“Why Not” Fit For More?

An Interview WIth International Speaker, Author, UN Delegate, Entrepreneur, and Executive Trainer-Jen Groover-On the Power Of Channeling the Spirit of Abundance, and Wanting More, In Our Professional Worlds!

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(Photograph By Ben Peiper; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)
(Photograph By Ben Peiper; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

The art of wanting more creates a nourishing atmosphere for those understanding the source of. . .attracting more. It’s the world of energy politics, and humanity has a role to play in it. A great role, indeed! Yet, how do we perfect that role? Do we even understand the role? And furthermore, do we believe in that role?

That’s when the art of words comes into play. It is a fact well-noted. And you have those special ones, who understand the power of words with energy. Those that use such power to assist others, in experiencing their role. It is one of the most rejuvenating atmospheres to be part of. The power of words to highlight that creative energy within others, is a powerful endeavor. It is a skill that so few can truly master. It is a level of physical and mental fitness, which must be exercised and nourished through the power of words. The aesthetical illumination of words, and the power of presence. Having a stage and the audience to match. A personal cheerleader is what we need, and it comes in handy when they present a world stage for all to see. All of those who wish to feel that nourishment and find the passion to believe in self. It is one of the attributes, where we want to feel that the love we give to others comes back to us by 10. It is part of life’s purpose, and our fulfillment in life’s aesthetics.

There is a fitness to life. Life is a fitness routine. And in order to get what we want, and wanting more. . .we have to be prepared to do the exercise regiment; allowing our exercise routine, in this game of life, to set the tone for what we aspire to. And, if that means we have to elevate our game, just a little MORE. . .then so be it.

And, one of those FIT LADIES, who expects us to have MORE, is none other than International Speaker, author of What If & Why Not?, and former National Fitness Competitor. . .

Jen Groover

(Photograph By Ben Peiper; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Lauren Kaye Clark: You have built a platform on awakening the light in others. When did you discover your own light in your quest as a top influencer?

Jen Groover: I don’t think there was a defining moment. I believe it kept getting brighter over time. A little over 20 years ago I really got onto a spiritual path and the more spiritual I became, the more I healed from my childhood “stuff”; and I became more clear as to who I was and what my purpose was. The stronger I became, so did the light. One strong moment of clarity for me was realizing the greatest achievement I aspired for was inner-peace; and wanted to share that peace, calm, and happiness with others.

Lauren Kaye Clark: As a former National Level Fitness Competitor, how has physical fitness contributed to your “don’t complain,” “just inspire attitude”?

Jen Groover: When we push our bodies to new levels, we exercise our minds, too. My mother taught me complaining was a waste of time, energy, and forced me to have a solution-driven mindset. So, as I would push my fitness levels to new heights, I would see a challenge as a chance to grow (instead an obstacle to complain about) and use those experiences as an opportunity to inspire others to push through pain to grow and expand, their potential, too.

Lauren Kaye Clark: In your TedEx talk, you highlight your former addiction to sugar, as a coping mechanism from a stressful childhood. With many of your clients, have you encountered stories of painful, childhood memories? How did you impact how they were stifled in their quest to success?

Jen Groover: Yes, absolutely! So many people have childhood “stuff” that keeps them stuck in various ways. Trauma (conscious or subconscious) and limited beliefs limit people’s ability to be their best, most expansive selves. First thing is we all need to acknowledge we are all flawed human beings, and be okay with that. A lot of people try to bury and hide their past without dealing and healing from it. One of the greatest tools I share with my clients is that “nothing has meaning until you give it meaning.” Once we learn that principle we can go back to our past and re-write the stories, that are still harming us by giving them different meanings. This is a very powerful technique, and the beginning of transformation. We also need to evaluate all of our beliefs, that were programmed in our past to examine which ones we want to keep because they help us; and, which ones we want to change because they limit us. All of this is why I believe learning emotional intelligence is so critical to the well-being of our society. El teaches people how to evaluate, process and manage our mind, bodies and emotional states; as well as becoming more aware of that for others, too.

(Photograph By Ben Peiper; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Lauren Kaye Clark: How do you maintain a healthy mind, body, and Spirit, in order to keep your light shining?

Jen Groover: From a physical standpoint, I eat pretty healthy regularly, stay active and hydrated, and take supplements and prioritize my sleep. I get regular massages and reflexology, as well as get adjusted by my chiropractor. My daily exercises for within are centered around active practices of meditation, gratitude, reading, and learning everyday. Growth equals happiness. So, I am always fueling my mind and Soul with new information. I think the most important practice in keeping my light bright is that I get to help people everyday of my life and I believe that brightens my light like no other. Being love, and sharing love, is how we illuminate.

Lauren Kaye Clark: Let’s return to the world of mirrors. Mirrors reflect back to us, who we are. So, when you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Jen Groover: I see amazing, loving children, who are 15 and beginning to demonstrate back to the world, the things I have taught them. I see happiness from an intentionally created life that I love because I’m living out my purpose, and am passionate about everything I do and all of the people I meet, lives I touch, and the places I get to go. I see incredibly loving, thoughtful, supportive friends, clients, and boyfriends. And I see beauty in so many people and things around me. And whenever I look in the mirror and see something I don’t like, I look within to figure out how to change it.

Lauren Kaye Clark: In one of your videos, there are images of water. How does water, and being in the comforts of water, assist you and others in self-discovery and purpose?

Jen Groover: Water is a calming, but forceful energy source to me. When I am in a state of confusion or chaos, I seek water sources to center me. We are all energy and we cycle energy all day. So we should be aware of the quality of energy we are around. To me, water or just being in nature, provides us with robust energy, grounding and connected to a higher source, which then in turn, raises our consciousness to gain more clarity, within.

Lauren Kaye Clark: What lecture or examples have you found yourself helping others to discover their own light? How did that further impact you?

Jen Groover: I believe that studying Buddhism has made the most profound impact on me discovering my light and sharing it, along with my teachings to others. Buddhism taught me how to not just scratch things like compassion, empathy, understanding, kindness, and quieting the ego to let things go, but it taught me how to BE those things, and that is the energy of love, which is the light. It’s like Ghandi’s famous saying, “Be the change you want to see in this world.” Essentially, BE the light. A radical shift for me was one day as I was walking through New York City, observing people and their energy. I saw and heard this couple fighting, and the guy was so demeaning and mean in how he spoke, and his tone of voice. It triggered me because it was familiar to energy and verbal abuse I heard in my life; especially, younger life. And it was like the voice of God (whatever Universal word someone wants to insert here) came into my head and said loud and clear, “Never allow anyone to dim your light because they are unaware of their own unhappiness. Instead shine your light so bright, you can only illuminate theirs!” I began to share that quote at the end of all my speeches, and it was something that really moved everyone who heard it. It has become a life mantra to me.

(Photograph By Ben Peiper; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Lauren Kaye Clark: When we go into the world of Universal imagination, and the wealth of abundance in the Universe, we are met with endless opportunities. How do you see the Universe?

Jen Groover: As a loving, supportive source of endless bits of wisdom, insight, and information. I strive daily to be able to tap into its consciousness more and more. It’s magical to me and I want to become a better conduit for it and the power it holds for myself and others. Even as a child, I was mesmerized by mystical things. Obsessed with Native American Indians and their rituals and Egyptians, and the mysteries of the pyramids. While I feel I have an awareness of consciousness, I feel I have only scratched the surface of understanding and leveraging the Universal powers and laws. And that excitement. I feel like an adventurer, searching for new treasures.

(Photograph By Ben Peiper; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Lauren Kaye Clark: How do you connect with this energy in order to elevate to new heights?

Jen Groover: Meditation, prayer, sitting in a state of appreciation and wonder of all things around me, especially, in nature. I feel being able to connect more deeply with others, who are evolved in their consciousness, connects me to the higher energy, as well.

Lauren Kaye Clark: In your book, The More Method, how is spiritual healing a vital component in using wellness-emotional, mental, and physical, in acquiring more?

Jen Groover: It is everything! It’s why I wrote the book. The book is basically sharing, with the world the discoveries and tools I used to heal my childhood trauma to achieve my goal of inner peace and consistent happiness; and to thrive at high levels-personally and professionally. The MORE Method teaches how the emotional, mental, and physical are really interconnected and how our daily habits and choices affect us-for good or adversely. Methodology teaches people simple changes they can make in their lives, today, to create long term equanimity.

Lauren Kaye Clark: How would you describe the little girl in you?

Jen Groover: Curious, energetic, outgoing, and zestful for adventure and excitement.

Lauren Kaye Clark: What would she say to your own daughter?

Jen Groover: Love life and live to your fullest. Appreciate each day. Take chances. Live boldly. Don’t worry about what other people think, just be your best, brightest you.

Lauren Kaye Clark: If the two of them were together in this present moment, how would they interact with each other?

Jen Groover: I have twins, so there are two of them. 🙂

(Photograph By Ben Peiper; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Lauren Kaye Clark: What activities would they do together?

Jen Groover: They do almost everything together. Hang out with friends, sports, travel, etc.

Lauren Kaye Clark: Let’s imagine that you are a painter. Your energy, and how you convey that energy, is intrinsic. Your website highlights a rather intricate design of the energetic principles, that you give to others. Taking out your paintbrush, how would you draw out this energy? What would your energetic painting look like?

Jen Groover: The first thing that came to mind is a lot of yellows and orange shades, like a fiery energy and form. Then I would use purple and blue shades for the calm energy. They would almost mold the appearance of moving wind. Then together, they would ebb and flow and intertwine together, much like the duality of who I am, in constant flow between fiery and softer spiritual energies.

Lauren Kaye Clark: What If & Why Not? This is the title of your first book. By asking these two questions, how are readers challenging the restrictions of the current reality? How do the words “If” and “Why” become a distant past? Do these questions force your audience to enter the fiction-reality?

Jen Groover: It forces the readers to expand their realm of possibilities, or the possibilities in how they view the world. Asking these possibilities opens up new possibilities within ourselves and in the minds of others. It’s not necessarily a fictional-reality. I am moreso challenging them to create a possible reality in the mind first, which by the laws of the Universe can then become a reality. We must be able to conceive something before we achieve something.

Lauren Kaye Clark: From your perspective, what is the importance of travel, in shaping a person’s limitless potential?

Jen Groover: I believe travel is one of the most important investments in our personal growth. Travel forces one to expand their view points, become more open-minded, accepting, and understanding. It makes one realize how we can’t make assumptions based on own viewpoints because what can be acceptable and “normal” where I live, can be unacceptable and not normal somewhere else. One isn’t necessarily right or wrong. It’s just what it is. Travel can expand our creativity, our ability to innovate and solve problems.

Lauren Kaye Clark: How has it shaped your fashion sense?

Jen Groover: I honestly can’t say that I feel travel has shaped my sense of fashion. When I walk around the world I think I am “seeing” differently than most. I almost never notice, or can recall, what people are wearing. I am observing behaviors, history, cultural differences, and feeling energy more than anything.

(Photograph By Ben Peiper; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Lauren Kaye Clark: And how does fashion sense flourish into a healthy sense?

Jen Groover: Almost everything is my closet is black. Maybe a few things are blue and gray, but almost all solids and neutrals. I have 100’s of different black dresses. My friends joke with me all the time, but it’s become like my brand image in many ways. Somewhat Steve Jobs with his staple black shirt and jeans. It makes my life easier. Its what I am comfortable in, but I put away more energy into other things than my fashion statements. Ultimately, I want my good energy to make my statement to people.

So, through all of the pain and sadness, which may have stopped us in that earlier part of our life, it is without doubt that we can bounce back. Getting into the FIT FABULOUSITY for the empowerment and elevation of our lives! It feels GOOD to be on top. It feels fabulous! Being at the peak of our life’s fit performance-success, happiness, spiritual wellness, victory, and family-is an experience of its own right. It brings a euphoric feeling, when we know that we are on top. It garners a unique atmosphere for how the professional world should feel. That as we rise into a more fitting life, we are also bringing our self-confidence into vastness, where we sprinkle it among others.

So, with that being said, let’s push forward in illuminating that light within ourselves. Let’s get in fit forward shape when it comes to the beauties of empowering our words with the power to manifest want we want. And, in the Spirit of the Universe, we should all be seeking. . . MORE!

(Photograph By Ben Peiper; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

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