Is survival of the fittest that made our civilization the best or is it something else?

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Charles Darwin 

Few days ago, I met a Czech guy who narrated a story of his journey to the Galapagos islands, where Darwin went for his study of nature and brought the idea of evolution. It was interesting how he said of an Indian minister said evolution should be taken away from scientific textbook and the education department counteracted it by stating that how can a scientific fact be eradicated from the textbook. The story continues about a distant island in a Galapagos where he went out of a boredom workplace to enjoy the travel. The Galapagos islands is a group of islands in Eucador (South America) which has been isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years, where there had few european settlers over time colonized and formed an electoral system of their own. However one particular island where they were settled by few family members, killed each other due to psychological conflicts of jealous suspicion and reached a state where there were few left. One women with commitment to more than one man and one man with commitment to more than one women in a way it imbalanced social setup for sustenance of life. So individuals in it had to kill each other to get the person they loved and to live with the person they wanted to live. There are a lot of bizzare things happening in isolated islands world wide which is so strange in which humans can reflect a lot on the possible condition the first ever family of humans have gone through with a father and mother who had few children killing each other for the lusty desires in them in an environment that is not embodied with social laws and security. But this is a truer possibility of what might have occurred with no legal systems of law and regulations in humans of the ancient times in isolated settlements! But if humans of today have reached 7 billion people of today, it is not due to killing each other for the survival of the fittest rather I guess it is because of the values and morals the humans developed over time. If that dn’t existed, I guess we won’t have been alive and would have killed each other for lust and selfish desires. So the very same concept of values and morals was inevitable for sustenance of life in humans. Darwin did missed the mental aspects of values and morals in terms of species cooperation like that we see in honey bees, ants , coral reef commensalism and instead focused in terms of physical strength and power to combat changes in environment like modification in beaks and claws. So, I don’t think a certain sect of humans dominated over time rather humans started to cooperate in a period when they realised killing others for personal desires of power, provision, woman and lust for dominance could be a threat for their own sustenance and reached a state where they learned to cooperate and evolve creating civilization. If it is all about survival of the fittest, then most of the time we would have been fighting each other in a way that regress the progression of our civilization. It is from this inner realization of cooperation the religions and social customs were created. If religions and social customs existed it was for sustaining the civilizations and generations because they knew deep within them that cooperation was vital to combat dominance of certain individuals that was the cause for extinction of their own species. But over time the co-operation based religion got perverted and followed the Darwinian mode of dominance and adopted killing and fighting each other for fanatic grandoise and those previously dominated by Darwinian madness went back to cooperation modes that led to their progression of civilization. This Darwinian mode is also the reason why the single religion we had in the beginning split apart and why more and more sects came within a single religion. When people got bored with religion they created hierarchy, kingship and then came politics and within it, it got split again and again at a microlevel! So you can see a mixture of both cooperation and Darwinism scattered throughout the society of today. In fact, the religion of ancient was built on a social platform of co-operation. If religion was the prime cause for the sustenance for seven billion today, I can say that over time the religion itself will be the prime cause for extinction of human race and the anti-religious forces based on.co-operation will be the antagonists of Darwinian infiltrated religion. Wherever Darwinism infiltrates, there marks the extinction of our race. Both cooperation of species and Darwinian struggle for existence exists at the same time maintaining our ecosystem. If cooperation dominates, the race grows and so does the boost in civilization however if Darwinian mode increases, the extinction of races result’s by splitting apart more and more with a decreased boost in civilization. If you want to see this civilization for longer then adopt the cooperation mode over the Darwinian mode. This is my theory of survival which is definitely the middle path. 

Dr. Fahad Basheer

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