When life throws you lemons, do you make lemonade?

How my life challenges propelled me into reinventing myself. It’s often the things we fear most that we need to face in order to learn and grow and to be able to live our purpose and the life of our dreams.

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Life has somehow forced me into situations where I’ve had to adapt, change, grow and constantly move with the flow. 

When I meet people who have lived in the same city, had the same job, travel to the same places, it makes me wonder how my life would be if i too took that path. 

So much of who I am today is a result of my experiences and life challenges. At one point in my life I thought I would get married, buy a house, have a baby, and then grow my career, like most people do. Well, I did that, and then ended up getting divorced after a 16 year relationship. 

I became a single mom of two kids, ages 6 and 12. I had to sell my house, change my work situation and then eventually move to another city. I initially thought that my kids would go to the same school, grow up in the same community and have the same friends, but somehow life had other plans for me.

While going through some of these changes, I hit many bottom points. Somehow, though, with the support of good friends and colleagues, I was able to pull through. Thankfully I’m a naturally optimistic and positive person (thanks Dad!) and my creativity has helped me to reinvent myself and my life a few times. 

Fast-forward to my life today…

I’m living in a beautiful home, back in the city where I originally wanted to raise my kids. I have travelled to 19 countries in the last 5 years, and I’m doing work that I love. In 2014, I travelled and lived in South America with my kids for 8 months. I have done things that I would have never even dreamed of 20 years ago, and I know there’s more!

While some things remain constant for me (I have a wonderful circle of friends),  I generally thrive in change and seek opportunities that will grow and challenge me.

I have evolved and expanded and stretched in many different ways. 

When I look at the work I do today, I know that it is culmination of my education, experience and life lessons. i didn’t necessarily go from point A to B to C in a linear fashion, but somehow, rather, I have arrived full circle.

When you think of where you are today, relative to where you thought you would be 5, 10 or 20 years ago, what does it look like? Do you feel like you’ve pushed yourself out of your comfort zone enough to “feel the magic?”

Have you been able to move through the changes and challenges of life? Have you faced your fears, or have you have stayed in situations longer than you know you should, because it feels safe, and in control and less “risky?”

When we extend beyond our comfort zones, we are forced to find new skills, solve problems and overcome challenges. We stop making excuses and letting people’s opinions affect us. We launch from comfort to fear to learning and then growth.

It’s in this space – GROWTH – that I feel the most alive. It’s here where I find myself awake and living my dreams and purpose, and doing the things I never thought possible.

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