What if We Focus on how We Want to FEEL in 2020?

Discover a different and impactful goal setting approach for the New Year.

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What’s interesting about goal setting is that the focus tends to be external.

How much money we want to earn. External

Where we want to live. External

Our ideal clients. External

Going on awesome vacations. External

Getting more followers. External

Getting out in nature more often. External

It’s all external.

But what if we focus on the feeling we’re trying to create instead?

Every single external goal can be traced back to how we actually want to feel.

Maybe earning more money will make us feel financially secure. The real feeling being freedom. Freedom to choose how we spend our time.

Living in our dream location might make us feel joyful and happy.

Going on cool vacations might spark a sense of adventure or calm, depending on where you’re going!

Getting out in nature more might make you feel more peaceful.

Most of us are looking for more feelings of peace, love and happiness.

So, what if we can look at creating those feelings now instead of someday when those external goals come to fruition?

And what if by invoking those feelings now, it actually brings us those external things faster?

What we’re doing is actually utilizing the law of vibration even if we’re not aware of it. Our thoughts and feelings are energy, and like attracts like.

If we’re ultimately wanting more freedom in our lives, what will help to make us feel free now? What can we do every single day to invoke that feeling?

Because what we put out will come back. This pertains to the feeling behind the thought, not just the thought alone. So, if you put out feelings of freedom, you will attract and see more in your life to feel free about, like an increase in finances, health and wealth.

So how about for 2020, we focus on who we want to BE and how we want to FEEL? Let’s shake it up this year.

My uncle passed away over Christmas time and it’s had me really thinking about how I want to be remembered. Is it for the number of followers I have or the number of lives I can make a difference in? If I can help just one person every day have even a small shift, then I know I will have had a positive impact in the world. Whether that impact is through my business or in my personal community. It’s all connected, and I think too often we are so focused on chasing those big business and professional goals. If we support everyone under the sun in our businesses but neglect those we love, is that really how we want to be remembered? Not me. And to be quite frank, that type of behavior is often rooted in some type of fear or lack around time anyway. If we believe we have an abundance of it and choose how we spend it wisely, we can be the business owner AND the parent / friend / sister / daughter we want to be.

So, what type of person do you want to BE by the end of 2020? Take some time to be really intentional with your goals this year. And how can you start living your life this way now and invoke those feelings every single day?

Serving from a strong mind doesn’t usually come from overwhelm, stress, doubt or worry.

How can you let these heavy emotions roll on by and step into your most brilliant, beautiful self? Put it in the calendar now, as it’s the only way to ensure it will actually take place.

And the big one….what do you need to let go of and leave behind?

Happy Manifesting in 2020! You can get a copy of my latest eBook, “The Power of Self-Care” to help you connect the dots between self-care and manifesting at: www.chrisatley.com/power

Chris Atley is an award-winning Business Coach, TEDX speaker and best selling Author. She has been featured on FOX, NBC, Bloomberg Radio and the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Chris believes fully that we can be, do and have anything in life, and has dedicated her professional career to showing us how.

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