What are the ways to motivate your customers to buy your product?

Since the beginning of time people have been trying to understand human behavior and the psychology of an individual. We can say that at the certain extents they are successful but still there are lot of things which needs to be figure out. Understanding the customer’s psychology is beneficial for the business but when it […]

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Since the beginning of time people have been trying to understand human behavior and the psychology of an individual. We can say that at the certain extents they are successful but still there are lot of things which needs to be figure out.

Understanding the customer’s psychology is beneficial for the business but when it comes to e-commerce business, users behavior and psychology becomes more relevant than ever.

Understanding the motivation behind your buyers, how they interact with your e-commerce portal, and where they are in terms of the decision-making process is crucial for the business. Analyzing these factors help you to maximize the number of visitors and transform them into loyal and happy customers.

Let’s break down the overall psychology of the buyer and take a closer look.

What is a buyer’s motivation?

Motivation is the psychological factor that attracts the users to buy a specific product or from the specific e-commerce portal. Actually, you can control the whole process of purchasing and attract users to buy your product. The whole process of purchasing is known as “Buyer’s Journey” and we can break this into three categories.

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Let’s take a closer look at these and find out how to control the buyer’s journey.


This is the first and most important stage of the journey where buyer’s get to know about your product. You have to present your product in front of users in such a way that removes the pain point of the users and why they need this product or why it is necessary for them to buy your product.


Once the buyer is aware of your product and knows how your product is going to remove their pain points, then they are motivated to find out the information about your product as much as possible.

So, at this stage, you have to give them detailed information about your product. Educate them about your product specifications, reviews, and other useful details.


In this stage your buyer is almost ready to buy your product, you just need to take care of the two factors that affect the final purchasing decisions:

  • Negative feedback from the other two customers
  • The level of motivation to comply or accept the feedback

You have to motivate your users enough to finally purchase your product and also give them a lot of options to make the payment such as credit or debit card, net banking, PayPal, and many more.

Now before we dive deeper into the motivation of customers, it is important to examine yourself on what your own motivations are as a seller.

How to determine your seller motivation?

Just get to know of the answer to this question you need to find out the answers of the following questions which helps you in gaining more insights into customer’s decision-making process.

Where do you want your product to be positioned in the market?

As a seller, you have to know where you want to be. For example, automobile manufacturers such as Lamborghini or Aston Martin consider themselves to be firmly placed in the high-end luxury market and others such as Hyundai offer multiple models at different prices to target the middle-class market.

Just like them, you have to know which type of market you’re targeting.

Who do you want to sell to?

You have to ensure who you want to be your customer and what they want in your product for example, they are looking for only basic features and functions or advance one to accomplish the task. Once you analyze this factor after that it is easy for you to understand your customers need.

What is your definition of a successful customer?

If you figure out this, then you have better information about your customer base. These insights help your marketers to differentiate between different type of customers and present the best offers according to their requirements.

How to translate customer motivation into e-commerce business?

We have already examined the psychology behind the customer motivation and whats drive them to make the purchase decision. Now it is the time to discuss and figure out how you can translate this action and market to buyer motives.

Here is one very basic concept that is portal design drives the customer’s motivation. If you want to improve the portal design to motivate your customers, then you have to consider the three primary factors which play a crucial role in successful customer engagement.

User interface

User Interface (UI) is responsible for the feel and look of a portal. To make the UI more interactive designers need to understand the psychology behind the color, for example, red color invokes feelings of passion and blue can help calm us.

The same psychology is applicable on the choice of fonts also such as sans serif fonts can look more modern. It is up to choose the color, font, image combination which reflects your thought behind this. For example, if you are selling high-end perfumes, you need to appeal to your customer sense of prestige and luxury.

User experience

The user experience is the contrast to the user interface, it describes the navigation of your site. In this design section, you have to manage how the group of your products present in front of customers and what type of filters and facets you need to use that helps you customers to narrow down their choices.

Non-catalog content

This section includes blogs, reviews, or videos. Anything you put on your portal for your customer’s consumption needs to reflect your brand. If you have a blog section along with your retail content, then it is very helpful for the SEO and the great resource for the shoppers who are interested in learning more about your product.

These are the things you need to do to understand the customers’ psychology and motivate them to buy your products. One thing that you need to consider that if your e-commerce portal is not helping you to reach your customers or analyze the customer’s behavior, then it is not possible for you to achieve your goals. So, choose the portal carefully.

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