10 Ways to Practice Self-Love

Fill up your cup in order to pour out of it in the most abundant way.

Don't forget to water yourself.

There are numerous ways you can practice self-love throughout the day. Practicing self-love doesn’t have to be extravagant spa sessions, taking a vacation, or doing anything too costly. Here are 10 ways that I have found to be quite helpful in practicing self-love.

  1. SPEAK KINDLY TO YOURSELF– Don’t be so hard on yourself. You need that little voice in your head to start lifting you up and supporting you on your journey. Your mind is a tool for you to use beneficially, not to harm you. If someone could hear that little voice in your head would they think you were speaking to your best friend or an enemy? Encourage and love yourself!!
  2. FEED YOUR BODY FOODS THAT LEAVE YOU FEELING GOOD- Your body is responsible for taking you where you need to go on your journey. Eat in a way that supports keeping it healthy. But also treat yourself here and there. Food is a huge part of the life experience! Oh and drink lots of H20!
  3. EXERCISE- As torturous as working out may be to some of you, the benefits outweigh the struggle that comes with it. It’s important to get your heart rate up and keep your internal organs functioning as they should. Choose an exercise style that you enjoy, switch it up in order to keep up!
  4. MEDITATE- Setting aside a little time in the day to focus on your intentions, what you want to let go of, what you want to manifest, and aligning with your true self is very beneficial. Attend a class or try out a free app. to get that peacefulness.
  5. EXPAND YOUR MIND- It’s important to keep growing and learning. Read a new book, check out a new museum, connect with new people, or serve with an organization. Allow your mind, perspective, and heart to keep growing as you grow in self-love.
  6. GO TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE- Spend an afternoon or weekend at the beach, in the country, going for a hike, or relaxing in a park. Make time for the space you need, whether it be alone or with loved ones.
  7. START WRITING IN A GRATITUDE JOURNAL- Get a journal and dedicate it to being your gratitude journal. Write down a few things that you are grateful for at the end of each day. You will be reminded of all the blessings that each day still has to offer despite the difficulties that may have occurred.
  8. DECLUTTER- Declutter physical things as well as mental things. Take some time to clean out your closet of items that you no longer wear and need. Organize your desk so your mind can be organized once you do some work. Declutter whatever it is that isn’t adding value to your life.
  9. LET GO OF WHAT YOU CANNOT CONTROL- Don’t spend too much time worrying about things, events, and people that you cannot control. Practice letting go and releasing worry.
  10. REMIND YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE WORTHY– You are always worthy! Tell yourself this throughout the day, but most importantly believe yourself when you say it!

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