Why Failure is the Greatest Teacher

Stephen Somers on Moving from Feeling the Fear to fearLESS

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What an absolute treat it was to have the ‘luck of the Irish’ infused into the spirit of my show last Friday on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald! The humour was awesome! The back and forth witty banter in UK fashion was spot on and greatly appreciated! 

Unfortunately, and for reasons I personally fail to understand or for perspectives that would not at all resonate with me…there remains a level of stigma, taboo and bias surrounding people who have amassed substantial wealth, true abundance and financial prosperity for themselves. The often generically unspoken presumptions associated with the haves and the have nots as if to suggest that people who have EARNED what it is they do in fact deserve to have and what it is they have successfully achieved through tireless work, perpetual efforting and consistent sacrificing…are people who are in some cases, unfairly scrutinized, labelled, or who are inaccurately and who are unfairly perceived as the demographic of people who are misconstrued as entitled, or selfish, or greedy, or who might consider themselves as superior to others when in fact, and in truth…the reality of the matter in the majority of instances of those who fall in the distinction of top earners around the globe are the same people who are oftentimes the most generous…the most charitable…those who have no cap, limitations, restrictions or reservations for willingly and voluntarily rising in which to pay it forward and to be of service to the collective. The truth of the matter is, and more often than not…the more abundant one’s own financial status…the more advantaged and positioned one then becomes in which to give and to give back, and often without external provocation – – – sharing the wealth and imparting the resources simply just because. I say all of this, and not because this has necessarily been Stephen’s firsthand experience in life or because of anything he has personally revealed to me as either something he can relate to or identify with. I say this because the world still has quite a ways to go towards narrowing the gap on personal biases and external prejudices, which are both often held and/or are unfairly projected onto others.

Stephen Somers is one of the most down to earth and noble blokes for whom I have ever had the pleasure or the privilege to interview and converse with on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald! The inception of Stephen’s journey, and the ways in which it catapulted him on the trajectory for how people would now glean his current life of today is quite humbling. The transformational shift within Stephen as a human being coupled with his ascension in the world of entrepreneurship has been significantly profound and ever so inspiring for us fellow entrepreneurs! Listening to my interview with Stephen (podcast link enclosed) you, similar to myself, will likely be attuned to the dominant characteristic traits of Stephen that stood out within his messaging, his inflection, his cadence, his disposition of self for how he impressively represented and  professionally presented himself while on the airwaves. You may likely surmise and be equally inclined to also believe, that Stephen is an extremely well-rounded, down to earth, engaging, charismatic human being. 

It comes as no surprise to me, based upon what I was able to garner about Stephen, albeit within the finite period of time we were able to interact with one another…that Stephen’s journey of success and achievement is largely indicative of not only his phenomenal work ethic, but more importantly in my humble opinion; Stephen’s advanced and harnessed interpersonal skills, first and foremost. Whether it be a result of Stephen consciously or unconsciously being cognizant or not, Stephen has honed and finessed the fine art of establishing a genuine rapport with others. He is incredibly engaging as an effective listener which was reflective in his on-point, thoughtful and substantially meaningful responses. Stephen was as equally curious and knowledgeable about me as what I genuinely was of him, which produced a genuinely synergistic conversation…one which was chock full with vibrant reciprocal energies…one that fully kept me in alignment with my core self from beginning to end. One instinctively knows when they are in good company when one also feels congruently at home within themselves. Radio/Podcast guests who only ever bring out the very best in me; are the ones I feel the most akin and grateful to. Thank you for that, Stephen!

On behalf of both Stephen and myself, we wish to mutually express our wholehearted appreciation to you for kindly taking the time to read this Feature Article! We would also like to take this opportunity to additionally thank you for generously clicking on the enclosed podcast link of our wonderful conversation with one another! For anyone here who would wish to further connect with either and/or both Stephen and myself outside of this brilliant forum, please know that it would be our heartfelt honour and pleasure to be of service to you in whichever ways you may deem to be a suitable fit!  “I Want For You What You Want For You!” ~ Byron Katie.

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Stephen started out working in the mental Health Commission in Dublin, Ireland – – a low paying government job. He knew that he wanted more from life and spent most of his days Googling, “how to make money online.” In doing so, he encountered just about every money-making scam on the internet!

After discovering a friend of his Aunt’s was running an online eCommerce business, Stephen immediately traveled to the other end of the country to be introduced to him. Several weeks after meeting Robert, Stephen took his own very minimal savings, quit his job, packed his bags, and went to work in a freezing cold warehouse to learn the ropes.

From that moment on, Stephen was hooked, and together they went to work on growing and streamlining Robert’s business. Together they expanded globally into multiple markets and became more effective and efficient sellers. Within three short years, Stephen and Robert (who are still business partners to this day) had built a 7 figure global Amazon business. They noticed not many people were teaching how to sell anything other than “hot products” on Amazon

They noticed not many people were teaching how to sell anything other than “hot products” on Amazon which are way too competitive and tricky to win with. Driven by a single desire to share their knowledge and help others, they set out to teach people a better, more scalable, and sustainable way to build and Amazon business to the seven figure level.

Taking their approach of selling low competition, light-profit, “boring” products, they created an online training program. From this program, they have built a global freight company, an entire software suite, and multiple seven figure service-based companies that are built to serve one purpose – –  helping their members build and scale their business as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Each of these businesses is based on one simple premise – – the success of their clients. Now expanding beyond the eCommerce industry, Stephen and Robert are helping other online business owners and entrepreneurs become disruptive industry leaders and dominate their markets. They are doing this through their newest service and training company, Grow My Reach.


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