Where You’re At Now In Life, Isn’t Where You’ll Always Be.

"I use to have only ketchup packages and couple slices of bread for dinner." - Monti Washington

Monti Washington - Tuff Talks

Monti Washington isn’t your average motivational speaker. His presentations about real life experiences he’s had leaves students feeling confident in themselves and inspired to live out the best version of their lives. Sometimes speakers come in and just lose your attention, but not Monti Washington. He’s able to keep students fully engaged with his humor and ability to use his experience to relate to his audience. Leaving them with knowledge, skills and motivation needed to be successful both in the classroom and outside of it. As a TOP Motivational Speaker, Monti has been recognized as “Americas Adversity Coach” He comes in and shows students how they can achieve, overcome, and turn obstacles on campus into real life success.

What’s your back story?

Monti Washington: I grew up a product of a one-night stand in a hotel room. My mother was a prostitute and a drug addict. I never met my dad and spent most my childhood sleeping in homeless shelters, parks, and crack houses. Eventually I was taken away from my mother and put into 12 different foster homes over the course of 3 years. I then was put into foster homes where I was beaten, hospitalized, and locked in a room for nearly 23 hours a day. Eventually I got out of that situation and was put into a better home, but that experience left me without any confidence and stuck in special ed classes until 8thgrade. I eventually worked my butt off graduated high school with honors and went on to graduate college with two degrees. After college I moved to LA where I have been living since pursing my acting career and building my Speaker/Coaching business.

What drives you to get out of bed in the morning?

Monti Washington: Remembering the times I slept in parks growing up eating out of trash cans and begging people for money in order to feed my younger brothers. Also, just the thought that I can have the life I have been dreaming of for years despite where I started.

Who has helped you along the way?

Monti Washington: I have had several people influence my growth and drive to success. For the most part I had to be self-motivated but the few people who influenced me in a positive way was my college professor Tanya Morah because her passion for teaching was amazing! My mentor TW really showed me what success can look like. Lastly my little brother Halston. He spent 8 years in the state penitentiary for robbing people and selling drugs. Despite all of this he got his high school diploma, AA degree and came out a better person. The way he could live through such a negative environment for so long and come out a better person is awe inspiring. He always tells me I’m the best man he knows which I try to live up to.

How do you push through the worst times?

Monti Washington: I push through the worst times by remembering where I came from, how far I have come, and where I’m going. I remind myself that I use to have only ketchup packages and couple slices of bread for dinner. But most importantly I take action! The worst times are the best time to grow and I remind myself of that and immediately take massive action toward whatever I’m working toward at the time.

What 3 tips would you give to yourself if you had to go through your life again?

  1. Talk less and act quicker on opportunities that come your way!
  2. Have confidence in yourself from the start. You are the shit!
  3. Stop worrying about what others say and how they feel about you. Stay in your lane and move past all of that negativity.

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