Weekend Lullaby: Frantz Casseus-Suite No. 1, Coumbite #Haiti

How Famed, Haitian, Guitarist, Singer, and Songwriter-FRANTZ CASSEUS-Provided Us With A Mental Rewind, Into Infancy's Domain! #Haiti

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Have you ever tasted the sweetness of a lullaby? Have you heard its desire to be loved? Have you yearned for it to wrap around you, cradle you, and give you the caress of a baby, having just been born? Have you? Not always do lullabies have to be slow. Not always do lullabies have to slow. Lullabies are meant to be soothing. They are meant to rock a person to sleep. You feel as if you are being re-born; returning back to your stage of infancy. From the very moment, where you had to be carried in your mother’s arms. You were under the protection of others. Nevertheless, you were protected. Free of any of life’s hardships and challenges. Free from the chaos, problems, and worries of adulthood, you could simply, be! Do you remember that special place? Do you remember when you could taste the curiosities of life, its timing, vision, sound, and were free to do it without any shame? No one reprimanded you for daring to question the limitations, and projections, which have placed within humanity. No one dared question you for taking pleasures in small observations. Not at all. In this regard, you were given that spacing. You were expected to inquire, explore, and celebrate the simplest of pleasures. Of course, that was all a very long time ago. Now that you are an adult, you have to “grow up.” Challenges of life’s expectations are seen as taboo. And you reflect upon those memories of childhood’s domain.

Every once in a purplish moon, you come across those songs, which permit you to take a mental time machine back to the cradle. The melody is inviting and a certain instrumentation is used and developed. There is a reason for that. There are certain instruments, which provide that fluid effect of time. Their structure and design imitates time-or at least in peaking the imaginations, of. They are the right selection in returning our minds back to that baby lullaby. However, there is something which is a little different. For one, they grant us a certain permission in beginning from adulthood and returning to infancy. A mental re-connection takes place, but through the inverse. The infancy part permits us to take a musical navigation from adulthood.

Finally, we have arrived. For those precious minutes (with an addition of seconds), we are able to explore the beauty of our childhood all over again. If infancy and childhood were not as delightful as we had wanted them, than at least-for these precious minutes-we can pretend as if they were. The imagination comes in handy, this time around. It’s a mental paradise. At least, re-imaginations of the childhood can take place. What is it about a certain instrument? What is it about the guitar? What is the decor regarding this Heavenly, wind’s imitations, which gives us the feeling of navigating through time? What is it? Is it the designing of the strings, which permits a song to feel Divine? Is it the talent of a certain artist? OR Is it the ability for an artist to connect one’s musicianship to a greater level? These questions are left up to our own interpretation. Nevertheless, they permit us to, go there. They give us that necessary enchantment to take a mental rewind, and return to those moments, when we first felt, the very action of, LOVE!

For this sacred lullaby, for this weekend lullaby, our minds are permitted to linger. They can linger, and linger for how long as we permit them to be. An adventure into this lullaby, we are again in Haitian territory. And leading down waters of a mental flow, is none other than. . .


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