Why Emotions are so Important to Systemic Change

Andrew Horning on Grappling

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Why Emotions are so Important to Systemic Change

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It’s not every day a white man initiates having the imperative discussion of white masculinity, white privilege, racism and sexism. It takes a very self-actualized and a highly evolved individual to bring forth such tantamount discussions; specific messaging relevant to the current culture of our times. 

Andrew’s recently released book, Grappling: White Men’s Journey from Fragile to Agile focuses on the most urgent issues facing America today.

Andrew’s book asks the difficult questions that all of us must confront and address. The book concentrates on the challenges of our rapidly changing society and in particular, it grapples with the concept of white fragility and the choice that white men need to make between becoming agents of change or ending up as victims of progress. As a former psychotherapist and a teacher at the Hoffman Institute, Andrew helps people embrace the emotional work of allyship.  

Stepping into one’s own vulnerability is never an easy feat. Stepping into one’s own vulnerability while voluntarily having the mirror placed back upon oneself to a global audience of millions, as was the case for Andrew on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald last Friday on international radio, certainly raised the bar on total bravery, complete transparency and full-on disclosure – – all of which having remarkably been executed upon by Andrew at the highest possible levels. In fact, Andrew had already demonstrated the depth of his soul and the calibre of his being for what it means to fully show up and to non-negotiably rise for self and for others when embarking upon the writing of his profound book which I received the privilege of discussing with Andrew on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. The combination of Andrew’s substantively profound, deep and insightful thought processes, coupled with his decades of niche expertise – – all interspersed with Andrew’s extraordinary degree of emotional intelligence are in my humble opinion; primary indicators for Andrew being regarded as both respectful and credible within the global domain of leadership!

For those of us who are staunchly and fiercely committed to doing ‘the work’ and knowing what is then required within our own inner growth journey…one then would have the recognition, the cognition, the awareness in understanding that it is oftentimes a very painful, excruciatingly arduous, and a beyond messy internal process. Acknowledging, admitting, and (hopefully) disavowing our false beliefs, our false concepts, our own biases and prejudices, the indoctrinated blueprint if you will for deeply rooted thought patterns – – perhaps ones which were pervasively embedded into the psyche of our subconscious at the familial, societal, cultural, intergenerational levels…is neither an easy nor a linear pattern in which to unpack, dissect, excise or to disband altogether within our true core selves. We cannot fully evolve or fully transcend ourselves or even truly outgrow old paradigms of thinking if we remain stuck in it…if we choose to cling to it…if we choose to continue to identify ourselves with it, and so forth. A full transformative overhaul is often what is vitally required in order to ascend to higher levels of unearthing self-actualized truth in achieving a more masterful, authentic sense of self. A death of the ego if you will.

Men who can openly, candidly and vulnerably initiate the hard to broach type conversations – – the ones which themes are central to key concepts interwoven with self imposed or externalized shaming, gender roles, gender biases, gender inequities, fragility, and so forth as is the case with Andrew Horning and his ongoing, fully activated, fully engaged messaging…are to be commended as this is what signals and signifies as a necessary precursor to activating and precipitating true actionable change at the macro level of our society. Being the messenger who seeks to put the macro message out there to the collective is in fact what makes it even possible, the same equal opportunity to enable people at the micro-level of society; the same unspoken permission and the same equal access for available education and awareness of what to do with the working knowledge of the subject matter itself. BRAVO, ANDREW HORNING!

Fundamental change is only possible to the degree one assumes any level of personal accountability and ownership with perceiving it as their own level of responsibility – – there own level of due diligence in which to actively insert themselves into the overall equation for wanting to play an integral role in being solution-oriented as opposed to perpetuating any said problem by instead choosing to prefer in a stagnant position of remaining problem-saturated. Deflecting responsibility…shirking ownership only serves to exacerbate the problem rather than to truly solve the problem.

The inner work is excruciatingly painful as it does involve and does require one to be committed to the process of breaking intergenerational patterns, cycles, and traits of what is considered to be toxic, dysfunctional, counter-intuitive, abusive, systemic and what would not overall stand to be in best interest of the collective healthiness of all of humanity, especially as it intricately correlates to that of our fellow human brothers and sisters in this playground called LIFE!

It is a personal choice to what degree we individually commit ourselves to the deliberate and to the intentional act of wholeheartedly and consciously HONOURING ourselves, as well as to those who societally and who globally coexist amongst us, and doing so at our highest levels of demonstrated respect, humility, compassion, empathy, kindness, civility and so forth – – this of course all being interconnected, interwoven, and synonymous with matters such as inclusivity, equity, equality, reciprocity, tolerance, acceptance, fairness, humaneness, understanding, awareness, education, self-healing, introspection, ownership, and accountability. Nothing changes unless we do. “When we know better, we do better.” ~ Maya Angelou

I cannot thank you enough, Andrew Horning, for sharing your pivotal insights related to such an imperatively themed and an appropriately timed subject matter which bears significant relevance to each and every one of us within the collective arena of macro-level society. Your tireless commitment to your ongoing plight and your overall individual purpose in taking your message to the masses and also to those on a one-to-one basis is not only impressively remarkable but it is also deeply appreciated by those of us also equally in the trenches with you in our own ways signature to each of us for aspiring to pay-it-forward and to be of beneficial and altruistic service to the betterment of humankind. I am deeply humbled and I am immensely grateful to you for the gift of your invaluable time and energies, Andrew!

On behalf of both Andrew and myself, we wish to express our wholehearted gratitude to each of you for generously taking the time to read this Feature Article! We also wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to each of you for additionally taking the time in graciously clicking on the enclosed podcast link of our in depth and substantive conversation with one another! For anyone here who may wish to take the discussion further outside of this brilliant #ThriveGlobal Forum in which to connect with either or with both Andrew and myself – – please know that it would be our joint honour and our mutual privilege in which to more personably get to know you and to hopefully be of more direct service to you in the ways you might deem more suitable! “I Want For You What You Want For You!” ~ Byron Katie.

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero.
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend!

Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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Who is Andrew Horning?

Andrew Horning is a coach and teacher at the Hoffman Institute, an organization dedicated to transformative education, spiritual growth, and dimensional leadership for those seeking clarity in their personal and professional lives.

As the creator and host of the podcast Elephant Talk, Andrew encourages couples to have courageous conversations for the sake of a deeper connection.

Andrew is the co-host of The Hoffman Podcast, a keynote speaker, and a volunteer and former board chair for Intercambio Uniting Communities. 

Andrew earned his master’s degree in clinical social work from the University of Michigan and is a former licensed private-practice psychotherapist. He lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife of nearly two decades and their two children. 

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