Why Celebrating LatinX Heritage Month 2020 Is A Wellness Form In Its Own! #LatinXHeritageMonth2020

The Sacred Ritual Of Celebration, and the Healing That Abounds! In Honor Of #LatinoXHeritageMonth2020

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When you are celebrating a culture of people, there is power in a celebration. For one, its the very ability of acknowledging the presence of a people, and their contributions to the human realm. In addition, its also a way of showing a different side to certain regions of the world. Too often the news media creates a particular outlook when it comes to the “third World.” Rarely does it showcase the humanity, and the celebration of life, even among the most marginalized of people. Of course, their image has been tainted. When such happens, stereotypes and false truths arise. When negative perceptions come into fruition, they tarnish, and taint, the entire image of a people. And no, I don’t just mean certain issues and challenges that a group of people have to experience and go through. Nor does it pertain to present struggles, prevalent ideologies, and serious issues that any particular group, or nation, has to to grapple with.

When we reflect upon the current state of Latin America, and Spanish-speaking nations, throughout the Caribbean, there are different political factors, arising. We hear about the current prevalence of hunger in Venezuela. The media highlights imagery of poverty, chaos, and hopelessness. While those are realistic factors, the problem is that they do not tell the entire story. Neither do they paint the entire picture of the beauty, which has been cultivated, crafted, and created within those particular lands. That is something which has to be addressed. In fact, even in the midst of despair and sorrow, there is always a celebration, existing, somewhere. Somewhere, in any nation where one visits, there are always those sacred spaces, which illuminates the Universal realm. They may not be as prevalent, as other areas. Nevertheless, they are there. They are powerful and illuminating. Even if they are not as widespread, throughout that particular nation, their essence and very existence is the symbol of hope for the rest of the nation. It tickles the imagination for infinite possibilities and wonder. Furthermore, it is a reminder to the populations, and masses of people, that a better living is possible. Travel to any Latin American country, and you will find these magical and sacred places. They permeate the air and provide a sweetness into the atmosphere. Whether they are gardens, museums, visual arts temples, culinary spaces, artistic delights, or other inviting spaces, those sacred points on Earth’s soiling, are Universal imprints. Their purpose is to amaze and inspire. Each and every day, humanity walks by them, or experiences a haven from them, they are being reminded to a greater purpose, than the hell, we are currently experiencing.

The point of any celebration is that it reminds us of joy’s presence. It is the impossibility for joy to arise, in the mist of sorrow and pain. It is the magic for joy to re-birth herself when things when life feels, unbearable. Lastly, celebration is a reminder that joy is still around. What is the proof, may you ask? Well, the fact that a community, nation, or culture is alive, is the very proof, which is needed. You know that joy is still around, when people are still alive. If you look around, and observe the prevalent nature of life, then let it reign as confirmation that joy is around. Celebrations are nothing more than confirmations, that there is a reason for our presence. There is a reason for our Being. In being alive, we have a purpose in contributing to life’s abundance, nourishment, and delight.

From September 15-October 15, 2020, we are in the period of LatinX Heritage Month! Whether it be in North America, South America, Central America, or the Caribbean, the richness of Latino/a heritage is a focal point of celebration. Whether it be the accomplishments of individuals, the celebration of nationhood, or the performance of many cultures, fashion, music, dance, independent her/history, and others, the sacred havens for value and human worth, within the Latino/a community are reflected to the greater public. That’s if humanity is open and available to seeing such richness and nourishment. That’s if humanity is willing to look passed how they have been taught to view specific cultures of people.

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Throughout the celebration of Latino/a Heritage Month, how different cultures have performed their contribution in shaping the world, is revealed. Those particular colorings, designs, patterns, and shapings are connected to different nations and groups, within the term Latino/a have crafted authentic portrayals of their own image.

Mexico. Venezuela. Puerto Rico. Colombia. Cuba. Dominican Republic. Paraguay. Uruguay. Peru. Ecuador. Panama. Bolivia. Guatemala. Honduras. El Salvador. Costa Rica. Nicaragua. Chile. Argentina. Peru.

They are different nations. Various colors selected for their representation. Close your eyes and imagine myriad platters of lavish culinary from each of these spaces on Earth’s paradise. After all, culinary is more than an artistry of eating. We have to understand how culinary defines and describes the methodologies, and manner into which a people have crafted Earth’s vegetation for their own delight. That’s the very basis of cuisine. It always reverts back to the Earth. Its the same with fashionable/cultural attire, music, literature, dance, and anything else related to culture. Dance is how a people have crafted themselves in the design of Universal movement onto Earth’s spacing. Fashion or cultural dress, is the manner into how a people define themselves with the vegetation and Earthly patterns, surrounding them. Its the same with music, literature, and language. Language is especially important, as it creates a euphoria into how a people are able to move themselves through Earth’s spacing, within a particular communication of sound. All of these entities are connected to the spiritual and Earthly realms.

Through the celebration of Latino/a Heritage Month 2020, we get a different story. Forget about the oppressive narratives of immigration, and fleeing from one’s homeland, in pursuit of a better life in the United States. Through this celebration, the world gets perspective of a different world, which is not heavily presented on US media stations and tools. Through this particular arena, the world sees vibrant atmospheres, independence, and artistic reflections of self. The United States of America also gains perspective, and the ability, to observe healthier images, within these particular nations, cultures, and communities. Cultural and linguistic richness is observed. The people are presented as active contributors to civilization; the ability to assist, and awaken others. Its a better perspective than those addicted to the portrayal of refugee status. That’s what makes Latino/a Heritage Month 2020 a vivacious time. Even if it is once a year, the Western Hemisphere gets to observe another side. Different representations of richness are illuminating and fulfilling to see. Its a form of celebration for Latino/a communities. In addition, it is also a form of liberation for others, outside of the community, as prominent notions against such communities are challenged.

Another important fact for the celebration of Latino/a Heritage Month 2020 is that it highlights the diversity of what it means to be a Latina/o. Clearly, there are Afro-Latinos/as existing within these particular nations. Their stories deserve to be told. Let’s not forget about the presence (and even rising vigilance) of Native/Indigenous communities within these particular nations. In fact, the significance of these two groups is how they paint a different masterpiece of these two cultures. We have the presence, which glossed the land before any European power arrived on its sculpting. Then, we also have group, who added, mixed, and sculpted different layers of the land; spraying the scents and whispers of West African memory and thought.

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Finally, those individuals from Latino/a communities, who have used the authenticity of their Being for vigilance, must receive greater recognition. It is important to recognize Latinos/Latinas in the United States, who have done the work of working within their culture; using that as their foundation for celebration, and awareness of self. They are authentic, and they give authentic portrayals of who they are. Those having foundation with their land and culture already know who they are. They have a space to return to. Furthermore, they use their own culture as a form of advancement for the international realm. They seek love within their culture, first. They seek validation with their culture, first. That’s powerful and it adds to that level of authenticity, of what it means to be Latino/a. Have true Latino/a pride! Its beautiful and its what celebration is all about!

As we continue in the celebration of Latino/Latina Heritage Month 2020, let’s remember to seek the beautiful, within Spanish-speaking communities. Seek the sacred spaces, which channels harmony and nourishment, within these lands and cultures. Open your mind to the points of cultural healing, and seek a more holistic vision for a celebratory vibe! With a Latino/a style, that is!

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