Why The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Be The Catalyst For True Success

How entrepreneurs can find stability in an unstable world & create success on their own terms.

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As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the pandemic could be the key to unlocking long term success and security in your life and business.

The events of 2020 have been a massive curveball for us all. In the depths of it, with lockdown rules changing at a moments notice leaving businesses indefinitely shut with limited government support, hope can be hard to find.

Yet, in the darkest of times, light shines brightest.

There’s a reason why businesses who survive a recession come out the other side stronger than ever – and that same line of thinking can be applied to this pandemic.

What Is True Success?

In her recent post Arianna Huffington was struck by 4 realisations highlighted by looking back over the decades of her life.

The first was about knowing what really mattered about life – the key to true success.

You see success for one person is not the same as success for another.

We have spent years of our life being shown images of success and allowing well meaning family, friends, and wider society to influence what success means to us.

We’ve picked up status indicators, learned what is worthy of pride and what brings shame and we’ve learned all of this at a frighteningly young age.

In a blink of an eye we change from a child being praised and told to follow our dreams to a young adult being told to be realistic and placed on a pathway to preconcieved success.

True success has a unique pathway.

We are individuals with unique skills, interests, values and desires.

True success is not a partucular car or house or job or watch.

True success is the freedom to choose.

3 Crucial Steps To Building Success Your Way

1 – Revisit Core Foundations

Whether it’s an existing business trying to pivot and survive during the pandemic, or a new business conceived out of a need to navigate the new normal, the core foundations are essential.

When times are good, there are elements that hold businesses back from their full potential yet will not cause total failure. When times are hard they can be the final nail in a coffin.

A strong message to the right market with the right offer is a non-negotiable for businesses as we begin to exit this pandemic.

Consistent marketing, careful nurturing and the right onboarding & reactivation processes can equally make or break businesses.

2 – Create Systems And Structure To Create Ease And Consistency

As mentioned above – consistency wins every time.

Imagine a business as a car and marketing is the gas pedal. If a business starts and stops their marketing efforts based on how busy they are and how motivated they are, their “vehicle” is going to lurch forward, stutter and stall if they aren’t careful.

The phrase “you get out what you put in” is ever more pertinent as inconsistent effort leads to inconsistent cash flow. Something businesses cannot afford if they are navigating a knife-edge.

Systems and structure done well bring consistency and ease in a liberating way. Less mistakes happen, momentum builds and business owners can finally put down some of the many plates they have been spinning.

3 – Build A Strong Team Which Share Your Values

This 3rd and final element can totally transform an entrepreneurs life and business when they step back and allow the wonderfully talented team they have curated to thrive.

Business doesn’t have to be a battle with a one (wo)man army against the world. It really shouldn’t be. We have a culture that pushes us to burnout and we ourselves as action takers & rule-breakers are the greatest culprits.

Having the right support in your business, following the systems and structure built in to allow them to thrive massively sheds the mental and time-based load that weighs entrepreneurs down.

It’s the final piece of the puzzle that allows real downtime and breathing space allowing an entrepreneur to fully switch off, refresh and come back stronger than ever because “Downtime is a feature, not a bug”

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