Who is really happy in this World?

A Lunchtime talk with Colleagues

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I just want to be happy. A lunch time talk and this is what one of my colleagues said. There is nothing wrong in that wish or thought to be happy. In fact, it is said that the original, constitutional nature of a spirit soul is to be happy and blissful. That is why, the living being is always seeking happiness in what ever they do. Every one seeks happiness, even a drug addict is trying to get away from miseries and find something that he feels will give him happiness. The problem is that they are trying to find the happiness in a wrong way and wrong place. For example, there is a Mango tree full of mango’s on the bank of a pond.Someone sees the reflection of the tree and mango’s in the the water. Immediately, jumps into the water and while swimming in the water,tries to catch hold of the mango fruits that were reflected in the water, he would get no where. Its just a  reflection, a shadow while the real fruits are hanging on to the tree at the bank. 

Coming back to the topic of – Happiness, Srimad Bhagavatam, a famous eastern book of Philosophy 11.9.4, explains that in this world, really there is only two types of people who can be free from, stress, Anxiety and always merged in great happiness.The first one is the topmost Enlightened person who had taken complete shelter of God.The second one who is at the bottom is the most ignorant or childish fool who doesn’t bother about anything worthwhile at all. He is completely immersed in his world of indulgence like, Alcohol, Drugs etc. As they say – Ignorance is bliss.However we should not place these two types of people on the same level because, they are poles apart and the final destination of these two is different. So, what about the one in the middle who is neither a transcendental spiritualist nor the bottom rung person. The one in the middle like me and you are the most miserable – I stopped my out-pour of words and looked at my friends who are looking at me in various expressions like, shall I say – shocked, dismayed or whatever.

Just then, One of my colleague made an interesting Analogy.He said – Yeah, this makes sense because, during the exams time in college,  only two types of people are happy. One, those who studied everything and confident about answering the exam paper. The other is the one who did not study anything. Although the one who did not study anything is not confident but, at least indifferent and rather happy because, he knows that anyway he did not study or put much effort and in the exam he will take a shot, attempt, write or answer  something. And, if he passes the exam, that’s a bonus and if doesn’t pass, then no worries because, he don’t care anyway. But, the ones in the middle like you and me are the most miserable because, we are in between the two, trying to study till the last minute, cram everything into the brain and somehow get a respectable score, if not a High Distinction or Credit.So what about the people like me who are in the middle, neither enlightened Spiritualist nor a Childish ignorant.I was thinking of an answer for this and came across this wonderful book written by Devamrita Swami, titled ” Hiding in Unnatural Happiness”. To talk about this book, I would like to refer to a quote, “Essential truth spoken concisely is true eloquence.” This concise book, eloquently written touches on the most crucial aspects of real Happiness for genuine spiritual seekers. I hope, you enjoy reading it.

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