Why Massages are Important for a Balanced Work Life

Enable Your Muscles by Relaxing Them

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Working is a big part of our life; we work up to thirty five to fifty hours per week in many cases. Some people work more hours; at times over seventy. We work the most hours in Europe.

Work is varied amongst people; some do physical, some sit at desks and some are on the move all the time. Intensive labour work like building, tree surgery, brick laying, roofing and scaffolding require physical fitness a lot of the time. A mixture like teaching physical education, kitchen work or waiting tables probably offers a good balance. Office jobs that keep the worker sat down a lot of the time is possibly the worst for us. We are not designed to sit constantly for a full day. We need to be moving regularly.

Massage is a great way to relieve tired, strained and tense muscles. It helps to stretch them out when they have been shortened too from too much work or training. It is the one of the oldest therapies in the world so there is a great truth in it working. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used massage as well as in China. The power of touch is very important. Yet at times we avoid looking after ourselves and usually at the time that we need to be even more so. It’s important to stop and think about what we are doing with our bodies regularly. How we sit, stand, walk, run, cycle and lay all have an impact on our body and skeletal system. This has a knock on effect on our muscular system and then onto other systems. It’s important to be aware of how we use our bodies because we get so swamped with other factors and run on auto pilot that we forget what we should be doing.

Working at a desk is notorious for this. It can cause so many issues with back, neck and general posture that we are getting so many problems. It’s a good idea to keep a check on this as it can benefit us in the long run. If we can keep our posture in a correct way we can reduce misalignment and crooked spines, stiff shoulders, aches and pains. Sitting correctly can be so beneficial to our postures and our general working life, yet we forget and we slouch so having a regular massage is beneficial. Also practicing mindfulness can help us to use our bodies more correctly.

I have asked some questions to two regular clients who have regular massage at their work place.

Client A has been having massage from me for over a year now and does benefit greatly. She has had an under-active thyroid and so massage has helped her to alleviate the tiredness and to get her back on track with exercising and managing at work.

1) How long have you been having massage on a regular basis?

About 18 months

2) How does it help you from week to week in your routine?

Helps me to relax/unwind from work stress/pressure and I know every week I have a massage scheduled. Also helps to focus on particular areas if there are different aches/pains, or areas of tension on any particular week.

3) Do you find it keeps certain ailments at bay?

It helps with controlling stress, and can help to prevent stress-related ailments. Also helps with ensuring I take better care of my back, and focuses my mind on putting me first for an hour instead of work.

4) If you have a break from massage do you feel it?

Yes — more uptight and less relaxed

5) Does your back feel better on a regular basis?

Having the massage helps my back when it is aching, and maintaining weekly massages is also preventative in terms of back pain.

6) Do you feel massage is an integral part of working life?

For me — yes. I would really miss it if it wasn’t there, and it’s really good that it is available on site, so it fits in as part of my day. Saves having to book appointments outside and rush around. I think it’s important in a stressful work environment to take time out and really relax for a while; it makes me feel I’m doing something good to look after myself, so I can cope better with work demands.

This goes to show that massage has helped my client. Stress can play a big part in working life and massage is something that can keep this at bay. She clearly benefits from having it weekly due to stressful job. I think it has also helped her underactive thyroid.

Client B has been seeing me for quite a few years and definitely benefits as he works in an office with tension build up in his shoulders. He works long hours at times in software support with two large screens. He has monthly massage.

1) How long have you been having massage on a regular basis?

Around four years once per month, If I am lucky maybe twice.

2) How does it help you from week to week in your routine?

After sitting in front of a PC looking at a monitor, I tend to lean forward so it gives me bad posture. The massage helps to realign my back and makes me want to keep sitting upright to enable a good feeling. It also helps me with standing posture as well; I personally feel taller after a massage as my body is telling me I must have a straighter back.

3) Do you find it keeps certain ailments at bay?


4) If you have a break from massage do you feel it?

Yes, I can’t personally go without my massage. I always look forward to my monthly massage to help me sit upright when working at my desk.

5)Does your back feel better on a regular basis?

After the massage it does and helps me try and keep a good sitting posture.

6) Do you feel massage is an integral part of working life?

Yes, couldn’t think of a month without a massage.

Both are very taken with regular massage and this is a small insight into how it works and what it can do as a preventative measure. Once massage has been introduced to some people then it’s a bonus and beneficial. Many cannot go without especially if their bodies become used to it. But massage doesn’t just stop here; it can be so good for the other systems too. It helps circulation system by keeping any stagnation at bay; this enables the body to stay healthy and allows toxins to leave the body accordingly. As beings we need to move regularly in order for these toxins to be eliminated. If they stay in our systems they can cause problems, illnesses and conditions. Dehydration is well detected after a massage too; as we can feel it soon after if we don’t drink water and don’t continue to drink water.

So massage can play an important role in our lives; enabling our muscles to feel more normal and our systems to work properly.

Originally published at www.rosbarresi.co.uk.

Originally published at medium.com

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