Where do you take your child if you have a job?

Here's a list of childcare options for when you have a job.

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If you’re a stay at home mom, at some point, you might need to get a job like one of these best stay at home jobs for moms. You might need the money to contribute to your family’s finances. Or you just need to do something for yourself – have that separate identity because while you love being a mom, being a mom is just one of your labels. You might be a photographer, a painter, an analyst. You need to be you.

If you have a job, where do you take your child? What are your options?

This list will go through your childcare options while working:


Depending on your kid’s age, you could enroll your child in school or daycare. If it’s daycare, obviously this will cost money. You could use a home day care which is often less expensive and has its advantages (you might have more 1:1 time for your child). You’ll have to weigh the cost of daycare vs. the money you’ll be making in your job to see if it makes sense.

Create a flexible work schedule

It might be possible for you to work while the other parent is at home if you have a flexible work schedule. I know one family who did this. The mom worked during the evenings and the dad worked during the day. When one parent was working, the other was looking after the kids. They were able to avoid daycare with 3 children with this schedule.

Hire a babysitter

You could also hire a babysitter to look after your little ones. My brother and his partner do this. They have a nanny-cam to ensure their little one and their belongings are safe. Their child gets the individual attention she needs.

Ask your family members

You could ask grandma or grandpa to look after your child regularly. With this option, you don’t need to pay anyone. You know your children will be safe. One thing to note is that you might disagree with some of the practices your grandparents have. You’ll want to communicate your preferences to the grandparents so they know where you stand on certain issues like food, entertainment etc. I know some moms who send their little ones to grandparent’s house only to find out they had sweets all day. While it’s common that grandparents think they are there to spoil children, you as a parent might have firm rules about what your kids should and shouldn’t eat.

Sign your child up for programs

You could sign your kid up for programs like educational programs or sports activities if you only need a few hours each week for working. That way your child gets enrichment and you have the hours you need to do your job.

Make an arrangement with a neighbor or friend

You might be in the same boat as another family who lives close by. If this is the case, you could offer to look after your friend’s kids while they’re working and vice versa. This situation is probably not the best option on the list unless your neighbor or friend is a childcare provider.

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