What these 6 celebrities are doing differently to stay stress-free and productive during the lock down

How to stay productive and stress free during lock down

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A few weeks into the coronavirus pandemic and I wanted to learn how to get through the lockdown without getting a mental breakdown. After dragging myself in pajamas and lazing 

around all day for two weeks, I started feeling like a mess internally. 

I yearned to be the writer, wife, and mother that I was before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Having never seen such a thing as lockdown in my entire life, I had nowhere to turn for guidance on how such times are managed.

I decided to look up to the people we celebrate. Why? Because they pay for the best life coaches, fitness experts, doctors, nutritionists, stylists, and every other assistant they need to run life smoothly.

For the past month, I have been observing how they have been running their lives through the lockdown and these four celebs taught me things that we all ought to do. 

Jenifer Lopez

Like me, Jlo had gotten excited and comfortable about spending her days in sweatpants and lazing around.

But recently she developed a new lifestyle that I admire.

She spends her days caring for her hair which she says was damaged from her 20 years in business. She tries to stick to her skincare routine and lets her nails out to breathe.

 She told People magazine that she is going back to the basics of life. Trying to enjoy the little things such as the beauty of nature and quiet moments with her kids.

We need to create stay at home routines and stick to them.

The humanness in us wasn’t built for the lazing kind of lifestyle. We need to rest but while having fun, staying productive, and taking care of our bodies.

By the way, did you watch Jlo’s‘Flip the Switch’ TikTok challenge? Ah, you need to. It’s a great way to have fun with our loved ones at home 

These are the moments we need to look out for and enjoy them. 

The Beckhams

The Beckhams have been spending time playing legos and this is surely something we should be doing.

The Beckhams needed such time and so did we.

 Beckham’s wife Victoria kept posting updates of their lego plays on social media emphasizing how much they were enjoying. Bechkam also baked brownies and posted a happy him saying he had taken ages without cooking.  

So how does playing lego, poker, or whatever your favorite game with family or baking a cake help us stay productive and stress-free?

A January 2014 research carried out by the federal reserve bank of St.Louis indicated that parents were more productive than their childless counterparts.

We also shouldn’t forget that studies have shown that drug abuse and lack of success at school are all related to family dysfunction.

The takeaway from the Beckhams is that time spent with loved ones is priceless. Plus If you work on loving, caring, and bonding with your family, you will enjoy stress-free productive days.

It’s time to play poker or whatever you like with your family. If you live alone, thank goodness there are lots of casino gaming portals that offer social gaming. Here is a list of the best new online casino slot games of 2020. find a game and play with your loved ones online.

Let’s not forget that the very reason that family exists is to create bonds and learn values that we can then share with society.

 If you encounter a well-mannered co-worker, boss or neighbor, it’s because their parents dedicated family time to raise behaved children

 Joe Wicks

It is one thing to give from the millions of dollars you own but it is another to put in the work while giving out the money.

We saw various celebrities come out and share from their enormous wealth but one guy caught my eye and taught me a lesson that I think is worth emulating.

Joe Wicks, Uk’s famous fitness coach, TV presenter, author, and bodybuilder has been putting in the work by recording his workouts making money out of them and giving back the money to fight coronavirus. 

So how is this keeping Joe Wick’s productive you ask?

Let’s go back to the basics of the benefits of exercising.

Exercising boosts productivity improves your mood, cuts your weight, relieves physical pain, reduces stress and I could go on.

But how brilliant to earn these health benefits while making money and giving it back to help the world.

Yes Joe Wicks is a fitness coach and was making money out of his work before the pandemic hit but he could have as well continued pocketing the money he makes from the fitness business but he decided to share.

It’s these little things that motivate us to stay productive and stress-free knowing that we are working for a cause, a cause like no other-saving humanity.

I mean what else can send endorphins swimming through your brain and kicking out stress like knowing that you helped someone and you put in all the work to do so?

Anna Vakili, Malin Andersson & Rita Ora

These 3 women have a lot to learn from. 

Rita Ora and her sister Elena are volunteering effortlessly for the NHS. They do anything from delivering medical supplies to hospitals and to people who can’t get them. They also make phone calls.

Their mum that was no longer working also returned to work with mental health patients-talk about family values.

Then Anna Vakili the Love Island 2019 reality TV star decided to go back to her job as a pharmacist so she could help in the fight against coronavirus. I mean who does that after winning making millions unless they have values.

Malin Anderson did the same. She is trained in elderly and palliative care and so she went back to work in that sector.

These precious women will not be the same after the pandemic passes. They will be stronger and happier. But above all, they will have a new perspective on life and these values are what we need to stay productive and stress-free.

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