Why Gaming Glasses Are a Must-Have for Today’s Game

Low sound quality, unmatched refresh rates, and not having the latest gaming rig are some of the problems that have belabored gamers in all generations. However, technology has added another problem to the list, Computer Vision Syndrome, CVS. This article explores this challenge in detail and why its only solution, gaming glasses, are a must-have. […]

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Low sound quality, unmatched refresh rates, and not having the latest gaming rig are some of the problems that have belabored gamers in all generations. However, technology has added another problem to the list, Computer Vision Syndrome, CVS. This article explores this challenge in detail and why its only solution, gaming glasses, are a must-have.

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

There are screens everywhere we turn in the current world of the internet, social media and online gaming. Most people spend over 8 hours each day looking at a screen, whether it is a phone, a laptop, or a gaming monitor.

Unfortunately, computer screens produce a relatively harsh blue light. In addition to the objects on screens being smaller, they are not as sharp as they are in the real world. Consequently, to achieve a close-to-real vision, the eyes overwork. The side effect of such overstraining is known as Computer Vision Syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome is a blanket name for several conditions caused by artificial blue light. from computer screens. On top of the list is sleep disorders as exposure to blue light disrupts the production of the sleep-regulating hormone, melatonin. Retinal damage, macular degeneration, and cataracts are some other results of overexposure to artificial blue light. CVS also exhibits itself in ways such as:

  • Exhausted eyes
  • Decreased visual acuity making it difficult to focus
  • Oxidative stress on the eyes
  • Neurotoxin build-up and depression due to disrupted sleeping patterns

Video game fanatics are at an increased risk of CVS as they spend a lot of time in front of the screen and often in very close proximity. With the picture frames changing too fast and glare, the eyes work twice more to maintain focus and clarity. Consequently, headaches are common among gamers. Fortunately, one can avoid this with specialized gaming glasses.

What Are Gaming Glasses?

They are special glasses that eliminate the glare from screens and block the blue light before getting to the eyes. They make it possible to play for hours without straining and eliminating post-game headaches. Despite the name, the glasses are suitable for all who spend a significant chunk of their day looking at screens. Some of the reasons why these glasses are a must-have are:

  • Better focus: From looking for clues, spotting danger to focusing on the current action, the eyes can work 100% during gaming time. Such intensive activity leads to less blinking and eye movement, significantly reducing focus. Wearing a gaming glass gives the eyes a break making it possible to focus longer with less effort.
  • Prevents eye strain: Red eyes, dry eyes, and blurry vision are signs of digital eye strain, common in people who look at screens for a long time. If prolonged, it leads to eye cataracts and blurred vision.
  • Increased view: Most gaming glasses have a slight magnification, making them a little bigger without sacrificing the resolution. It helps figure out virtual dangers hundreds of meters away.
  • Improves sleep quality: Minimising exposure to blue light can significantly improve sleep quality as it will stabilize melatonin production.
  • A professional look: Gaming glasses are also a fashion accessory. Whether you need a geeky look or a polished professional touch, you can find options that fit in every place. The glasses also add a classy touch to your outdoor outfit.

How to Choose the Right Gaming Glass

Gaming glasses come in different shapes, frames, colors, and customization options. While the choice depends on personal preference, here are essential features to consider when buying a gaming glass.

Anti-reflective coating: AR coating is a must-have when going for a pair of gaming glasses. It is different from the blue light filter. While the filter minimizes eye strain due to blue light, the coating prevents eye strain due to bright light; you need both features to protect your vision. Therefore, avoid glasses that have only the filter.

Blue light spectrum: It refers, in this context, to the amount of blue light that the lenses can block. Hence, the higher the spectrum, the more the blue light the gaming glasses can block, and the better it is at vision protection.

Colour distortion: The level of color distortion directly determines the blue light spectrum level. Zero distortion, for example, implies blocking less blue light, often less than 20%. Therefore, the best gaming lenses must have some level of distortion. However, the acceptable degree of color distortion remains a matter of individual preference.

Comfort: It is vital if you will be using the glasses for many hours a day. Read reviews of specific gaming glasses by people who have used them for a purpose like yours. Avoid options with comfort issues, such as being too heavy, too tight, or made of a material that reacts with your skin.

Magnification: Most gaming glasses come with slight magnification. Even though it is insignificant and temporary, experts don’t recommend it to people wearing prescription glasses unless it matches their dioptre. If one is not sure of the dioptre, the best solution is clip-on gaming glasses as they only have AR coating and blue-light filter.

Clip-on: They come in two versions, flip-up and non-flip up versions. The former is suitable if you plan to wear prescription glasses all the time. However, if you only use prescription glasses when working on a computer, the lightweight non-flip version is the right choice.

Budget: How much you want to spend dictates the gaming glasses you get in terms of quality of materials, shape, frame, and even weight. However, remember that the brand name also affects price tags. The rule of thumb is going for affordable gaming glasses that suit your preferences.


If you love gaming and looking for ways to get going without getting tired along the way, then a pair of gaming glasses is a worthy investment. It will protect your vision, improve your focus, and give you a slight edge over your virtual opponents. With so many brands entering the market, you can get the glasses that suit your preferences at an affordable price.

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