Why I Can Help Trump Divorce The USA!

After living with my Ex-Husband, His Wife, Her Ex-Husband, I know how to Separate, Divorce and Blend Again.

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Mr. Trump.  

I was able to divorce “amicably”

Now, for the good of our country, and since the election results serve as the start of a divorce action between you and all the citizens of our country, I hereby would like to serve you with separation papers from all of us.  I can help you separate and divorce from all of us in the country.  

I can help you cohabitate, blend and work together as one unit.  

Believe me, living as one peaceful family is best for everyone.  Though you have been divorced a few times, it doesn’t seem like those transitions worked well and our entire country is involved this time.  

Divorce is not easy.  There’s a roller coaster of emotions.  Blow ups.  Fights.  You do and say things you don’t mean.  Some people believe you.  Others think you are crazy.  You may plead (or tweet) your side to anyone who will listen.  Your family supports you.  They have to (well most, right).  The other side supports the other. Kind of like party lines, you know.

I recently lived with my ex-husband, his wife, her ex-husband and each of our two kids for almost six months during the pandemic.  If you knew us before, the thought of that happening would have been unimaginable.  You would have bet a Trump Casino that would never happen.  My ex’s wife and I were not friends.  We barely said hello to each other.  We preferred to not be in the same room.  She would cross the street in order to not have to run in to me.  We didn’t have nice words or thoughts for each other.  We were different.  Different ways, styles and over all beings.    My kids didn’t like any of it.  It caused them anxiety.  It caused them to have harsh feelings.  It caused a lot of pain.  None of it was necessary.  None of it was worth it.

Blended Family

And she and her ex, forget it.  It was kind of like putting you and your niece in the same room.  My ex and I…we were ok.  I always said, “better than most.”  Happily Divorced.  And we were.  But inside, there was hate.  A lot of inside jokes.  A lot of annoying behaviors.  A lot of disagreements.  A lot of differing styles.  A lot of divide.  But we could always find a way to figure it out and do what was best for the kids.  That’s why when the pandemic hit NYC, and you ignored it, we made the decision to leave and to stay safe all together.  

I’ve written and shared all about it too.  I share a lot, like you do.  I wrote about my divorce, my Cancer Journey and now about Quarantining with this big, crazy, blended family.  I wrote about “Dating in Isolation”.  I wrote about “How To Find the Happy When Living with Your Ex in Quarantine”, I Wrote “How Cancer Prepared Me For Quarantine” and “Why Oprah May Be Upset With Me”.

Now that we have all separated again and are each back at home in NYC, we are still blended.  We celebrate birthdays by choice.  We have game nights, Sunday football family day, dinners, and walks in the park.  All and/or any combination of our blendedness works.  It’s amazing what can happen when you force yourself to do something you don’t want to do.  It’s enlightening to put things behind you.  It’s empowering to let it go.  It’s inspiring to see the effect it can have on others.  Our kids will tell you, it’s the best thing that ever happened to them.  Their parents are all friends.  Divorce doesn’t have to cause so much divide.  Divorce should tell you something wasn’t working.  It should be the start of a new beginning.  As should be the end of your presidency.

Please let us all have the new beginning.  We all need to heal from this marriage.  The first step is moving on and out so everyone can move on with their lives.

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