What They Don’t Teach You About Failure

Don’t allow failure to define you.

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It sounds like a funny word when you say it. But nothing is funny about the definition of this word. In simplest terms atychiphobia means fear of failure.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. They have a word for that? Why, yes they do.

But, unfortunately, I’m not surprised! There’s a current trend I’ve noticed with the women I’ve coached. They all have this constant fear of failure. Now, I’m not claiming any of them have atychiphobia because it’s actually a more serious condition than what we all normally experience as fear of failure. However, I do believe there’s an epidemic of a constant fear of failure.

And I believe it begins to form in our childhood.

  • Every time our parents tell us to study because they don’t want us to fail a class.
  • Every time our coach instructs us to practice for our particular sport because winning is much better than failing.
  • Every time we try to “fit in” because we don’t want to sit in the “loser” table in the lunchroom.

But can I be honest with you?

Failure doesn’t have to mean how the Merriam Webster dictionary defines it.

Failure doesn’t have to mean: lack of success; falling short.

Failure can mean whatever you want it to.

You have the POWER to define it for your life. But whatever you do…

Do not allow failure to define you.

Instead, here are some other ways to define failure. Failure can mean…

  1. Try again…
  2. This wasn’t for you…
  3. This is another lesson…
  4. Not right now…
  5. There’s something better coming along…

In other words, Failure doesn’t have to mean it’s the end of the world because it isn’t!

In fact, I believe Failure is better defined as: one step closer; a learning lesson.

So the next time you experience failure, remember you have AUTHORITY to define what “failure” will mean to you and your life.

Have you ever struggled with having a fear of failure? Why do you think you struggle with this?

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