What do you need to know when moving with children?

If for us, adults, changing our place of residence can be very stressful, then what can we say about children’s experiences? Moving with a child becomes much more difficult. How can you prepare your baby for change? How to organize the process painlessly for all family members? How can I protect my child while packing? […]

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If for us, adults, changing our place of residence can be very stressful, then what can we say about children’s experiences? Moving with a child becomes much more difficult. How can you prepare your baby for change? How to organize the process painlessly for all family members? How can I protect my child while packing? How to occupy it and distract it? How can I help you adapt to a new environment? We are sure that all parents are concerned about the answers to these questions. We have tried to collect and organize information and tips that, we hope, will make moving to another apartment for you and your child a simple and exciting event. 

So, the most important thing to pay attention to is the preparation and organization of the relocation process itself. The less noise and confusion there is, the easier it will be for your family to accept new circumstances and changes.

We have written in detail about the rules and useful life hacks in our other articles. For example, about what is the best packaging to choose and where to get it, about the list of essential items at the move, and even made a detailed checklist to prepare for this important event. We recommend that you read useful materials to be fully prepared.

Planning a move

Briefly summarize the main points: first of all, make a plan of action, write down all the main stages (packing things, preparing a new apartment for moving in, cleaning after transportation in the old apartment, and so on), specify the deadline for each item.

If you plan to use the services of professionals (and when moving with a baby, this is very important, because it will help you avoid literally all the excitement and hassle), then decide in advance on the choice of a moving company. Check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote

Purchase reliable and safe packaging materials. The Manager of the moving company or approximate moving cost calculator will help you calculate how much you need.

Before packing, sort and sort things. Decide what exactly you are taking to your new home, and what is better to leave, give, or give away. Careful sorting will also help you during unpacking – you will know exactly what was Packed and how.

Be sure to label things when packing! No box should remain unsigned.

Before you move things to a new apartment, think about the layout of furniture, check the narrow corridors and passageways – whether it will be possible to carry furniture and other large items in them.

Now learn more about how to prepare for moving with your child.

Before moving

Tell your child about the move in advance. The more global the move is, the sooner the child should know about it. Psychologists advise you to explain to your child what the reason for the move is, and talk to him about the upcoming changes. An unexpected change of residence without warning can be very stressful for a small person and undermine trust in parents. After all, on a subconscious level, the child perceives the apartment to which he is accustomed as a symbol of stability and security of the world.

Before you go from your old location to another, organize the final walk, take a memorable photo. Try to arrange a holiday for the child and his friends, so that the child will have pleasant memories of parting.

Preparing to move

As long as possible, keep the usual order, if not in the entire apartment, then at least in the children’s room. First of all, pack out-of-season clothes and toys that the child rarely uses. And only at the last moment collect things that are in the area of his/her attention.

The child’s participation in the training depends on their age. Small children aged 2-3 years during the preparatory work is better to engage in a game or walk. Just do not leave them unattended, it is better to attract for help relatives or friends who can play the role of a nanny. Children a few years older can help their mother pack their things, wrap them in paper or bubble wrap, and put them in boxes. Another thing is adult children, say, older than 7-8 years. They can move more consciously and take an active part in the preparation. For example, ask your son or daughter to sort and collect their own things.

During the move

The child should not participate in the move. It is better that this day he/she spent with mother outside the apartment: you can go for a walk or visit. And the process of packing and unpacking things is easier to shift to the shoulders of a moving company. Specialists of the moving company are able to fold, transport and unpack all things in a new place in 1 day.

If on the day of moving a small child still remains in the apartment, follow the simple recommendations.

Prepare a bag with essential items for the whole family. This includes a first-aid kit, toiletries, a change of linen, clothes and shoes, bedding and towels, water and food that can be quickly warmed up, as well as disposable dishes. Put in this bag things specially for the child: food, a book, a few favorite toys, wet wipes, a pillow and a blanket if the baby wants to sleep. (If necessary, do not forget diapers and bottles – they should be at hand at the right time).

The baby’s crib needs to be disassembled last at the old address and reassembled first at the new address. If you have specialists from a moving company, make sure that they know this rule.

After moving

Meet your neighbors, other parents on the playground, invite them to visit or go for a walk, so that the children can make friends.

To better get used to your new place of residence, take a family walk around the neighborhood, visit interesting places nearby. Scout your way to school or kindergarten. This is important not only when moving to another city, but also if you used to live in a neighboring area.

And most importantly, during the entire time of moving, talk to your child about the future, fantasizing about how wonderful life will be in a new place, find out their expectations, and talk about new opportunities.

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