What We Do To Keep Our Husband Healthy

How one change brought us closer together than ever before.

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I’ll be perfectly honest. I didn’t relish the fact that I was going to change my eating habits – drastically.

I love a good steak now and then. Oh, and a bacon cheeseburger is at the tippy top of my list if I’m painfully honest. And, there is nothing better than Sunday brunch with a Denver Omelet smothered in cheddar cheese. I can smell the bacon now calling my name.

Yes, I love all meat, dairy, super fried, sugary… everything!

I’ve lived with this man long enough to know that if I didn’t take the lead on his dietary change, he would continue down the treacherous road that having type 2 diabetes will drive you quickly down. A swerve straight into a ditch if you’re not careful and diligent.

 Things we do for others…

So, maybe giving up meat, eggs, fish, dairy, sugar, and oils is a bit drastic but I understood from health coaching that a whole food, plant-based diet was the perfect match for my husband and an ideal way to fight this disease.

I knew he would thrive with this way of eating and he does! Truthfully, it’s taking me longer to adapt (but I sneak an occasional latte when he’s not looking!)

A plant-based diet has been shown over and over again to be the most disease-fighting, health-promoting and nutrient-dense way of eating – period.

Why is it when you eat a whole food, plant-based diet even without losing weight, diabetes can be reversed?

First, eating vegan means reducing/eliminating saturated fats- the primary cause of insulin resistance. Two, a plant-based diet is automatically packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber. All necessary to combat this dreaded disease.

Vegan and Diabetes is a perfect match!

Every morning as my husband charts his blood glucose level we celebrate the changes occurring almost overnight. His blood sugars have dropped over 40 points, and if you were to ask him he’d tell you he feels stronger, happier and sexier than ever! All these changes in a few short weeks!

I’ve learned a new way to cook (and bought new pans) and share a new love story with my children and family. Slowly my kids are changing their habits too which makes my heart sing!

Instead of date night at the local steakhouse or Mexican restaurant, we seek out all sorts of trendy, fun vegan restaurants in the city. We’re out of the suburbs living the good life!

My husband and I connect on a new more profound level and keep our love alive for each other as we explore and learn a new way of being together.

Change is never easy and going from carnivore to vegan overnight is drastic, but truth be known if roles were reversed he’d do the same for me in a New York minute. 

Here’s to new beginnings even though you’ve been married too many years to count!

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