Which one is the best pet for a family?

If you want a pet but you don’t know how to choose between a dog and a cat, read the following tips that will make you make the right choice. Your children want a pet, your husband says dog, you say cat. Which to choose? It can also happen to you that you live alone […]

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If you want a pet but you don’t know how to choose between a dog and a cat, read the following tips that will make you make the right choice.

Your children want a pet, your husband says dog, you say cat. Which to choose? It can also happen to you that you live alone and look for a faithful friend that will keep you company, or that you never had a pet and think it would be good to start with one.

You know that dogs and cats are the preferred pets worldwide, and to choose between one or the other you will have to pay attention to certain indicators that will make you arrive at the correct determination, among them the time you have and what it is that you expect a pet.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a dog

You have to walk it daily, and not just 5 minutes. Imagine that you arrive home tired of working and that your furry friend is waiting for you, all happy, and desperate to go for a walk, not only because he wants to do his needs but because he has to release his accumulated energy. Are you willing to take it for a walk?

A dog needs you to bathe it regularly, cut its nails and brush it. You can do it yourself or send it to a dog groomer, which infers a cost.

A dog needs to play, he waited for you all day long and is not going to settle for a caress.

If you usually go on vacation or business trips it would be a difficulty because you need someone to take care of it, or else, you will have to pay a lump sum for a canine nursery to take care of it.

Excrement and food. They are two things that are related, and when the dog is bigger, the more food it needs and the more excrement you will have, compared to cats, which are small and easily learn to use their sand for bowel movements.

To have a dog you need some space at home, although it depends on the size of the dog.

All of the above seems to bring many inconveniences, but a dog will add love to your life, more than you imagine:

  • If you like to exercise, he will love to accompany you.
  • If you like to travel by car, he will be happy by your side.
  • Dogs love spending days outdoors with the family.
  • In his eagerness to please you he will learn simple commands and orders.
  • They are good at watching and taking care of your home.
  • A dog is a faithful companion and is very dependent on his master.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a cat

Cats are not good either to take care of the home or to please you by learning tricks. If you learn one, it is because you felt like it, not because of you.

Cats require periodic brushing and nail cutting care.

You don’t have to take him for a walk all the time to do his needs outside, but you must clean his litter box every day.

The cat is an independent pet, if you travel, you just need someone to put food and check that everything is fine.

No need to please you. If he wants to be caressed, he will go for you, but he won’t do it to make you happy.

When you get home you are not going to throw yourself, but you will like to sit on your lap to doze while watching TV.

  • Cats need playtime but not as demanding as dogs.
  • Cats hate cars and are not good for a walk and family outing.
  • If you rent an apartment, they generally accept cats and not dogs.

Having read the advantages and disadvantages of each pet, do you know what is best for you? Dog or cat? Which one do you prefer?

5 great reasons why you need to have a DOG in your home

Dogs are wonderful pets. They are friendly, affectionate, and always happy to see you when you get home. In fact, there should be at least one dog in every house!

And these are the reasons why you need to have a dog in your home.

1. Dogs are good for your health

Spending time simply stroking and talking with your dog every day is associated with lower blood pressure, and that means a lower risk of disease.

In addition, children who grow up in families that have dogs are less likely to develop eczema and pet allergies.

2. Dogs encourage activity

Dogs require daily exercise, and so do you! And since dog owners are responsible for their pets to walk daily, it is natural for them to be more active than their non-dog counterparts.

3. Dogs are protectors

A dog’s strong auditory sense, along with an innate ability to detect something suspicious, means that our beloved pets can also be a reliable alarm system.

While certain breeds, such as German shepherds and Rottweilers, are natural guard dogs, all dogs are able to alert their families to strange behavior.

4. Dogs reduce stress

Taking your dog to work can really make the day less stressful. And although it seems strange, more and more offices are allowing owners to take their pets, probably because their presence can really benefit employees. Studies show that people who bring their dogs to work experience less stress during the workday.

5. You will never get bored with your dog

When you have a dog, there is always something to do, whether to take him to the park, teach him a new trick, or walk him through the neighborhood. It is fun for the dog and for you also to find new ways to spend time together.

So if you don’t have one yet, now you have 5 good ones to have a dog in your home! And there are 10 myths about dogs that you should stop believing.

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