genuine, joyful moments that would keep themselves and others motivated. The Brain Boom Podcast serves as a podcast that would help keep people motivated and track to success. It was to provide an escape from the facade of traditional social media. Matt currently serves as a health and wellness thought leader and well-being tech founder focused on preventing others from going through the struggles of burnout and loneliness. Boom is in its early stages and focused on making the tool of mindfulness journaling simple and easy.

Want more sunshine in your life? Try journaling. A unique social and behaviour outcome of journaling is this: it can improve your mood and give you a greater sense of overall emotional well-being and happiness he quoted.

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