When Love Is Uncertain, Yet We Love, Anyway! FIORELLA MANNOIA

Famed Italian Singer-FIORELLA MANNOIA-Her Performance Of "I Dubbi dell'Amore," and The Teachings Of Loving Someone, Even When Such Love Is Uncertain!

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There is a kind of love, which remains, sticky. You don’t really know what is going to happen. You are unsure of any future plans, change in plans, or change in emotions. What is that love starts to fade? We don’t always know what will happen, will we? Nevertheless, there is a kind of energy, which keeps us closer to that person, anyhow. We want to love them. We continue to love them-even if it is from, afar. The question to ponder upon and reflect is, why do we continue to love, if there is a chance that love will get away? Now, that is a question we have to address.

Love is more than beautiful. It is Universal. Its healing. There is an enriching experience, when it comes to our ability to connect our very existence with another person. Sharing in that love, and using that connection to awaken desires of love in others; that they may be open to love, seek love, and never remain comfortable in being, “unloved.” I guess it is why people take that chance. Having the opportunity to experience this awakening and powerful feeling is better than never having felt it at all. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons for why the world has not given up on love. Not just yet, anyhow. If we did, then we would be in serious trouble. After all, love keeps things together. It truly holds things together. That is one of the insights and pleasures of love. Stability.

Traveling across waters to the nation of Italy, we move to a realm, where one explanation of love is given. Her voice is Earthly-a light tranquility between its heaviness and a silken flow, which produces the very guise, guidance, and lens for dealing with love’s uncertainty. Quite honestly, that particular component is scary. Heartbreak is real! When it happens the first time, its one of the most painful things we have ever experienced. Yet, we continue to love! We have to. Its the only thing keeping us together.


I was exposed to the song, I Dubbi dell’Amore, by Fiorella Mannoia. What a treasure it had been to listen to this sacred entity! One of the most beautiful atmospheres pertaining to this song, is how it hints to the scent of love sticking around, even when it appears to have long gone. It feels wrong. That’s what makes the situation so complicated. The scent of a person lingers on. Should you walk out of the front door, you feel as if you are seeing various individuals, who are carrying his very same pattern. Many choose the ecstasy of love.


Se una mattina io mi accorgessi che con l’alba sei partito riempirei di meraviglia la città

If one morning I I realized that you left with the dawn with your suitcases towards another life I would fill the city with wonder

Hmm. Why is it that during the morning time love continues to linger? What is it about the gentleness and gentility of the sun, which causes us to move through, and taste the traces of love? There is a way with sunrise, which provides us with a certain calm and reflection.

prenderei ad organizzarmi l’esistenza mi convincerei che posso fare senza chiamerei gli amici con curiosità e me ne andrei da qua Cambierei tutte le opinioni

I’d start organizing my existence I would convince myself that I can do without I would call friends with curiousity and I would leave here I would change all opinions

Tu dormi e non pensare ai dubbi dell’amore ogni stupido timore e’ la prova che ti do e rimango e ti cerco non ti lascio pià non ti lascio piÃ

You sleep and don’t think To the doubts of love Every stupid fear is the proof I give you And I stay and look for you I won’t leave you anymore I won’t leave you anymore

One of the fascinations surrounding this song, and Fiorella Mannoia’s performance of it, is that it addresses the fears of love. Its always those What if moments. What if he leaves? What if things go bad? What if? What if? What if? Its funny, isn’t? Too often we are used to looking for something bad, that we forget about the bounties, beauties and blessings in being open to the reality, that yes, sometimes, love can be a beautiful experience. Actually, its many times. Love can be quite beautiful and surreal! Even if that particular love affair is not meant to last, just be mindful of the reality, that love is grand, because love exist.

Mi convincerei che posso fare senza I would convince myself that I can do without

Ah! The lies we tell ourselves when it comes to love. How often have we tried to convince ourselves that we can live our way through life’s journey, without experiencing the delicacies and beauty of love? That’s one of the issues needing to be addressed, isn’t it? So, let’s talk about the beauty of love, its particular journey, and how it should be a sense of euphoria and healing, even if that journey is not meant to last forever. Yes! Things have to end at some point. However, its the adventures, memories, and precious moments, which makes the ending more peaceful. That’s what we have to take into account, and consideration. Its the beautiful moments and times, which makes love’s ending a lot less painful and tragic.

When a song such as I Dubbi dell’Amore safely takes us through this intriguing journey, there is something worthwhile in accepting any uncertainties, as it pertains to life’s journey. The introduction, and live performance, brings forth the dramatic effect of beginning that journey. Yes, it feels scary. Simultaneously, a person is reminded that their emotions are safe and protected when going through this journey.

Se una mattina io Mi accorgessi che con l’alba sei partito Riempirei di meraviglia la città

If one morning I realized that you left with the dawn with your suitcases towards another life I would fill the city with wonder

Listening to the beginning of this first verse, your mind goes into wonder, concerning how painful, it must be to acknowledge this. The audacity in admitting to yourself, that one day someone could leave you is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself. Why? Well, that is very simple. Its because you don’t delude yourself with unhealthy fantasies about love affairs being forever. That’s a fact. Once you come to acknowledge that, you are led into making a decision. To choose or not to choose love! Now, that is the question. As the listener moves further into the song, we are met with a level of ease. We are given permission to release any fears of love’s uncertainty, and to somply accept things as they are.

Cambierei tutte le opinioni E brucerei le foto Con nuove convinzioni Mi condizionerei forse ringiovanirei e comunque ne uscirei

I would change all opinions And I’d burn all the photos With new beliefs I would condition myself Maybe I would rejuvenate And in any case, I would get out of it

Wow! Through these very words, audience members are experiencing the very process of heartbreak, and the healing phase from it. Anger. Resentment. Acceptance. Rebirth. Within this very phrasing, such a cycle is being told. Its truthful and that’s what makes it comforting. We are not pretending that may does not exist should a lover walk out of our lives. There you have it. It is performed and presented out in full view. Now, that we have cleared the air, and presented the fear of losing someone that we love, peace is restored. In fact, if we allow it to be, peace becomes the final result to heartbreak. Pain cannot last forever.

Throughout the song, elements of Black America’s perfume is presented for all to see. It is known as Jazz, and it connects the realms of healing and heartbreak, within this Italian ballad. There is a duality in I Dubbi dell’Amore. Love has its resentments, and yet we desire it, anyway. We take the risk of heartache, and heartbreak, as we know that the very passion of love is worth the wait! That’s what makes this song so real! So passionate! Taking a chance with love gives abundance. Therefore, when things go wrong, there is one thing we can affirm. Love is passionate! Even if it does not last, the very feeling is beautiful. So when that time comes for a lover’s depart, its the precious memories, that will heal our heart.


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