Why Selena Gomez and Millions of Others Feel Devastating Sense of Emptiness

Today's top pop stars are becoming poster girls/boys for what's troubling an entire generation - a growing sensation of emptiness inside that can no longer be filled with all the regular things.

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I’m happy to hear that Selena Gomez is getting therapy that is making her feel better. But don’t all these young, super-talented stars we have today being treated for depression and suicide make you wonder what is wrong with our world? 

Selena said in 2017 that “she has faith but does not believe in religion“. This is another classic trend with the younger generation. They feel that the things we (the previous generation) held onto in life didn’t make our lives any better, so why should they follow in our footsteps? Are we passing on anything of real value to the next generation?

I also went through a phase in my life a few decades ago where I needed therapy and I was thankful to discover that there are places to get help. Well actually, my mother had to fork over a small fortune because I was abroad at the time and we did it privately. Taking part in workshops with others who were going through similar things, being medicated for a few years and changing some of my habits, did help me get back into balance with the world. But looking back now, it was like putting a big band aid on a much larger problem. 

It was only when I discovered the wisdom of Kabbalah, that I found the answers my soul had been seeking. Now you may see this word Kabbalah and think – “oh, this is a religion”. That is a one of the main misconceptions.  The truth is that Kabbalah is a science – the physics of the overall reality. It is a wisdom that reveals the comprehensive reality that is normally hidden from our senses. 

I believe the situation in our world has deteriorated enough for people – and especially concerned parents – to open their hearts and minds to this special body of wisdom.  We will find all the answers and solutions to our problems there. 

“People feel a devastating sense of emptiness that grays out everything else, a void that sucks everything else into it. All the pleasures they are familiar with lose their appeal, and no longer inspire hope for happiness. This is the underlying mechanism for the global trend of depression.”  Michael Laitman

Why Do Youngsters Feel So Empty?

Over the years, I have come to realize the deeper reasons for why people feel so empty, and especially young people. Highly intelligent youngsters like my beautiful sister Kaly who committed suicide suffer the most because they are hounded with questions about the meaning of life, and feel like there is no point to anything in our world. They don’t see a bright future worth striving for, as my sister actually wrote in her diary, “What is the point of everything?”

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, our children don’t really want to be as “free” as they proclaim. Ultimately, they are looking for someone or something bigger than themselves to guide them from the outside and relieve their pressure. This is actually the case for people of all ages. And our society falls short in providing the positive guidance that our youngsters can relate to.

In the last 30 years since I have lost my sister, I have seen the world becoming increasingly cold and alienated. Our growing egoism is making us increasingly indifferent to each other as human beings, and we are forcing the younger generation to grow into this cold environment.

Up until now we received pleasure through our five senses. But something happened around the 1970-80s. The evolution of human desire entered a new level, and people began to feel the need for a different kind of fulfillment: finding the meaning of life itself and our purpose as human beings.

However, that does not mean that most people can put their finger on this desire and understand the fulfillment it craves. What they feel is simply a devastating sense of emptiness that grays out everything else, a void that sucks everything else into it. Thus, all the pleasures they are familiar with lose their appeal, and no longer inspire hope for happiness. This is the underlying mechanism for the global trend of depression.

Seeing the global depression phenomenon as a symptom of human evolution explains why it appears in people from all classes, cultures, and nations. Whether they are famous or average, rich or poor, business people or housewives, young or old, across the globe. 

Depression Is a Void We Can’t Fill

Depression, as its names implies, is a lack we don’t know how to fulfill, because when it comes to the meaning and purpose of life, humanity doesn’t have tangible answers. This is why none of the treatments we offer are actually designed to fill the void – they only mute the pain, temporarily.

Pharmaceutical companies make people dependent on “anti-depressants” which are no more than sophisticated pain-relievers. Depression therapists provide temporary relief by training people to shift their focus away from the emptiness. In parallel, religions and belief systems teach people to have faith instead of expecting tangible fulfillment.

But as the desire for life’s meaning and purpose continues to awaken in masses of people, it ushers in the next phase of human evolution. Sooner or later, we will have to stop distracting ourselves from it and learn how to develop and fulfill it in practice.

The Key Is That We Are Wired to Connect

The global depression epidemic essentially tells us that the current level of human experience is beginning to feel tasteless and pointless, and we have to rise to a whole new level of experience.

The newly developing and unfamiliar desire directs us to find connection with the source of life. This is a force that is beyond our individual selves, and the way to establish contact with it is through a deeper level of connection between us. In other words, human connection is the key, or the entrance, to a new dimension of human experience, where we feel connected to each other through the natural life source that connects and binds all of nature.

It is not by chance that in the last few decades, many fields of research find that human beings are naturally wired for human connection, and when they activate this natural mechanism they become healthier and happier.

However, it doesn’t end there. If we go deeper into our inherent wiring, where we begin to sense our innate connection as a human species, we begin to find resonance with a deeper force of connection in nature, and the connection with that natural binding force gives the sense of meaning and purpose in life. Metaphorically, think of what a cell in your body would feel on its own versus its sense of meaning and purpose when it gains connection with the whole body.

This isn’t mysticism or some intangible theory. The fact is that every child starts asking about the meaning of life around the age of 5, and every human is a social creature, nourished and shaped by connection with others. What we fail to see is that by a deeper connection between us we find contact with our life’s source and that gives us the sense of meaning, purpose, and happiness we crave. It’s that simple.

The Next Generation is Seeking Meaning and Purpose

Today’s new desire for meaning and connection isn’t awakening for people to find solace in isolated, self-harming, suicidal bubbles. On the contrary, it’s awakening so that we’ll discover a whole new sense of meaning, connection, fulfillment and happiness—another dimension of existence we’ve yet to experience—by correcting our social connections.

Therefore, if we care about our young and future generations, we should seek to create challenges and games that help them form positive connections. As they progress with the challenges and cultivate their connection, they should feel a growth of warmth, support and care, as well as develop their understanding of life.

Inspiring Young People to Develop Positive Social Connections

There are special forces dwelling in nature that surface when people work on creating a positive connection. Through cultivating this positive connection, a group of people who are actively focused on accelerating their development would gradually discover a whole new sense of meaning in life: fulfillment, happiness and freedom from life’s problems. Cultivating positive human connections is the key to developing a deeper understanding of life. 

So let’s see how we can provide a solution for today’s youth: as an alternative to meaninglessness, there will be a feeling that life has meaning and purpose; instead of loneliness, there will be feelings of support, warmth and care; instead of emptiness, there will be the motivation to explore and contribute to society; and instead of depression, there will be happiness. We just need to work on improving our connections, and as a result, a whole new world will open up to us.

Israel Has The Method 

The people of Israel were the first to discover the method of connection, and it is Israel’s role to share the method with the entire world. This is the key to our sustainability and the most effective way to prevent suffering throughout the world.  However, we will put off recognizing this great source as long as the egoistic system we have built prevails. But we are coming to a point where this system is close to self-destructing, and then everyone will discover the alternative system. The abundant system of nature that has been waiting for us all along. 

The younger generation is switching to living on devices.
Instead of having a first love, a family,
romance and moonlit trips,
they prefer virtual relationships,
travel in cyberspace,
and that’s enough for them.
The younger generation wants
to escape from this life and
break into higher dimensions.
They feel that their psychology,
their mind and heart,
put them in a cage,
like an animal that can’t get out.
This is how he feels this life.
When they look at the older generation,
they see how primitive they were, like dinosaurs.
They were happy that way
but it can’t work for the new generation.
And when the adults urge them to take the same path,
have the same goals and milestones in life,
they cannot accept that.
Some people can surrender
and live like the older generation,
with the same value system.
And some must break away from the system
to where there is fresh air,
but they can’t, they feel strangled.
What will become of them?
I’m very happy to see such a generation,
And I truly hope they will persevere,
and understand that there is a way
to break through, out of our nature,
and live in another dimension.  

Michael Laitman

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