Why Tapping Into Our Values Helps Us Be More Open-Minded

Our values are like our human superpowers.

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Do you consider yourself to be open-minded?

Are you open to new ways of thinking, seeing and being? What about your openness with how you experience other people around you?

We all have values, beliefs and ideas in life. Some we were born with and others are a result of our unique life experience.

Our ideas and beliefs change with time and experience. Our values are always with us, even as we change and grow. Our values are like our human superpowers. They exist within our core and are aligned with our truth. When we veer off our path, we can tap into our trusted values in order to come back to feeling like ourselves.

When we are clear on what our values are, we can tap into them on a daily basis to move with the natural flow and rhythm of our lives. When we live our lives on point with our values, we can’t help but be ourselves.

When we are really cool with being who we are and we show up in our truth on a daily basis, our minds and hearts have a way of opening up to the world around us.

It comes down to this: when we stop striving to change and be different than who we are, life becomes much simpler. When we aren’t at odds with ourselves, we have a lot more room to be present and fully open to experience what is before us.

When I am good with me, I can’t help but be good with you. If I’m in conflict with myself, chances are I’m not okay with you either. The pattern is simple.

When we accept and love ourselves as we are, we are more apt to be good with others around us. The way to get to a place of regular self-love and acceptance is to lead our lives from our values and truth.

When we lead life from our values and feel good about who we are, we stop expecting other people and external sources to somehow fulfill the void we feel. When we love who we are and live in our truth, the void fades away.

Here are some practices I use in my life to connect deeper to my values. They become especially useful when I feel myself starting to be at odds with myself, with others or with life in general. Try them out and see how they fit for you.

  • For the week, day, hour or moment – experiment with seeing yourself through one of your core values like: love, gratitude, joy etc.
  • For the week, day, hour or moment – experiment with seeing others around you (especially people you feel at odds with or judgmental of) through one of your core values like: love, gratitude, joy etc.
  • For the week, day, hour or moment – experiment with seeing a situation or circumstance that doesn’t feel good through one of your core values like: love, gratitude, joy etc.
  • For the week, day, hour or moment – ask yourself: how do I want to feel? Then experiment by allowing more of your desired feeling into your thoughts, words and actions towards yourself and others.
  • Check back in with yourself often, notice how you feel around certain situations, people and experiences. Be curious, let go of judgement of yourself or others if you don’t feel good. Instead, tap into one of your core values to guide yourself forward.
  • For the week, day, hour or moment – experiment with seeing your shared humanity with others around you – see beyond complexities. Connect deeper to your humanity and notice the common ground we all share.

Our perspective shapes our worldview, it colours our pathway as we journey through life. How will you connect deeper to your humanity and truth to enjoy your view and journey?


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