What I learned from Mostafa Nouman about creating positive networks around yourself

Mostafa Nouman is a super positive and wholesome person to be around and to have help you with your own personal growth

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What I learned from Mostafa Nouman about creating positive networks around yourself

Mostafa Nouman is a social media guru and business owner to the core. From an early age, the Cairo-born teen knew that he wanted to do something that had never been done before. As the age of technology and social media had begun taking over the world, Nouman knew that it was time to get in on the action. He tried many things in the realm of content creation, from a YouTube channel to other projects, Nouman had his sights set on something big, and it would only take a few years until it all became clear. The first things he needed to learn about was making positive relationships with his business partners and co-workers, therefore resulting in him creating a complete positive network around his community of entrepreneurs, Mostafa’s first steps to connecting with others is giving them a reason to connect back with you, whether that be a business proposition or a mutual entrepreneur that they look forward to working with, respect must always be given and earned within the community.

After this quarantine, it will be up to you to look back, and see how you’ve spent your time. In the post-coronavirus world, Nouman will be continuing on with his business ventures, as he’s been doing. During this time, the young entrepreneur has improved and worked immensely, and all this time has given him the freedom to pursue deeper into his passions. Social Media is a super complicated industry to be in and even harder to successfully navigate it. Yet, through this vastly complicated space, there are a few individuals that are able to overcome these massive odds and be able to make Instagram and the social media space a successful business and entrepreneurship venture. Yet, most of these people are older in the sense that they are usually in their early 20s. Yet, as I have been exploring the space, I have found someone who is much younger than that. His name is Mostafa Nouman on Instagram and he is a 16-year-old social media guru and mogul and he makes a good living off of social media.

From what I know, Mostafa Nouman is a super positive and wholesome person to be around and to have help you with your own personal growth. He is only 16, almost 17 years old of age and began as the conventional high school secondary student understudy. He was attempting to be a competitive entrepreneur and business visionary and always desired to want to avoid that 9-5 occupation that wouldn’t promise him the way of life he sought after. However, Nouman, like anyone else has had their bad days and their good days but on his bad days, he usually tries to meditate and always focus on the good or focus on what went wrong and how he can fix it. He eventually realized that by the time he is 30 he was bound to do greater things. Mostafa stated “Genuinely I’ve recently been pounding. Like I have individuals around me who could assist me with getting out there. Be that as it may, my thoughts were constantly dismissed and turned down, one of them explicitly dismissed and afterward managed without me. Also, that truly struck me inside. It started a fire in my heart. Furthermore, not with outrage however with the fixation to demonstrate I could do this all alone.” This public figure is young, driven, and going about things in the correct way. He’s somebody that I would state you can turn upward to for his enthusiasm towards something he really cherishes and the manner in which he approaches everything in moral habits. In any case, Mostafa Nouman is a name in 2020 we will undoubtedly know and hear about everywhere soon.

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