What Is Your Energy Signature?

Is it synonymous with who you are, what you think, believe, feel, manifest, & value?

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, each of us has an Energy Signature. What does that mean you may ask? No differently than what we sign-off-on, in our personal/business lives, call it reports, contracts, agreements, consent forms, legal documentation and so forth, we also have an energy signature. A signature which becomes synonymous with who we are, what we think, believe, feel, manifest, and value. We are vibrationally ‘signing-of-on’ – that which we impart each and every time we open our mouths, or upload/post to our social media outlets, every time we interact in any form of a mutual exchange or when we individually choose to proclaim, declare, announce or weigh-in-on any particular subject matter. What we choose to share and express of ourselves with others, then transcends more than enough information and insights about who we (as the messenger) are… to those who are on the receiving end of our energy signature.

For those of us who value and protect our vibrational energies, and for those of us who also respect and value the energetic energies of others…it is not overly difficult to discern whether someone else is operating at their highest vibrational level or conversely – operating at perhaps their lowest vibrational level or perhaps, even somewhere in the middle of either end of the energetic spectrum. This is how we are able to intrinsically and intuitively determine whether we find ourselves being drawn to or repelled by… the energies of all other life sources. This is how we are able to discern what in fact resonates with us at the deepest core level of our inner being as contrasted by that which does not.

When we refer to word descriptors such as ‘Vibe,’ or ‘Tribe,’ or ‘Alignment,’ or ‘Synergies’ there are no coincidences to who it is we in fact ‘click’ with and who we are not inherently inclined to necessarily ‘click’ with. Our energy signature is what communicates to others whether we (me/you) are approachable. Our energy signature is what informs others of whether we are characteristically wired to be more positive and optimistic or if we (me/you) more consistently default to negativity and pessimism. Our energy signature is what lets others know to what degree we are receptive, reciprocal, and embracing in comparison to the ways in which we (you/me) are energetically aloof, dismissive, and disengaged.

Regardless of likes, shares, followers, and subscribers…is your Energy Signature authentically congruent with who you know yourself to genuinely be? Is who you know yourself to truly be – the same energetic message you extend to the rest of the outward world? Does your Energy Signature have resonance with those operating within the same energetic realm as you? Would you be a-tuned to knowing the answer to this question either way?

Feel free to ask people, how it is they would describe your Energy Signature. More importantly, feel free to dig deep(er) and ask yourself the same meaningful question!

           Uplifting you to fear less and to live more! #Grateful #LivingFearlessly
           Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
           Thrive Global/Medium

Originally published at livingfearlesslywithlisa.com

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